When I realized I really loved that in any event, I was in the right place at the right time and at the right time, and then I could relax. Today I know that has a name … “Self Esteem” When you really loved me, I could feel my anguish, and my emotional suffering, is but a sign that I’m going against my own truths. Today I know that’s … “Authenticity” When you really loved me, I no longer wish my life were different, and I began to see everything happening, and that contributes to my growth. Today it is called … “Maturity” When I really loved, I began to perceive as offensive to try to force a situation, or person, just to do what I want, even knowing that is not the time or the person is not ready including myself.

Today I know that the name of that is … “Respect” When I really loved, I started to get rid of everything that was not healthy …, people, situations, everything and anything that pushed me down. Home I called that attitude selfish reason. Today it is called … “Self Love” When I really loved, fear stopped and gave up free time to make big plans, left the future mega-projects.

Today I find I do right, what I like, when I want, and my own pace. Today I know that’s … “Simplicity and Simplicity” When I really loved, I gave up wanting to be always right, and with that, I missed less often. Today I discovered that this is the … “Humility” When you really loved me, I gave up be reliving the past and worry about the future. Now, I stay in the present, which is where life happens. Today I live one day at a time. And that is called … “Fullness” When I really loved, I realized that my mind can torment me, and disappoint. But when I placed it in the service of my heart, she has a great and valuable ally. All this is … “Saber Vivir” We should not be afraid to confront, to planets collide and chaos many stars are born.

Nobody Asked

The media show us pictures of starving children, eaten by disease, sex and labor exploitation or child soldiers high on drugs or infected with HIV. They aim to arouse our compassion while emphasizing safety in our societies, as long as we submit to a development model unjust inhumane. If anyone asks why millions of unwanted children are born with no guaranteed right to live with dignity, health care, adequate food and appropriate education to enable it to exercise freedom and basic rights, I call ruthless. But no one asked permission for these children to be thrown into the world irresponsibly. Apart from retrograde ideologies, it is possible to argue that children are sent by Heaven, which come with a loaf under his arm and that the more the better. This is a savage own very primitive agrarian societies where many hands were needed to work, help with aging parents and because few survived. Meter in Case of parenthood desired to religion or other totalitarian ideologies had been disastrous and today is a bomb of mass destruction. Some fans decry the use of condoms, recommended chastity and repression, opposed to sex education and do not recognize that sexuality is not confined to genitals or has the sole purpose of procreation.

The eroticism, friendship, love, belong to the sovereignty of human beings living in society. The case against Bill Clinton Lewinsky showed that U.S. personal conduct may distort the political debate. The Republicans put pressure on their rivals with these witch hunts but now study how data on the personal life of the vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, may harm them, since she was a flag for more conservative voters.