Allergy Help

For allergy sufferers, it is important to pay attention to your environment. It recommends, for example, always smooth floors, how to use laminate, parquet or tile and no carpet, as carpet close the dust a particularly strong. But is it not possible due to various circumstances, to waive fully carpeted, one should necessarily vacuum regularly with a suitable instrument to curb the Allergy. Molds, mites and pollen allergies are a nightmare for everyone. You can prevent the symptoms, however, and protect themselves. There are modern vacuum cleaners with special filters to combat dust effectively. Common vacuum cleaner filter the exhaust air is not strong enough so that tiny particles are distributed in the space of the dust in high concentration for an allergy concerns. Remedy create high-quality vacuum cleaners for allergy sufferers, the filter the particulate matter thoroughly.

There are different names for these filters, such as S-class filter or HEPA filter. They can fine up to a filter size of 0.2 microns. To ensure consistent performance, these filters are changed regularly. There are also other practical accessories that will help even more effective against dust act as clean as electric brushes to rugs and mattresses. Not least of all one must also eighth on it that you use the right vacuum cleaner bags, because not every bag can enclose the dust actually tiny particles are distributed so that no remains in the air. No matter what type of vacuum cleaner system to use, you should always make sure to use a HEPA filter and use a vacuum cleaner with Nachmotor filter so that the coal dust emissions from the engine is reduced.