It cannot be tachada of is racist, even so has had a prejudiced attitude. In some place or some moment, the information was passed it (even of form to perhaps subliminar) that to be nego it is not nothing good, then, its loved father, could not be one nego. Since then, I catch myself analyzing the difficulty that the people have in speaking of racism, negritude, etnia Accurately why when one starts to try to say the other soon it says: ' ' this leaves of this does not exist &#039 more; ' or still ' ' I am not racist, my great-grandmother I was brown! the subject ceases for there. Why in Brazil nobody is racist, nobody wants to accuse the other with racism, why it does not exist ' ' To the times I have the sensation that the brown term translates a fear unconscious to pronounce the word negra/o, and also is an attempt of embranquecer the individual negro' ' becoming it next, more ' ' people of gente' ' Afff As two people of different etnias, knocks down the wall of the preconception, is married, assumed the possibility of its children to be born black or white or medium brown and similar, it does not import the name that if gives, find little important to talk with its children on the subject? To say of clear and objective form its children who all we are of the same species human being, but we have variations fenotpicas, genotpicas, intellectuals, social, religious, sexual etc etc etc? to conclude saying the children that our differences do not configure the superiority of an ethnic group on another one, only shows a thing: we are all equal ones, but we are different we have that to live in society respecting the differences! Simple thus, it pulls life! rsrs While not to obtain, to understand our history that in the schools are shown in topics, pra to facilitate decoreba, and still thus everything for the half, while not deepening in them ' tpico' on the construction of the world-wide society throughout the centuries, we do not go to obtain to deal with the racial questions correct and clear form, and, being acted thus, in this manner the most worse frivolous one, are only collaborating pra that our children if become prejudiced adult citizens, limited and repeating the same atrocities, ignorance and intolerancias that happened in the last centuries and that absurdly they are so gifts nowadays. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Mark Fields. kisses