Launches German Commercial PVC Banner Portal launches German commercial PVC banner portal just in time for the start of spring launches an innovative open Standart banner portal The creative from NRW initiate a new marketplace as a distribution channel for standardized outdoor/indoor use graphics, PVC banners for professionals of all industries here. Around the most cost effective solution for action-related outdoor advertising, the weather-resistant PVC standard banner, offers graphic designers, copywriters and photographers another income to generate the chance with their creativity. The business idea is to provide predefined action topics from everyday of commercial artist in the form and function printfertig. The distribution policy is here via the Internet portal extension – standard banners are the success most promising and prestigious sale banner published and offered the potential business world. The successful model of the, various display objects, rent or buy, helping willing action shop, business and boutique owners at the point of sales Potential to generate savings. The added value for the creative is the dramatic increase in the range of their indiv. Work, as well as the generation of new target groups.

Last but not least, it should be mentioned that this new innovative portal service as free graphics portal for standard and individual banner is offered. Marketing strategy and the attractiveness of the new platform, announces to launch competitions on various topics at regular intervals. The best ideas of the participants will be rewarded with great prizes. As 1 Launchtact, the Marketing Department of launches a first competition from 01.04.2010. The competition takes up themes from the day-to-day business of the designer and the contest theme is catering to the spring competition as headline. The team of urges participants to give free rein to your creativity and your interpretations of the sub topics good mood breakfast coffee-to-go snack of happy hour party with photos, illustration,. to introduce graphic design or a mix of all. Click here for the contest: