Amateur Boxing

Supporters of a return to the origins of amateur boxing argue that such a formula will return the battlefield rapidly fading interest of spectators to the sport. There will be more knockouts, and he himself turned into a real battle fight, rather than an exchange slaps on the accuracy, as often happened until recently. And in actual boxing environment for the transition to a new formula reacted positively – from a rather impressive number of people directly related to Russian amateur boxing, with whom I was able to communicate, no one expressed dissatisfaction with the new system. Some, by contrast, offered to go even further – to cancel the hat and enter gloves, allowing a fully clenched fist (as professionals) that will greatly enhance the power stroke. But if the question with helmets, it is quite possible, and will be resolved, then the gloves is more complicated – many boxers will be quite difficult to relearn. Yet the use of gloves for amateur boxing puts a special stamp on the technique of attacking. However, fans who were referred to the professionals, such discomfort experienced short-lived and adapted without serious trouble. At the world championships in Italy boxers will continue to serve and helmet and gloves, approved by aiba (International Amateur Boxing Association). But if the formula of tournament all about clear, in what part of Italy comes the Russian national team – an enigma at the moment is almost insoluble. A few days ago in the Moscow finished qualifying for the World Cup 'tournament the strongest boxers of Russia "- a competition for our country an unprecedented situation and managed to fully justify its name.