Center of Levitas Wellbeing

Another important point is that the load of the luggage must represent, in the maximum, 10% of the corporal mass of criana' ' , the physiotherapist of the Center of Levitas Well-being explains (, Santiago Munhos. Following medical recommendations to look a physiotherapist, Helen Cristine Axe was in search of that it helped the children, Sings to sleep Axe Piazza (8) and Lara Piazza Axe (10), to develop corporal conscience and to prevent serious injuries in the future, hinder who them to practise sports, one of its preferred activities. Recently, the girls had been registered the program of Fisiofitness Teen of the Levitas, directed the young with less than 15 years of age. ' ' The children had always adored to practise sports, but this is the first time that they receive accompaniment from a physiotherapist and is adoring the idea. The difference is that, in this in case that, the activities are focadas for the age of them, with a proposal that involves leisure and well-being, since the lessons are made in different environments, many times in the swimming pool or with bola' ' , it affirms Helen.

' ' In the space, beyond practising activities with the objective to conquer physical, social and psychological benefits, the young receives orientaes posturais that will make all the difference in its phase adulta' ' , it concludes Santiago. Fisiofitness Teen Developed for a team of physiotherapists of the Center of Levitas Well-being, the program is customizado for small groups of in the maximum four people, and searchs to stimulate the healthful habit in the day the day by means of the practical one of physical activity. Method deals with more pleasant of fisioterapia, in which professional uses resources necessary to stimulate abilities and development postural of adolescents, since studies point that 80% of the world-wide population already presented, or will present, pains lumbar. The causes are varied, but the biggest numbers point with respect to the problems related to the incorrect position. The benefits of the practical one are numerous, when carried through since infancy and of regular form. Amongst the observed physiological advantages, they are distinguished improves it cardiovascular, in the quality of sleep, the movements and in the treatment of obesidade, beyond the reduction of the risks of the diabetes, flexibility, preservation of the joints and motor coordination. ' ' This without speaking I benefit in it social caused for the physical activity, therefore who practises since early reveals much more communicative and with bigger easiness of if relating with different groups sociais' ' , it informs Munhos.