Childhood Development

Sometimes he is spoken, for example, that the boy has periods critics in his development, being vitally important to consider the interests spontaneous of every period to obtain a complete development. Its universality is the best indicative of the fundamental function that must fulfill throughout the vital cycle of each individual. Habitually it is associated to him with the childhood, but the certain thing is that it is pronounced throughout all the life of the man, even until in the old age. The experts in infantile development comments that in the game freedom exists to experiment with new experiences and to commit errors. During the game the boy settles down his own rates and controls the situation, is independent and has time to solve the problems that consider to him. All of them factors important to obtain an effective thought.

The adults must be mediating agents to take to the boy to realise effective games and with sense, approaching to him the situations and toys of which he can learn more. For that reason, we must consider the functions of the game in the infantile development since it is the main language of the children. These communicate with the world through game. The game of the children always has sense, according to its particular experiences and needs. It shows the route the inner life of the children; they express its desires, fantasies, fears and conflicts symbolically through game. It reflects its perception of themselves, other people, and the world that surrounds to them. Through game the children fight with their past and his present, and they are prepared for the future.

– The game stimulates all the senses. – The game enriches the creativity and the imagination. – The game helps to use physical energy and mental of ways productive and/or entertained the game he is funny, and the children tend to remember the lessons learned when they are amusing themselves, by this the game facilitates the development of: – Physical abilities: to take hold, to hold, to run, to climb, to balance themselves.