It is a fact that who today have an age smaller to 25 years does not have that attitude, is not the same to live it emotional and economic mind to that they tell you as they are the earthquakes. People are marked by the rest of her life and the city will not be the same. For that reason the impotence, because she hurts the death of so many children, old, and productive people who were making a good to her family and her country and now no longer are. She hurts knowledge that has remained parents and children to me without his relatives those who they loved; because our culture, indeed, consists of that attachment to the family. It is when one is asked Where it is God? Because they teach to us.

if you have faith you will say to him to that mountain moves you and one will move? If it is thus Because a whole country is dying under the rubbish and nobody says: I order earth to you that you do not move so that nonmates to the inhabitants. Surely there will be one who reads this and it says that I am blasphemous; that what I do not know, it is that they pass those things through our sins, the same that I commit to write thus. That God is good and we are sinful, therefore we deserve that punishment. Who are in agreement with this, this good stops they; I say that we, first invented our Gods and soon we requested miracles to them; after all there are many Gods. But, it is a reality that it does not have to do with justice or injustice, the powerful ones of this earth have destriudo part of the nature and this one destroys to us; if it is truth that those that we are not powerful we did not destroy; also it is certain, that we do not make anything to prevent that is followed contaminated and hurting the ecosystem; on the contrary, to a lesser extent we have collaborated. From the above I say: Chileans who are undergoing me one to their mourning, I cry with you, true tears, is incredible what is past, some familaires will not appear others are dead yet and that pain, the hunger, escacs, the plundering of our fellow, the injustice that characterizes to our countries, the monopoly of the humanitarian aid. I exhort them that they are strong, they are patient, they soon keep the mourning that the tradition accustoms and to recover.

If you have been with life, are a miracle, appreciate of this way, you have something to do, for that reason you remained, your you will only know what is. It enjoys those days months and years that today it initiates, it lives every moment as if outside the last day, you do not waste time in smallness; the sun leaves every day, the continuous life. It looks for your way of return, to your true home.