Federal Statistical Office

Quality of care due to class size and intensive consultation with remote teachers secure In the last year the number of students in Germany has grown further. in 2001, yet a total of 1.9 million students were enrolled, in the year 2011, there are now about a quarter more students, a total of 2.4 million. It says the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) in a new higher education statistics. According to first calculations, 100,000 more are enrolled than in the previous year to the current winter semester 12/13 with about 2.5 million students again about. Number of students doubled quality of student care could suffer according to Destatis has reached a new record number of freshmen in 2011 with a total 518.700 people. The value has doubled compared to 2001. To meet the growing with the introduction of Bachelor and master courses need intensive counselling and support the students, the Science Council recommended 2008, to improve the conditions of service. By the same author: Cindy Crawford. 2008, a teacher had looked after still 15.2 students, What could have among other negative effects on the quality of care.

More detailed results of the College statistics include > publications-> available thematic publications-> education, research and culture. German University quality care through fixed class sizes also the German University creates for prevention and health management recorded a steady increase of students. Currently, approximately 3,800 ambitious people in the market of the future study prevention, fitness, sports and health. More than 4,000 graduates in Bachelor’s and master’s degrees have already emerged from the study. Also the number of the training establishments belonging to the Bachelor’s degree has reached a peak with 2,800. The high technical quality of care can be nevertheless secured by class size, in the study at the German University is taught, and the intensive care within the framework of distance learning. The dual Bachelor’s degree system combines the elements of correspondence course, compact attendance phases and one Training in a company.