Free SMS Flight Service – Free SMS Flight Information

Passengers and passengers can now obtain the free SMS service. In official cooperation with German airports. The flying is more than just an exception, it has become an integral part of everyday life and up to 200 million people fly each year through German airspace. Long has proved the plane also in everyday life and promoted people within Germany, Europe and business meeting business meeting. Especially in the world of business, flying is impossible to imagine, as it is politicians of the German Bundestag, which are quickly assigned to travel on that. Of course, in between a large number of enthusiastic travellers for the holiday already starts with the flight Frolics.

But also a phenomenon adjusts itself with the larger offer of low-cost flights, which should already be known from the car here. Delays and short-notice timetable changes are the order of the day. The rat tail, which stretches from behind a delayed flight, shows located mostly in hours waiting and uncertainty, when the flight finally takes off or lands. As reference has been made to the passengers themselves, but also the collectors are waiting at the airport for business partners, friends or family members. has adopted now this problem and offers a convenient SMS service, which was offered so far only sporadically by the airports.

In cooperation with the German airports can everybody on the Internet site of for a specific flight can enter and receives all important information about a flight following. There are changes in the flight schedule or delay that is communicated via SMS or E-mail. This requires only a valid E-mail address or but a phone number from a German mobile network. The attraction for passengers is that the service is absolutely free of charge and so actually only benefits. So can better react to short-term changes and maybe a little stress-free flying.