Happy Marriage

This is the intention of God for all we. That let us live happy and let us serve it with joy and newness of life, creating our children in subjection and fear. Gn.2: 18 Ec.9: 9 it does not have marriage without problems. All marriage demands renounces and adaptation. No marriage survives without pardon and restoration. It is common soon to appear crises at the beginning of the conjugal life.

Here we will detach only two, that undeniably they are very difficult to be vanquished. The first crisis is of the ADAPTATION. First months years of the conjugal life nor always are so romantic as they would have to be for some couples. (According to some specialists in the family area, the period of conjugal adaptation can lead up to five years). The way as they had been educated, its temperamentais customs, habits and oscillations can be .causing reasons of disharmony between both.

This first crisis can easily be won since that both are turned toward the habit to dialogue, to be respected, to pray together, to frequent with regularity the church and to be affectionate mutually. I PE.5: 7 Ef.5: 25 Ef.5: 22 Second crisis is of DESMOTIVAO, is natural the frustration ahead of certain attitudes, behaviors and expressions of the loved person. Slowly the castle starts to pull down itself, a thousand thoughts passes for the head; to finish with everything or to continue a little more? In the height of happiness of the perspectives of a happy marriage certain details had not been observed, and even though valued. With passing of the days the things start if to funnel; the loss of the passion, the absence of the affection, the lack of stimulatons, the distanciamentos, the inversions of the priorities and the mutismo are the necessary ingredients for finally to any romance. Evidently also males exists cure for these. Everything can move when both decide to dialogue with maturity, without aggressions, critical collections or. For two people to walk together is necessary to be in agreement. By this all effort must be envidado for the maintenance of the marriage. Am.3: 3. The reevaluations of the values, the ideals of the couple, the possible changes of both parts, are wise decisions that the couple can take jointly and search of God the favour to surpass the challenges.