Health Evaluation

The systematic analysis of literature was elaborated from the hypothetical-deductive method with qualitative, comparative, estruturalista and funcionalista procedure. Objective: to analyze existing literatures on the scales of evaluation of risk of ulcer for pressure in unit of intensive therapy. For this bibliographical survey it was used Library of the University of the Valley of the Paraba, the data bases MedLine and LilLACS by means of the Virtual Library of the Health. The criteria for election had been the scientific articles published in the period of 2001 the 2010 in Portuguese and Spanish language. To the analyzed article sample thirty and eight literatures scientific, (100%), dealt with risk and boarding of patients with UPP interned in hospital institution, however, only eight (17.7%) had been selected, therefore they were about the use of evaluation instrument of the skin and the factors of risk of UPP in the patients admitted in UTI.Observou that this process is managed by Intensivista Nurse, through Systematization of the Assistance of Enfermagem (SAE). However it was analyzed that the results indicate that has scarcity of referring articles to the subject, observing that does not have standardization of of the scales of prevention of UPP used in UTI, a time that by means of multicriteria evaluation carried through and application of methods of prevention of UPP, can prevent the estadiamento of the injury, beyond the risk for infection and aggravation of the UPP in patient interned in UTI.De general way, the selected articles if they repeat, that is. it is perceived, by means of the systematic revision of the literature that, in Brazil, does not have a national standardization on the behaviors to be taken front to the prevention of UPP in UTI ahead all the prevention aspects, having selected literatures that to use the standardization of other countries as of the United States of America. Introduction the Units of Terapia Intensiva (UTI) are sectors characterized for being complex areas, destined treatment of patients in serious or critical state, through human resources (RH) specialized and high equipment of tecnologia.1 Between the complications that the patient can develop in the period of internment in UTI, the ulcer for pressure (UPP) has a great relevance, either for the difficulty in the accomplishment of writs of prevention, in the admission or by the maintenance of the integrity of the skin, factor age and gravity of paciente.2 the UPP is defined as ' ' an area located with tecidual necrosis, which if develops when the fabric soft is compressed between a ssea proeminence and a external surface for one drawn out period of tempo10,11: Also it is appraised as ' ' soft injuries of skin or parts, generating complications as the osteomielite and the septicemia, and, consequently, being able to unchain the death of paciente.11 Being thus the performance of the Nurse aim at to the attendance of the serious patient, including the diagnosis of its situation, interventions and evaluation of the specific cares of daily Nursing.