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Some time ago we noted the development of the global economic crisis. At the moment we can say that a crisis has died down, but its consequences could not but affect in certain areas. For more information see this site: David Dudley Dowd Jr.. Significantly damaged real estate, especially noticeable in the sector selling and buying. Of course, in different regions meet the various effects of the crisis in real estate. If, for example, Moscow and St. Petersburg is gradually returned to pre-crisis prices, the real estate in Omsk has not only not increasing in price, but rather becomes cheaper.

The experts of the Russian Guild of Realtors note that since the beginning of this year, property prices, as a secondary or and for apartments in new buildings are falling at a rate of 0.6 percent in the week. Yet analysts predict that, following the downturn in this area will certainly be followed by recovery. End of the crisis – the rise of the real estate market Omsk realtors already saw some recovery in the housing market. This is due to many factors, for example to say that because of falling prices has become more affordable housing. In addition, since December last year, residents Omsk started to receive housing certificates and eagerly use them.

Played a role and the emergence of the so-called maternity capital that can be used to repay the mortgage. Well, a tremendous the role played by exchange rates. Now profitable to make large acquisitions in the U.S. Click Steve Vai to learn more. dollar since the dollar against the ruble has stabilized and even gone into decline. Accordingly, investments in real estate have become more profitable than investment in the foreign exchange market. Forecasts of experts in real estate but still, as experts said, such a situation in real estate will not last long. Already by January 2011 prices start rising again. This is due to the fact that today is there is a shortage of housing a certain level. In particular, the deficit is property of economy class, because the volume of construction do not meet the demand for it. For comparison, the cost of 1 sq. km. m similar housing in Central, Pervomaisk and Kirov regions in the range of 33-36 thousand rubles. Most inexpensive apartments are secondary sector in the Soviet, Lenin and Oktyabrsky districts. Factors affecting the cost real estate value of residential property Omsk depends on a number of different factors. Still, the central ones are the quality of housing and its location. The most expensive apartments are in Omsk improved type of new brick houses, and the most fashionable district – Kuibyshev. Price of 1 square. m of living space is greater than 38 thousand rubles. For comparison, the cost of 1 sq. km. m the same housing in the Central, and Pervomaisky Kirov regions varies 33-36 thousand rubles. The cheapest apartments are the secondary sector in the Soviet, Lenin and the October district.