Lily – a truly royal and noble flower. Special meaning for a long time given the white lilies. A white lily is known from time immemorial, and in the Christian religion, it is considered a symbol of purity and nobility. That it often occurs on the canvases of painters early Middle Ages and the Renaissance. These royal flowers known to people for three millennia, but their place of origin is still not determined. Long since Lilies grown not only for decorative but also for medicinal purposes, these fragrant flowers made scented ointments, oils, spices and liqueurs. But there are not only white lilies, today there are a great variety of colors. In a rich palette of colors not just blue and purple colors, and the most common species are all orange and red hues.

Lilies that are part of the bouquet, Ikebana, or flower arrangement, look very romantic. Almost all of these wonderful smells, and if you caught the flowers is such fragrant varieties, Sami feel their persistent, sensual fragrance that becomes more pronounced in the evening, at sunset. The most fragrant Oriental lilies are considered, Asian and varieties that are magical, intoxicating smell. In drawing up the bouquets and arrangements of them, it should be borne in mind that the strong smell is not subsequently caused someone's headache or nausea. If you plan to put your floral creation lilies in an unventilated room, choose colors that do not have a persistent odor, or a combination of a small number of other colors that do no harm.

Mother And Stepmother

Mother and stepmother Spring came and went during the harvest herbs. The very first on thawed and hills appear coltsfoot. It can be harvested as early as April. About it today and we'll talk. "PORTRAIT" plants generic name of Latin tussis – Cough, agree – cast out, cast out, farfarus – the Latin name of the mother-and-stepmother from far – flour, fero – bear. Perennial herb 10-25 cm tall, with small yellow reed flowers, gathered in a basket. Leaves large, orbicular-cordate, sinuate-toothed, lower belovoylochnye, above the green. The underside of the leaves soft and warm, and the top – hard and cold, and why there was the Russian name of the plant – coltsfoot.

Leaves appear just after flowering. Blossoms in March – early May. It grows on moist sandy or clay soil along the banks of rivers, ponds, ditches, the ravines, fields almost everywhere in the European part of Russia, the Caucasus, in Siberia, the Far East and Central Asia. With the purpose of treatment the leaves, at least – flower baskets. Harvest flower baskets in March – April, leaves – in the first half of summer, them or cutting off up to half of the petiole. Should not be collect the young leaves, pubescent above. Medicinal properties Medicinal properties of plants were known in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Dioscorides and Pliny the Elder recommended a decoction of leaves with pulmonary diseases and cough. Hippocrates also used coltsfoot as an expectorant and as a powder with an abscess.

Delicious Prelude To The Feast

The beginning of a feast – is an art to house owners. One must not only meet and take guests, but also of interest, arrange them to communicate, to help relax and tune in to the festive mood. Here, a good assistant to you will be an aperitif – an easy drink, appetitive. This name comes from the French word aperire, which means "open." Indeed, an aperitif as well start any event that has long fell in love all over the world. When and who invented this drink is known for certain, in the history of no more precise information.

We know only what was originally aperitifs used in medicine as a tonic. Produced this drug by fermenting fruit in alcohol. Today, however, the recipe has not changed much, it only began to add some ingredients and distilled. Real connoisseur beverage consider themselves French, No wonder the French aperitif – the most sophisticated in the world. It's not just the original cocktail, as a ritual.

In the sixties he sang in the literature and cinema, drinking an aperitif before dinner, it was fashionable and talk about good taste. Today, these drinks have retained their popularity in Europe and in Russia. A glass of light drinking quenches thirst and liberating. However, this need not be alcohol, do not have less effect soda, lemon, orange, tomato and pomegranate juices, and even just chilled water. In general, apperetivy can be divided into three types: – single (consisting of one drink, for example, vermouth and champagne) – combined (a few different drinks offered to guests with a tray) – mixed (usually wine or soft drinks). What kind of alcohol made to file before the celebration? In small numbers offer a bitters, vodka, brandy, gin, spirits of wine. In addition, guests will lift the mood of a glass of champagne, liqueur, brandy and vermouth with ice. In cold weather you can use the grog, mulled wine or punch. If you are preparing an aperitif in the home, remember that the drink should be transparent, slightly sour or bitter, but in any case not sharp. Depending on the recipe, the components are pouring in pre-chilled glass, stir with a spoon and a bar offer guests. It is considered that the aperitif should have a dry spicy taste, but in most cases it all depends on your preferences or traditions. Thus, Japanese begin to feast with green tea, Kyrgyzstan – koumiss and Finns – milk. But regardless of type, aperitifs necessarily served on a tray, covered with snow-white napkin. Hard liquor is poured into small glasses of 35 grams, cocktails – in a glass of tumblers, brandy – a pear-shaped glasses, and wine – a glass of Madeira, 75 oz. By aperetivam serves snacks, which should not interrupt the taste of the drink. It can be fruit, canapes or nuts. Decorate the glasses can lemon or orange zest and serve with straws. These drinks are just made for a bright start any holiday, thanks to proper preparation aperitif, your guests will long remember this occasion.

Medicinal Plants Resources

Wild herbs are collected by many. Mass unskilled collecting them has led to what is now increasingly difficult to meet the desired plant. Is ruthless destruction of natural resources, and few people care about their preservation and augmentation. Forgotten unwritten law: sobval one plant – plant ten. Would like to see everyone before collecting plants, a thorough study of them.

This will help to distinguish these from similar to them, poisonous or not with the right medicinal properties. Harvesting of medicinal plants are an early vesnTy until late autumn. This takes into account the environment area, where they grow. Collect them away from highways, industrial enterprises. You can not harvest the plants in the fields, where the use of mineral fertilizers, pesticides. We must also consider the radiation purity of the district. It should be remembered that the medicinal plants, as well as on everything else, there are fruitful and years. Do not make harvesting of grasses from year to year in the same place – they should play their natural resources.

If this year you did a great harvesting of a plants do not store it in the next – the raw material of the last year has almost the same properties as the previous one. The term of his life – 2-3 years. It is also necessary to remember that the grass at the site collection is not completely pull out, some copies are left for the conservation of natural resources. The value of raw material depends on the accumulated in the plants biologically active substances, and their presence – on the soil where they grow, the period piece.

Change of a Scent

All these features are also reflected in temperature, acid composition, content water and other properties of the skin. The above structures and processes are not alike, not only in different individuals, but also on different skin areas of one and the same person. Integument rights is not uniform structure, similar in all people, and has individual differences and prone to all kinds of changes. And everything that happens on the surface of the skin, of course, inevitably affects the smell caused her spirits. All this is compounded by the fact that spirits are composed of many different substances that and behave differently on the skin surface. It is for this reason that the same spirits are not only kept one woman better than another, but each has become more different character smell.

And the more time passes since the use of, the more clearly emerges dissimilarity. Sometimes a change of scent is unpleasant because of the pH of the skin, but the phenomenon is very rare. Natural acidity is usually taken into account in the composition and is in the best limits, allowing the spirits to develop normally. There is another problem associated with the chemical composition of the skin. This is an allergy. Some women said that they are allergic to certain perfumes or even any ghosts: they only , headache. But, in terms of medicine, it is not an allergy. Likely to cause such a reaction is more part psychological: they do not take spirits, perfume, feel bad.


At least 1100 people were killed in a series of powerful earthquakes in the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The largest number of victims – in the Indonesian city of Padang, but data about the victims come and from other parts of Sumatra. In Padang destroyed more than 75% of the buildings, damaged a gas pipeline, running water, broken link. The first earthquake occurred near Sumatra Island on Wednesday at 17.16 local time in 57 kilometers from City Pariaman (West Sumatra province), tremors were felt even in Malaysia and Singapore. After half an hour after the Sumatra have been recorded new tremors, the magnitude of which was 6,2. The next day several more earthquakes.

The eu said it would send humanitarian aid to victims of the devastating earthquake in Indonesia totaling 3 million euros. Floods early October of this year became the strongest in India over the past 100 years. Victims of floods in the Indian states of and Andhra Pradesh were about 200 people. Incessant rains led to overflow of dozens of reservoirs and downstream rivers from shores. Were damaged or destroyed 116,000 homes in hundreds of villages, killing tens of thousands of hectares of crops, killed about three thousand head of cattle.

Typhoon 'Ketsana', which caused considerable destruction in the Philippines and caused the death of nearly 300 people last week reached Vietnam and Thailand. 'Ketsana' provoked the strongest for the last 42 years floods and mudflows in the Philippines. In Manila and nearby provinces 450,000 families were left homeless, many areas do not have potable water, medicines and electricity.

Workout At Home

You have a home gym? Cool! But this article is for those who have home desk, chair and a couple of meters of free space Even in these conditions it is possible to work out the muscles so that they finally turned into pate. It was elaborate, but not more! If you think that the house can make a cool figure – You are the most naive person in the world The first house is not the atmosphere, and secondly there is no equipment, and thirdly you will work only with her weight and Believe us naslovo. Can then generally you should not train at home? There are situations where the fitness club is impossible. For example: you are sick, but get better – strong physical exertion contraindicated, and the muscles are asked to exercise you have left to stay with friends in a small town in which to find a fitness club is not possible for you this week, well, there's no time to go to the gym (Work, home, children, etc.) run out of money and can buy a subscription to your favorite fitness club, and others you do not 'roll' Do not grieve, and to delay training on the back burner! After all, there is life in the old dog yet! Yes? Pushups on the floor Everyone knows exercise since school sports lessons and very useful. Core muscles, which are included in the job – chest and triceps. But in general the load get all the muscles, as during the push-ups have to keep body in a horizontal position.

Amateur Boxing

Supporters of a return to the origins of amateur boxing argue that such a formula will return the battlefield rapidly fading interest of spectators to the sport. There will be more knockouts, and he himself turned into a real battle fight, rather than an exchange slaps on the accuracy, as often happened until recently. And in actual boxing environment for the transition to a new formula reacted positively – from a rather impressive number of people directly related to Russian amateur boxing, with whom I was able to communicate, no one expressed dissatisfaction with the new system. Some, by contrast, offered to go even further – to cancel the hat and enter gloves, allowing a fully clenched fist (as professionals) that will greatly enhance the power stroke. But if the question with helmets, it is quite possible, and will be resolved, then the gloves is more complicated – many boxers will be quite difficult to relearn. Yet the use of gloves for amateur boxing puts a special stamp on the technique of attacking. However, fans who were referred to the professionals, such discomfort experienced short-lived and adapted without serious trouble. At the world championships in Italy boxers will continue to serve and helmet and gloves, approved by aiba (International Amateur Boxing Association). But if the formula of tournament all about clear, in what part of Italy comes the Russian national team – an enigma at the moment is almost insoluble. A few days ago in the Moscow finished qualifying for the World Cup 'tournament the strongest boxers of Russia "- a competition for our country an unprecedented situation and managed to fully justify its name.

Motivation Bodybuilding

And then very skillfully and gradually achieve it. "Think about it: And if you have a goal of employment, or at least you thought – Why you need them? What motivates you, forcing again and again to go to the gym? Let's try to define the root cause, which encourages people to do miracles and achieve the desired results, and in any area activities! Let's start with motivation. What drives man? The man has some idea about the future, which I would like to achieve. It's your dreams. How to make the dream become a reality? In many respects it is determined ability to motivate yourself for the future state. How do I determine how much motivation the same level as your goals? – If a person is often in situations where the manifestation of force, the motivation to become strong to be high. – If you need confidence in any situation is bound confidence with good physical shape, you will attach high importance of exercise, and therefore the motivation for study. For example, work bodyguard.

– If the classes are determined only by the desire to have a beautiful torso in order to be attractive to girls, but with them you almost do not meet or do not have the opportunity to show her figure, perhaps it will not be a motivator for you to bodybuilding. But if you're on the beach every day with an open-chested, the lessons are more important. Try to determine with what you want to achieve, engaged in bodybuilding, and that you will give these results? In many respects it determines the success and your results.

Herschelle Gibbs

According to the International Cricket Council (ICC), Richie Benaouda, former Australian captain hear the South African Herschelle Gibbs's appeal against his suspension of two Tests. By Camilla Mancini During the game last Sunday Gibbs was suspended for two Tests after being found guilty of third-degree offense under the ICC Code of Conduct. Some microphones in Centurion Gibbs caught in the first Test of the game, using a vocabulary and making abusive racist comments about Pakistan fans who were present. Indeed, after the game Proteas won by seven wickets. However, Thursday Herschelle Gibbs filed an appeal against the suspension imposed on him by referee Chris Broad said Proteas captain, Graeme Smith, Gibbs definitely participate in the second Test against Pakistan next game. The 32 years old will remain available for selection until the ICC delegate in charge of announcing the decision on appeal final. It was assumed that the trial be held before the start of the game in the Friendly Town, Port Elizabeth (PE), in spite of the plans, the hearing has been delayed and the exact date has not yet been established.

In the last statement gave the ICC the matter forward that expect to have the trial between the second and third Test of the party in Parliament. Benaouda Richie, was appointed Commissioner of the Code of Conduct in Australia, has worked as an emissary for several years, it has become very popular. Currently has agreed to chair as the delegate of the ICC in the appeal hearing of Herschelle Gibbs to be held via tele-conference.