Rough Skin

Your skin loses its elasticity and coarsens, usually as a result of exposure to any active agents. Rand Paul has similar goals. Coarsening of the skin can also be caused by disease, metabolic disorder or vitamin deficiency. In this case, if our proposed methods do not help, consult your doctor. Click David Delrahim to learn more. The cause coarsening of the skin may be even cleaning and processing of fruits and berries that are so often do in summer and autumn. You can soften the skin, if put your hands on 10 minutes warm mashed potatoes. After that, rinse your hands in the acidulated with vinegar water. You can put your hands on such a mixture: Grate a potato, add 1 tsp. honey, few drops of lemon or any other vegetable or fruit juice.

You can put your hands on the raw potato slices. From time to time make such a procedure, and soften your skin and turns white. Rough peeling skin after washing can clean cucumber, and then – with a mixture of glycerin and lemon juice, taken in equal proportions. You can wash your hands in a decoction of oatmeal. Rough skin to soften and hands well with fresh juicy apple. Vigorously for several minutes a slice of peeled apple do a hand massage. After that, wash your hands and brush with cream.

From rough skin to help fine trays of pickled cabbage, potato broth and whey, after which it is necessary lubricate the skin with fat cream and put his hands on woolen gloves. Trays can be used for vegetable oil, each time with the same dose, after which the wet hand towel. All these procedures are better prodelyvat before bedtime. If the skin is not callous on the hands and elbows, we recommend you proceed as follows: warm up to body temperature vegetable oil and lower the elbows in it for 5 minutes. Then rub elbows with a pumice stone to remove dead cells. After this procedure, apply a skin cream or greasy elbows at the same vegetable oil to restore skin softness and smoothness. For the bath can be used and a mixture of 1 liter of hot soapy water, which dissolved 50 g of soda. After the bath rub elbows with a pumice stone, and repeat the process 2 more times. Not recommended for mitigating the hands of glycerol. As a rule, it is used in mixtures with other substances, as in pure as he gives a brief spurious and removed from the skin at the first washing your hands. In addition, one of the unpleasant effects of glycerol may be yellowing of the skin.