Opens Its Doors opens its doors for the detection of stores, shops, malls and shopping areas. Herisau, May 24, 2010 – opens its doors, online is the specialist for the detection of stores, shops, malls and shopping areas. The shopping portal is about, with a global selection of shops, stores, to approach shopping centres and shopping miles in a previously unknown and innovative way to the consumer-friendly shoppers. Allows users from all over the world, your favorite Designer, your preferred Wachmittel, your usual handkerchiefs to find fast and accurate but also the hottest fashion labels – and this all over the world and at any time – no matter whether it is in an Asian city, far away in the countryside, or on a distant island. This is achieved thanks to the latest technology both open mapping services like Google maps, navigation devices and mobile devices with interfaces to Web applications. Thus it is possible for a traveler, in a strange city late to find out where to buy champagne still caviar or bread and sausage there. Just turn on the mobile device, enter the desired products and it can display the nearest points of sale. What was previously impossible for an Ortsunkundigen who was familiar with the geographical location of the business, nor knew with opening hours rules of the relevant city, will be a no-brainer.

The goal of is that each product can be localized, that could be purchased at a desired time. While this possibility in Web shops already exists, a delivery deadline must wait before you owned the arisen product reaches. This will change with You will be immediately to the desired product, you find a very nearby business, which takes the desired products. At the current stage of development of mobile end devices are not yet support, rather a first step towards the realization of the localization was done by shops and especially by well-known business chains. Already, hundreds of store and retail chains are recorded and can be searched online. Thanks to intelligent algorithms the nearest shops can be tracked down already. In the first step, it should be recognised as the offer is accepted by the consumers of the world by In the next steps, supports more languages and programmed apps for different mobile devices.