Stories for Kids

Tales written for children, always contain not only the storyline, but preachy ending, which plays a significant role in the development of the baby. All of us were brought up on fairy tales, which certainly existed confrontation between good and evil, but which invariably turned out to the final stage of the evil defeated. And from this evolved our understanding of what is good and bad. Therefore, if we consider the tale through the prism of morality, we can see that this method is quite effective for the further development of personality and the kid on his way to adulthood. After all, fairy tales always taught to be not only good and wise, but correctly perceive a particular situation and find ways out of uncomfortable folding, complex and intricate stories, as well as to develop early childhood sense of responsibility and duty.

Just do not forget about the fables, which are very briefly describe all possible and available, living situations, but which (unlike the fairy tales), thanks to the poetic form of writing, allow the child a little easier to digest and understand the basic and are instructive. Most of the fabulist (Krylov, La Fontaine), in his writings, quite often (and that is not unimportant) deliberately placed emphasis on independence, thereby contributing to their fables, a point from which the child would have to make your own conclusion, without the help and hints from the adults. Speaking of fairy tales and fables, we should not forget that this is not simply an expression of some specific thoughts and actions fictional characters, animals whose history is closely intertwined with various kinds of philosophy of life of people. But a confident step in the formation of your child's own views and opinions about the world around him and grafted to him or those other values in life. And suppose, at first all these views and opinions will be rough, and to some extent seem not quite right, knocked out of the accepted rules. But it will take a certain period time and grown-up child is himself without any help, self-conscious, learned on my own experience that there will come the hour when he will be forced to make responsible decisions, relying only on themselves, on your life experience, that will affect his future. This is where, and useful knowledge he obtained as a child.