Director Gerhard

Domain law: More expensive farewell to external agency is preventable the shops of renowned, medium-sized Ameres techno AG (name changed) go well for years. Annual sales exceeded EUR 30 million in 2010. The innovative Ameres techno wanted to present in the World Wide Web (www). 1999 managing director Gerhard N. instructed (name changed) the external marketing agency sunshine (name changed) to create a site for Ameres techno AG. With the sunshine agency subcontracts. The initially simple Ameres techno AG website gradually developed to the interactive platform for customers, partners and suppliers. The dissatisfaction with the marketing agency, not least because of increasingly poor quality of subcontractors used by sunshine but grew with time.

Managing Director Gerhard N. remembers: “in other areas of cooperation with sunshine it troubles. In November 2010, our patience was at the end. We wanted to pay the final bill and then with then restart by another marketing agency. And our own IT Department should take over the Ameres-techno Web site. Katie Greene spoke with conviction. ” But it was different.

“Sunshine turned transverse and suddenly demanded 50,000 euros for the transfer of the rights and move of the Ameres techno techno-Ameres website! We no longer have understood the world.”the CEO adds. in 2001, Sunshine had delivered “turnkey” and taken over all work to register the domain for Ameres techno AG. Instead of making the registration on behalf of and in the name of Ameres techno sunshine had not only as an administrative and technical contact person, but as a domain owner and thus as a contractual partner of the DENIC (Administrator of top level domain. de) register. Legally clear: Sunshine was the owner (“materially owner”) of the domain. There were no written agreements or signed over the rights to the domain. Ameres techno was mightily under pressure, because in addition to the domain had sunshine of course also the control over all, associated with the domain name, eMail addresses, such as or. Managing Director Gerhard N.: “it was at that time not only to the presentation of the company and our products on the Web. We use eMail to make 70% of our business! We have learned our lesson.” To keep the rights to the own domain can be essential for companies. The review of the data in the domain name register is very simple and takes less than 2 minutes. As an experienced Advisor Joachim son has can avert payment of 50,000 euro management consulting. And most importantly: the business of Ameres techno AG was not affected, all eMail addresses ( were, without any interruption, available and the website could Ameres-techno-IT will taken over by the. The own domain registration can be checked easily and quickly with a free tutorial. Joachim son advises management consulting companies and entrepreneurs to all online and Web topics, E.g. also at recover domain privileges, hoster selection, performance and quality optimization of websites and hosting, backup of the source material (E.g. photos and graphics) of the site. Son of Joachim consulting, Dr. Gunnar Joachim son

Berliner Congress Center

NEXT Berlin 2013 leading. European. Digital. Trend Conference brings together digital thought leaders in Berlin Munich 20th March 2013 as Ticketingpartner of the NEXT 13 are amiando ( today announced the Conference program. Industry leaders and international innovators meet leading trend Conference of the digital economy on 23 & 24 April in the Berliner Congress Center.

Robert Scoble, Stephen Wolfram (Wolfram Alpha) and Obama head of digital data-driven re-election campaign expected. Read more on the digital revolution and the interactive consumer not only shake the very foundations of daily life, but fundamentally changing the business world. What innovations the next 12 to 36 months economically crucial will shape, is to learn at the annual Conference NEXT Berlin. In its eighth year, the NEXT on 23 & 24 April for the first time at the Berlin Congress Center takes place. Today, the initiators of the digital agency SinnerSchrader have announced an extensive conference programme. Matthias Schrader, CEO of SinnerSchrader and Chairman of NEXT, says: digital innovations have today more than ever radical impact on any single industry. The NEXT makes tangible, relevant trends before they reach the mainstream and offers the opportunity to network with experts and to deal with them at an early stage.” How well this works, shows the example of the this year’s CeBIT motto Shareconomy”, that 2009 was the NEXT theme and in its today’s meaning of the term coined with.

For the NEXT13 you gave is now a deliberately nebulous, almost mystical motto: here be dragons. The motto plays with the mental image, that there are no general instructions for business decision makers more”, says Peter Bihr, Director of the NEXT program. It applies to cross borders, exploring the future, and to seize new opportunities. For the NEXT13 we could win many visionaries, who show up with thematic overviews and practical tips possible ways and he values research areas in the field of digital trends.” On three stages and in numerous workshops over 100 experts will share two days their knowledge with visitors to the NEXT13.

Kochmuetzen.NET Re-launches Complete Page In January

Kochmuetzen.NET relaunched complete page in January all new may, in the case of portal of chefs arrives that also on the January makes. The network for chefs from around the world, launches this year in January (10 January) a completely new page. We have rebuilt everything and revised and we allowed plenty of time, it was worth it as we think and we have current trends from the social network industry with the new pages design integrate, so Henrik Schellhoss of the portal operator. It reflects not only a search, also the blocks and the news are presented now significantly to be reader-friendly. The second webcam follows in a few weeks from the Switzerland and the third party then from Berlin. Additional information is available at Billie Eilish. The recipes be recategorized and sorted here we have brought us professional help. Not only the members grow steadily and consistently the team grows, in addition to the fixed programmer, design is now also soon be a fixed editorial a new employee in the area of communication. kochmuetzen.NET for chefs by chefs. Read our special soon Baroque delicacies and recipes from the time of Sophie Charlotte

The Transylvanian Saxons On The Way In Web 2.0

The new free online community for sibis less than 4 weeks is it since the new online community of the Transylvanian Saxons to the network went and about 350 members 2.0 community of the Transylvanian have signed up for, brand new Web the. A new online platform could be created with the active support of individual, as call themselves the seven guarantor itself for many Soxen. Chic simple design, true to the motto of less is more and many useful functions make Sibichat a social network which must shy away from any comparisons to other much larger communities. Sibichat includes several new features such as, for example, an Instant Messenger through which you can write with his friends in real time. In addition to the normal functions of a community of course a chat, a forum and a guestbook feature may not be missing. A leading source for info: Obamacare Agency. Members can receive not only messages and insert images in guestbooks, left but also YouTube videos and Flash animations. The membership is complete free, within a few minutes each Sibichat new people can get to know or keep in touch with friends. Just for Transylvanian Saxons, Sibichat offers the alternative to other large communities. Where else can you specifically meet friends and acquaintances from Transylvania and find? Register now for free and become part of Sibichat, the online community of the Transylvanian Saxons. The Transylvanian are on the way in the Web 2.0, where are you going? Ads Now Also On Facebook

Classifieds Portal Germany’s large market square makes its market place in the social network from Munich, June 10, 2010 presents his view on his fanpage at Classifieds therefore nor is it more range and resonance buy and sell through ads will be easier and faster. In addition to up-to-date ads, users will find here tips and news about Classifieds, contests, events, and more. The online portal for Classifieds expanding strategy his web 2.0 so. The social network is becoming increasingly important for the German online world Portal Facebook. Increasingly, it is also a meeting point for Exchange of products, prices and offers from private to private. This trend the Classifieds Portal accesses and depicts its marketplace with over 1 million ads on Facebook. “On the fan page under the tab market place” all ads the online platform are filterable by location and categories.

Germany’s large market place is very wide set up: the classic Classifieds real estate ads, jobs, events, personals – offers the user a very wide range. Offers, requests and region as further refinement can be easily controlled via the search form of the integrated marketplace. For example, to get over the selection of the category of vehicles/cars in combination with the regional restriction of Berlin”a hit list of used cars from Berlin. “Each result of hit list contains the option ask your friends”. This allows the user to an interesting offer for discussion and evaluation by his friends. It is also possible to integrate the marketplace on the own profile and to present his friends members of Facebook. After tax the URL can be activated the application under the Facebook account menu”application settings” simply for his own profile. In addition to this practical and interactive feature reports on exciting on his Facebook page News, contests, events and special offers.