Type Start

If it does not worry about this: control its fears with a little of mood. The declaration, such as, ' ' If it does not worry, I do not go to bite it fora' ' , it will be the sufficient to push its curiosity on the edge and to open the door for you. In this point, you it has the period of training of concluded interest. You gave to the girl a reason to want to speak with you and to believe that you are one amused face that is to the side of it. As an added bond, you also it is playing with a mstica aura, it not yet knows where you are wanting to arrive with its game. Now it is hour to change the marches and to start the attraction process, that is mainly made through the use of kino and negging, combined with solid global game. The good notice is that this technique is constructed in both the techniques, therefore offers a perfect base for the remaining portion of its game. After finishing the phase of opening and it to start to give to it hand to it, it removes its distance quickly! This goes catches it of surprise and it she will be confused.

Thus you go to be showing that you are not hipnotizado by its terribly anxious beauty and to only hold its hand, you turn the table on it and demonstrate that you are the type of face that likes if amusing. This goes certainly to get the attention of its girl and to make you to be distinguished. It agitates the hand, smiles says: ' ' Wait there, you washes its hands, certain? You do not have illnesses or nothing? ' ' This is a well humorada negation, and guarantees that you not so frightful skirt when is used this to opener, proving clearly that you are playing with it.