Use Of Flowers

From time immemorial that the flowers in the garden are part of people’s lives, and these have different applications that are useful for the health and well-being of people, fulfilling a function that transcends from the decorative. The flowers have essences that are the basis of exquisite perfumes, which are applied in potpourris, pillows of herbs, tea bags and fragrances. Almost all beauty products contain any floral essence. Elder Lasflores are used to soften skin, while infusions of Chamomile can be used as mouthwash. There are flowers that are edible, as the leaves of the Borage flowers, which have a taste similar to cucumber, and are also used to decorate cakes. Other flowers are used to make tonics, teas and infusions. The floresson also very useful to develop insect repellent sprays.

The usefulness of the flowers is in fact, very extensive, and so varied that we would have to write a very comprehensive book, because there really is one for every ailment, and one that is a favorite of each one of us. A. My I love the essence of jasmine flowers and roses. Jasmine has a sedative effect that calms me from the start, I don’t know if it’s because I grew up in a house where there were these flowers at the entrance, but they are for me, something really delicious, my favorite and which I like because of its shape, which is white and small.