Wellness in times in which rising demands on people and their performance, where technological innovations have daily contact us and the work of no longer physical type is, but mostly one-sided sitting plays, required the body relaxation phases that go beyond about sleep and occasional sports, enjoy increasing popularity. It is also a documented fact that a passive vacation on the beach brings no special effective relaxation just people that are very active in everyday life. Who must work every day, feels merely doing nothing rather than exhausting and research have actually shown that this passivity in different people leads to stress. Holiday but should reduce stress and so has established itself in the meantime, that active wellness agreed together all components of recreation for body and soul. Cosmetic treatments are complemented by a targeted sports program. Relaxation units belong to the spa as a Nutrition based on valuable food. The trend to wellness holidays being fair, many long-established hotels conducted now reconstruction measures in our own House, to provide at least wellness areas. Other hotels rely completely on wellness and are – all requirements of this holiday being – just complete with Spa areas, cosmetics and massage studios equipped and also the kitchen area will be carried by trained personnel that focuses on healthy eating.

Ultimately every leisure decides for himself what looks like the own wellness vacation. Whether flat rate booked or as classic holiday combined with Wellnesseinheiten – each variant of the wellness trip is possible. As the name implies: wellness and fitness are in first place and the way there are as diverse as the people. Thomas Ewert Ewd(at)EWD-concept.de