Workout At Home

You have a home gym? Cool! But this article is for those who have home desk, chair and a couple of meters of free space Even in these conditions it is possible to work out the muscles so that they finally turned into pate. It was elaborate, but not more! If you think that the house can make a cool figure – You are the most naive person in the world The first house is not the atmosphere, and secondly there is no equipment, and thirdly you will work only with her weight and Believe us naslovo. Can then generally you should not train at home? There are situations where the fitness club is impossible. For example: you are sick, but get better – strong physical exertion contraindicated, and the muscles are asked to exercise you have left to stay with friends in a small town in which to find a fitness club is not possible for you this week, well, there's no time to go to the gym (Work, home, children, etc.) run out of money and can buy a subscription to your favorite fitness club, and others you do not 'roll' Do not grieve, and to delay training on the back burner! After all, there is life in the old dog yet! Yes? Pushups on the floor Everyone knows exercise since school sports lessons and very useful. Core muscles, which are included in the job – chest and triceps. But in general the load get all the muscles, as during the push-ups have to keep body in a horizontal position.

Amateur Boxing

Supporters of a return to the origins of amateur boxing argue that such a formula will return the battlefield rapidly fading interest of spectators to the sport. There will be more knockouts, and he himself turned into a real battle fight, rather than an exchange slaps on the accuracy, as often happened until recently. And in actual boxing environment for the transition to a new formula reacted positively – from a rather impressive number of people directly related to Russian amateur boxing, with whom I was able to communicate, no one expressed dissatisfaction with the new system. Some, by contrast, offered to go even further – to cancel the hat and enter gloves, allowing a fully clenched fist (as professionals) that will greatly enhance the power stroke. But if the question with helmets, it is quite possible, and will be resolved, then the gloves is more complicated – many boxers will be quite difficult to relearn. Yet the use of gloves for amateur boxing puts a special stamp on the technique of attacking. However, fans who were referred to the professionals, such discomfort experienced short-lived and adapted without serious trouble. At the world championships in Italy boxers will continue to serve and helmet and gloves, approved by aiba (International Amateur Boxing Association). But if the formula of tournament all about clear, in what part of Italy comes the Russian national team – an enigma at the moment is almost insoluble. A few days ago in the Moscow finished qualifying for the World Cup 'tournament the strongest boxers of Russia "- a competition for our country an unprecedented situation and managed to fully justify its name.

Motivation Bodybuilding

And then very skillfully and gradually achieve it. "Think about it: And if you have a goal of employment, or at least you thought – Why you need them? What motivates you, forcing again and again to go to the gym? Let's try to define the root cause, which encourages people to do miracles and achieve the desired results, and in any area activities! Let's start with motivation. What drives man? The man has some idea about the future, which I would like to achieve. It's your dreams. How to make the dream become a reality? In many respects it is determined ability to motivate yourself for the future state. How do I determine how much motivation the same level as your goals? – If a person is often in situations where the manifestation of force, the motivation to become strong to be high. – If you need confidence in any situation is bound confidence with good physical shape, you will attach high importance of exercise, and therefore the motivation for study. For example, work bodyguard.

– If the classes are determined only by the desire to have a beautiful torso in order to be attractive to girls, but with them you almost do not meet or do not have the opportunity to show her figure, perhaps it will not be a motivator for you to bodybuilding. But if you're on the beach every day with an open-chested, the lessons are more important. Try to determine with what you want to achieve, engaged in bodybuilding, and that you will give these results? In many respects it determines the success and your results.