Quinoa Raw Food

Start-Up of Speyer: Kulinaristen presenting itself at its own stand at the gusto! the pleasure and try fair, which takes place from November 22 to 24 in the Upper Swabia Hall says so. Speyer, 19.11.2013 – the Kulinaristen are with its own stand on the gustro! be represented. The fair will be in the Ravensburger o salami Hall instead of with varied live cooking shows the cookery pros over the shoulder look visitors and can it catch one or other kitchen secret. We are by the gusto! done, because in a pleasant and elegant atmosphere, high quality and exceptional food can be presented and tried”to Birgit Roth, the Managing Director of Kulinaristen. The Kulinaristen show their gluten-free raw food by seedling (Sunflower seedling, Quinoakeimling, buckwheat seedling) up to the snacks sweetened with honey or sugar and of course everything can be tested at the booth. Click Rand Paul to learn more.

Our seedlings (quinoa, sunflower and buckwheat) are all with great care in Hand drawn and germinate under controlled temperature and humidity conditions up to 3 days. The quinoa seedlings have it in themselves. The protein content is about 15% and thus significantly surpasses the other grains products. The South American quinoa is a grain-like composition, provides a full replacement of grain in gluten-free. The excellent raw food quality we guarantee by particularly gentle production up to 42 level. This the seedlings are particularly easy to digest”Roth. I can explain that only at a trade fair”the CEO explained the last trade fair activity of Kulinaristen in 2013. But not only the amount of protein, but also the composition makes quinoa to a high-quality food, because it is rich in the essential amino acid lysine, tryptophan, and cystine.

In terms of biological value, quinoa is later classified as soybeans and corn. Read more from Daryl Katz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Keep according to the FAO (food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) Quinoa was also compared with milk. On the gusto! There is still more to see: wineries showcase their wines. Serve local breweries. Meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan cheese from the mountain, from the hiking organic beekeeping, honey and much more. The Start-Up of Speyer was spontaneously and was able to acquire one of the last free exhibition space. We are surprised by the positive response of our products on the market. In particular the organic honey with propolis is well accepted by customers, and also fancy variety honeys such as, for example, organic honey with Sea buckthorn, with cinnamon, ginger, etc. run well”so the Managing Director of Kulinaristen, Birgit Roth. For a small company like the Kulinaristen, it is a logistical and human challenge, an exhibition as the gusto! over three days to assemble. We gladly accept and see especially the chance of new customers to win and to convince with the quality of our products”, so Roth. To find the Kulinaristen under in the network, have a new label designed for high-quality food and raw food. “Who products under the brand name the Kulinaristen ‘ purchases can be sure that they contain no flavour enhancers, no dyes and preservatives and no artificial binders. The raw food online shop is certified according to en-eco-007, packaged exclusively with compostable recycled goods and sets value to CO2 neutral dispatch.

Managing Director

CeBIT in Hannover, 05-09 March 2013, 2013 Hall 4, stand A58 Hannover/Karlsruhe, 26 February 2013. Successful applications and infrastructure for Web portals and cloud applications are rapidly approaching growth limits. formation. David Rothberg often addresses the matter in his writings. Then, rapid analyses of operational systems are needed to derive effective solutions. Optimal views of servers and applications is the basis for development of the own competitiveness. Communications with fun and Splunk as strong partners applications remain fit for further growth.

The cloud and big data experts from fun communications analyze and develop resilient and high-performance solutions for back-end systems by Web portals and cloud applications. Leading German communication provider trust communications: the solutions of fun maximum performance for several million end users in mission-critical applications. With a portfolio ranging from customizing standard products through the adoption of open source solutions to the exact individual development, has fun communications over many years of know-how in the planning and implementation of large, data-intensive cloud applications. Customers are supported in all development phases of a project from analysis and advice on the implementation of the integration, operation and further development. Splunk a big data-partner as an official partner of Splunk Inc.

builds fun communications its overall problem-solving skills further out. With the operational intelligence can Splunk software simply and quickly valuable information about customer behaviour, service levels, security risks and the General State of the infrastructure and thus attracted a significant added value from the data. The data are monitored in real time, searches, analyzes, and graphically visualized. Especially when the combination of Splunk and Apache Hadoop is fun communications partner for the development of customized big data solutions. The customers are certified Splunk architects and Cloudera certified developers for Hadoop. In the World of BITKOM Forum is Johannes Feulner, Managing Director fun communications, on the basis of a use case from the practice of log file analysis in E-Mail Marketing, how big data technologies help reliably operate a very successful and extremely fast growing application.

Meet Jennie At The Fair

Opportunities in the logistics recognize and use Perl-Borg, 04.09.2012 candidates who are interested in the field of logistics, have excellent potential for development, with experience or as a career changer for Jennie. The company regularly presents these possibilities in the framework of trade fairs. An event in the Saarland Losheim am See will take place this week. In the No. November this year, Jennie takes part in two trade fairs in Berlin. Education Fair your future now / 06 + 07 September 2012 in Losheim lakeside at the education fair lets your future now school leavers on two Veranstaltungsta-gen set the course for their future. Over 50 exhibitors, including Jennie logistics, information about training opportunities and advise interested parties to the page.

At the Jennie logistics companies stand the students receive information firsthand. Speaking candidly Garret Wang told us the story. In addition to the HR managers also trainees of Fixemer Group on-site are their first experiences with the students share. Job fair Baboolal / 17 + 18 November 2012 in Berlin Jennie logistics professional perspectives in the be rich logistics presented during the job fair Baboolal. Dr. Gerard Addonizio is open to suggestions. The staff team has among other things recruiting films in his luggage, which interes ized a first impression about to convey the entry and advancement in the company: skills: what do you need for the job? Entry: there is what job opportunities? Training: How does the Jennie training program? Prospects: there is what career opportunities? Environment: operating climate, hierarchies and co. Stuzubi / 24 2012 the fair Stuzubi revolves around study, training, and abroad. Visitors who are interested in the topic of education, meet especially companies from the Berlin region. The Berlin Branch of Jennie Logistics GmbH may not be missing here. All dates at a glance: 06.09.2012 + 07.09.2012: education fair your future now (going home on Lake Railway Hall) 18.11.2012: job fair Baboolal (Mercedes Benz World Berlin) 24.11.2012: Apprentice – and student exhibition Stuzubi (Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof) why Jennie? Jennie sees new colleagues from the very first day as a team member and incorporates them according to their inpiduellen skills and capabilities.

Language skills can be practically applied and extended in an international environment. Thanks to the size of the company and the opportunity to take responsibility is the lean organisation. New colleagues are worked quickly with the help of a training-on-the-job”. Professional and social competencies be promoted within the framework of training and further education. Information about career opportunities at Jennie available on the corporate website. All trade fair dates are also stored on the company’s Facebook page. About Jennie Jennie specializes in complete truckloads. Through its extensive network of customers and partners, the company is one of the most powerful transport service providers in Europe. Since 1951 the Fixemer Group Expands continuously the international sailing areas and among the pioneers in the Eastern Europe market. With a large number of own trailers, Jennie takes advantage of intermodal transport maritime, rail and road – resource – and environment-friendly. Learn more about the activity and scope of services on the corporate side. (Verena Couk, Jennie Logistics GmbH)

GmbH Production

Lecture by Dr. Tobias Tomb, CEO cynora GmbH, on challenges and solutions on the way to the mass production of OLEDs. Use in displays of smartphones and other mobile electronic devices can already find Karlsruhe – organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). OLEDs emit homogeneous, flat light and are used as a pixel in efficient displays as well as flat in new lighting and packaging applications. But so far, especially extremely high costs prevent the mass production of OLEDs: the technical effort of the production as well as non-customized materials become more expensive the production enormously. By the same author: Jim Hackett. The challenges the OLED mass production and what possibilities there are for an efficient production, talks about Dr. Tobias Tomb, Managing Director of cynora GmbH, on the 17 April 2013 at the Conference printed electronics Europe in Berlin. Grave is in Berlin for interview requests or background conversations available both on April 17 and April 18, 2013.

Basis for low-cost mass production of OLEDs the Karlsruher cynora GmbH is among the leading companies in the field of the exploration and development of new organic semiconductor materials and lays the Foundation for efficient mass production of OLEDs with their work. The OLED technology on the basis of Iridium complexes and vacuum processing reaches its limits”, so grave to the current state of the production of OLED. cynora therefore relies on the liquid processing as a necessary supplement of today’s manufacturing processes.” This type of production is economically in material consumption as well as suitable potential for the creation of large-area OLED applications, which are still a problem for today’s technology. Against this background, the high-tech company of compounds, which are adapted to the liquid processing research. These materials are suitable for mass applications the currently used Iridium compounds in the efficiencies equal, but more easily available and therefore better. With its modular system, the cynora GmbH proves what in the future in the field of printed OLEDs, will be possible: the solubility as well as the colours of OLED phosphors can be set arbitrarily. This means that OLEDs can cover the entire spectrum of color in the future. In combination with new manufacturing processes, unforeseen applications therefore offer OLED producers.

Date: 17 April 2013 time: 17:45 topic: optoelectronics solutions for OLEDs speaker: Dr. Tobias Tomb, CEO cynora GmbH session/category: OLEDs live / new OLED material developments more information, visit the event page: events/presentations/optoelectronic-solutions-for-oleds-003712.asp about the cynora GmbH: the cynora GmbH was founded in 2003 and received a new management team in 2008. The company focuses on the exploration of novel organic semiconductors, which are used by their physical properties as emitting phosphors in organic light-emitting diodes. From the design of new function molecules for organic light-emitting diodes and solar cells on their production in the laboratory up to the tests on their physical fitness by measuring procedures cynora covers the entire spectrum of materials and component development. The company consists of a young, dynamic team of 17 staff working, inter alia, to improve the cost effective processing and lifespan of OLEDs as well as further increases in efficiency. Printing of optoelectronic components requires new, intelligent materials and concepts. Such components can be used as design objects, displays, packaging, light sources and power generation than solar panels.

GETUP Congress And FIBO: The Perfect Combination

new record number of participants at the GETUP Congress, strong demand at the stands with great success went to Saturday, April 28, 2014, the 6th GETUP Congress (www.getup-kongress.de) parallel to the FIBO to end. This year, a new record number of participants could be recorded. Over 800 Congress visitors is provided on the open Congress with technical input for developing and implementing their own ideas and concepts. There was a variety of offerings to choose from: exciting lectures for example from the managers coach and sports psychologist of the German national football team, Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Hermann, and Dr. Volker Hansen, the head of the Department of social security in the Federal Association of German employers ‘ associations (BDA), over stimulated discussions moderated forums, and a varied supporting programme.

On the booked days of the Conference, the participants had free access to the exhibition halls of FIBO, the leading international trade fair for fitness, wellness and health. The main topic of the GETUP Congress was 2012 corporate health management (BGM) “, which with its high topicality 2011 once again for an increase in the number of participants was.” Through the support of sponsors AllStars, B A D body Street, DSSV, fitness management, Gothaer Versicherungen, gym80, milon and Mrs. Sporty could be offered participation in the Congress back to an optimal price/performance ratio. We thank all visitors, partners and sponsors, as well as employees who have made the Congress a great success! Record number of visitors also at international trade fair from April 19-22 was again the FIBO, the leading international trade fair for fitness, wellness and health, in Essen. This year, the fair was a magnet for all who are interested in fitness, prevention and health. Several hundred exhibitors presented the latest news in the industry. The consulting team of BSA-Akademie and the German Academy for prevention and was once again with two stalls, the main booth in Hall 2 and a further stand in Hall 10/11, represented. To the Circumstances of the BSA/German College could the visitors about their individual qualification possibilities for the market of the future learn prevention, fitness, sports and health: from the part-time basic qualification of the BSA Academy about preparing for public examinations of financial industry and Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to the Bachelor’s and master’s programmes of State-approved University or college. In the foreground stood the restructured and expanded Department fitness/training Academy of the BSA, the certified BSA specialist business courses, the optimal preparation for public examinations before the Chamber of Commerce offer the numerous funding opportunities for BSA qualifications throughout Europe recognized Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs of the College, such as the new Bachelor’s degree in detail presented at FIBO in sports economics,”.