Falkensteiner standpoint, this highly successful concept was most interesting and by the Practice rooms in the hotel ideal for a joint venture. Already at the first meeting it was taken about the cooperation agreement basically and the details laid down in some few conversations. I am now, to welcome the team of ChinMed group and our common guests in our beautiful House.” Very wide range the main pillars of the TCM methods offered in Seefeld are acupuncture and the pain completely and needle-free laser puncture, Qi Gong and Shiatsu, herbal therapy, diet according to the five elements. The product range is but much wider, as Dr. Ulmer said: foot reflex zone massage, spinal treatment according to Dorn/Breuss, moxibustion, cupping, Autohemotherapy.

“Qi Gong, Tai Qi and yoga numerous Orthodox services like the Sports fitness test, ECG, neural therapy, or the individual exercise form our comprehensive medical spectrum that is ideally supported and extended by the hotel offer”. The path to the individual TCM treatment is very simple: after an insightful and comprehensive diagnostic interview, the TCM practitioner for any health problem puts together a customized treatment plan. Individual treatments are possible as well as individualized treatment series. Like medical questions even before the holiday can be discussed with Dr. Ulmer. Have put together a very attractive packages attractive packages the ChinMed group and the Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Royal Seefeld, include programs for the well-being feeling weight, for the very popular and well known juice fasting program, for stress relief, for EnerQi refuelling and for a healthy back. For the exclusive offer of Facial rejuvenation, there are also great packages for the beauty. Healthy gains means not only a product expansion in the medical supply, but also in the areas of culinary delights, wellness and in the programme of activities for guests of the hotel the TCM launch beginning July 2011.

Every guest has the possibility, during Residence of the kitchen team with nutrition according to the teaching of the 5 elements spoil to leave and to make for a tasty and beneficial change for body and mind. Of course also a comprehensive personal nutrition advice is possible”, so the hotel manager Marina Ersilia Albasini.

Love New Challenges

Why is the led learned shop window Designer in the market of the future prevention and health management through numerous part-time training, testing to the healer, the opening of a fitness facility and the development of your own franchise system in the field of weight loss Studio Director Christine Gallo himself to the study of the College. Together with my husband, I am running an own large fitness facility for several years, but still something was missing me long time”, Christine Gallinger remembers. To make their practical knowledge of the activity in the Studio on better legs and to see yourself finally again a challenge to”she chose 2008 studying Bachelor in nutrition” at the German University. The studies liked it so well, that the their fitness facility, the FIT & FUN Budingen, also after her own Bachelor graduation still acted as the training company of the German University. She also has itself to the Winter semester 2011 registered for a master’s degree at the University. Originally Christine Gallinger has learned shop window designer and also very much exercised the profession: still it tingles in your finger, if somewhere something professionally to decorate it in company. At some point I got but strong backaches the physically demanding work as a window dresser. So I decided to seek out a gym with back exercises.

There, I met my future husband Martin owned the Studio. In the Studio, I was packed by the passion to learn more about my body, exercise and diet. I completed all trainer courses and training to the nutritionist at the BSA Academy. One of my life dreams was then still the test to the naturopath, I graduated in 1994. Together with my husband I run a large fitness facility in the Hessian Budingen already for some years, but was something missing long time me, asking me personally even more.

GETUP Congress And FIBO: The Perfect Combination

new record number of participants at the GETUP Congress, strong demand at the stands with great success went to Saturday, April 28, 2014, the 6th GETUP Congress (www.getup-kongress.de) parallel to the FIBO to end. This year, a new record number of participants could be recorded. Over 800 Congress visitors is provided on the open Congress with technical input for developing and implementing their own ideas and concepts. There was a variety of offerings to choose from: exciting lectures for example from the managers coach and sports psychologist of the German national football team, Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Hermann, and Dr. Volker Hansen, the head of the Department of social security in the Federal Association of German employers ‘ associations (BDA), over stimulated discussions moderated forums, and a varied supporting programme.

On the booked days of the Conference, the participants had free access to the exhibition halls of FIBO, the leading international trade fair for fitness, wellness and health. The main topic of the GETUP Congress was 2012 corporate health management (BGM) “, which with its high topicality 2011 once again for an increase in the number of participants was.” Through the support of sponsors AllStars, B A D body Street, DSSV, fitness management, Gothaer Versicherungen, gym80, milon and Mrs. Sporty could be offered participation in the Congress back to an optimal price/performance ratio. We thank all visitors, partners and sponsors, as well as employees who have made the Congress a great success! Record number of visitors also at international trade fair from April 19-22 was again the FIBO, the leading international trade fair for fitness, wellness and health, in Essen. This year, the fair was a magnet for all who are interested in fitness, prevention and health. Several hundred exhibitors presented the latest news in the industry. The consulting team of BSA-Akademie and the German Academy for prevention and was once again with two stalls, the main booth in Hall 2 and a further stand in Hall 10/11, represented. To the Circumstances of the BSA/German College could the visitors about their individual qualification possibilities for the market of the future learn prevention, fitness, sports and health: from the part-time basic qualification of the BSA Academy about preparing for public examinations of financial industry and Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to the Bachelor’s and master’s programmes of State-approved University or college. In the foreground stood the restructured and expanded Department fitness/training Academy of the BSA, the certified BSA specialist business courses, the optimal preparation for public examinations before the Chamber of Commerce offer the numerous funding opportunities for BSA qualifications throughout Europe recognized Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs of the College, such as the new Bachelor’s degree in detail presented at FIBO in sports economics,”.