PAL Dragos: Bindegewebsschwache Syndrome

Bindegewebsschwache syndrome – obesity as compensation obesity in the population considered rising threat in the health care sector. In Germany, also about 2 million children are affected. The most common medical measures are movement, change of diet (diet plans), and calorie reduction. This is taken into account in research hardly, that 70% of obesity sufferers a massive Bindegewebsschwache is about. I’m talking here about a syndrome because the weakness may have different causes. Is crucial so that obesity often develops as a symptom of result in the sense of a compensation of the Bindegewebsschwache. Instead to take account of this crucial context, feelings of guilt are chased up the sick, they would have to eat less, they were willed and probably too greedy.

No wonder that many of the medical measures against obesity fail because doctored around only on the symptom, rather than the deeper cause”to take into account. In conventional medicine, there are hardly adequate strategies for an exploration of a Bindegewebsschwache. A successful treatment must take into account the forces of the patient. The forces of the connective tissue is also about their participation in the cosmic forces. This ability is most developed child aged up to 7 years of age and can be disturbed in later age for various reasons. Only natural access to the human body is not the way for the power condition of connective tissues. I would like to suggest not taking these relationships with a parable: an architect who strives for the renovation of a house without taking into account the swampy ground, on which the House was built, will have no lasting success with his efforts. The author is a homeopathic physician and directs the growth trend research: to the targeted strengthening of connective tissue with the help the Sun fitness”read also: PAL Dragos:”Fitness without unhealthy – what does Sun fitness?

Eduardo Liendo

Denzil Romero and his Trilogies cover a great arc of time, in this mester. (d) emergence of a pessimistic novel against the errors of the past, face defeat. The most evident case we can read in the (I desolvido, of Victoria Duno (today: Victoria De Stefano) e) introduction of religious traits, sometimes esoteric, others seeking the exaltation, understanding or simple knowledge of miracles, legends, aspects of the magical world, or simply ad hoc creations. In love and terror of the words, Briceno Guerrero, it is possible to columbrar some of these aspects. Also in the poetry of Armando Rojas Guardia. Fortunately, as it is said that it said Heraclitus of Ephesus: us not bathe twice in the same river, the Venezuelan literature has also had its dialectic and new generations, since the 1980s, illuminate new paths.

Eduardo Liendo and Luis Barrera Linares are two incidental examples. Now, while us conceive literature as an act of love and of historical solidarity, participate in the words of Cortazar, in polemic with Oscar Collazos, (1980: 76) nothing may seem me better today is write good novels immersed in the context socio-cultural and political, and that these novels are widely read and help increase the Latin American Revolutionary consciousness; But beware of denying other novelists, envelope whose honesty and responsibility can not fit doubt, the right to the most obscure searches, to the most vertiginous experiences. In other words: in Latin America, the coming social changes according to our instincts, will undoubtedly be many. Such changes shall be marked by a new relationship between this collective subject and individual subjects called authors. Such a relationship will have to be away from what were some aberrations of the socialist realism of yesterday. As it is in Venezuela, we must building the socialism of the 21st century, human, democratic. However, a changing environment in a heavenly manner may not be conceived.

Real Attraction

This question, sounds almost like a scientific question, and we started to analyse and try to understand this whole subject of attraction and seduction. This article which I am presenting today is an analysis of a reading which perform guru more big there in the seduction community, and is the father of the whole movement of the dating and the spike in United States. Ross Jefries. As some already know one of the great qualities that makes that Ross is listed as the father of the Dating and the PUA, is that he is an expert in NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) and is also an expert who has more than 20 years in the field of helping men learn the real attraction and seduction. Ross says, that the majority of men, not to say all, when you think about a woman, think in can how to make that girl is set in my? How to make that girl you feel attracted to my? How to make so that girl goes to bed with me? The men we worry about the behavior of women, situation that’s okay. But beyond the behavior, the main secret to learn how to generate attraction, is: which are the States emotional that I want that this woman experiment when this CONMIGO those emotions that you experience a woman, it dictates the behavior that will take before a person or situation. Women, are not aware of their internal States, they only know or feel some reactions at body level.

The real attraction what it really means, is the following: what are the emotional states that I that she associates with me? Here by that being the good guy is not good. When you’re the good guy, believe in them the following States: relative comfort, joy and even boredom. Here’s why the player is not good. When you’re a player, you create the following States therein: Lust, passion, wish.

Providing Accounting Services

Providing accounting services company, "Censor" professionally provides accounting services since 2003. Our company is ready to help with the preparation of returns, taking into account, to resolve any problems and give quality advice, appeared in accounting and taxation of your organization or individual listed predprinimatelya.Nizhe partial list of our accounting services: Maintenance and production accounting and tax Accounting Policy Making Restoration of accounting and submission of report to the regional social insurance, tax, RPF Assistance in choosing a system of taxation, tax consulting on accounting and tax representation in funds and tax service to help managers and accountants in dealing with the issues raised Costavlenie income statement on a 3-PIT for Enterprising individuals auditPreimuschestva outsourcing of accounting services in most of the Federal Law "On Accounting" is written that any organization by the conclusion of a treaty the right to transfer management your accounting or other professional organization. At this remark, "depending on the volume of accounting work" shows that the larger the organization, the more likely (in fact – is useful) for it outsourcing accounting. Using not only the services of accounting, and other accounting services to a specialized organization, you get several benefits: independence of opinion to your question; Is responsible for all legal, not an individual; cost of accounting services to reduce the tax base, experience and dignity of "Censor" If you trust in our team, you will receive high-quality service for your questions. But initially you have a guarantee of quality service. The organization "censor" is directly related to the legal field, thoroughly knows the laws Rosiyskoy Fediratsii itself has an extensive accounting department.

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Food is one of the greatest pleasures that a person can have since met both a basic need, like enjoying delicious flavors; but when it comes to consuming foods certain aspects must attend for this activity in the best way, therefore different utensils, which as a whole are called tableware should be used when eating and its usefulness in the table makes them ideal means to be able to eat food in the best way and with all comfort. The dishes in if is shown as the set of objects that are used for food-related activities, since it serves both to be able to move from one place to another different foods i.e. carry different dishes from kitchen or place of preparation of food into the table, in addition to this dish is the medium container for meals and facilitates the activity of eating culinary samples. Between the different elements that compose the crockery various dishes can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes according to criteria such as facilitating the implementation inside of the thousands of samples of food that can be served in a large amplitude gourmet kitchen; In addition to the dishes there are another group of crockery items that are useful vessels to dispose them of different liquid beverages, depending on type liquid it will exist a suitable vessel to serve in its interior. There are certain people who believe that as many samples of covered also are part of the dishes, but can subsume more easily in the Group of the cutlery, which fit over the term to these means of consuming food.

The dishes may be composed of a large number of components, but to sum up to the greatest extent possible the basic elements necessary for any kind of food should be mentioned. So the format more simple that you can find a tableware is the presence of a dish plain or flat, which used to serve meals that are not very large or otherwise are not heavily loaded dishes i.e. light dishes; another component of the tableware are bowls avocados used in major custom to serve fluid or liquid dishes such as soups and finally dishes to desserts, which as its name implies, they are used to put different desserts that are not usually large. The above mentioned are the basic components of the dishes, but worth mentioning other elements that occur occasionally space such as cups of broth, tea and coffee, special containers as the tureens, the sauce and presentation plates and other dishes such as those used for bread and for some special foods such as asparagussnails and various bowls. Original author and source of the article