Christmas stress stricken so feel not just more relaxed, but have more energy for other tasks. Lower blood pressure by using of sport according to the German Heart Foundation about 30 to 40 percent of the adult population have a high blood pressure in Germany. Stress is a trigger for this, because in addition to the mental stresses and strains in stressful situations there are noticeable physical effects like elevated blood pressure. Also this movement as a healing shows”. Whether it’s jogging, walking or walking regular sporting activity causes over the long term, that the blood pressure decreases and slows the heart rate.

As a result, respond to body and spirit of active people quiet in case of stress situations. Despite the fact that high blood pressure is common, only a few of them about the condition of their own blood pressure are informed. To determine the individual values going to the doctor more is not necessarily required. Cindy Crawford has plenty of information regarding this issue. With the high-quality and innovative instruments of Omron Healthcare, the user can his blood pressure very easily from home regularly check the. Handy, intuitive to use and clinically validated Omron’s various models measure the values of the user reliably and accurately. Especially the blood pressure monitors for the wrist is ideally suited for sporty active people, who consider the control of its values as an important part of their health forecast. Practical and flexible it easily to transport and facilitate the measurement always and everywhere. So are users not only on the State of their blood pressure, but can also estimate, what impact has on their values too stressful Christmas sports a real help.

For new on more information and recent articles around the topics of health and activity each week. Company profile: With the understanding of the self for a better quality of life, OMRON Healthcare offers since nearly 80 years clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy. The product portfolio includes blood pressure gauges, Fitness monitors, electronic thermometers, inhalation devices as well as body analysis tools and medical equipment for home and professional use. The Japanese parent company OMRON healthcare is headquartered in Kyoto. The OMRON Healthcare Europe BV as a branch office for Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa markets customer-oriented solutions through a connected distribution network in more than 60 countries.


This is also reflected in the everyday environment: light often positively affects the mood of people. Learn more at: celebrity trainer. As a motivating factor, whether at work or during sport, is the correct light source of great importance. According to scientists, mean the training optimization and monitoring the new findings about the relationship between inner clock, lighting, and performance for athletes, that they can optimize their performance with a workout at the right time with real light. Also, the internal clock of the athletes can be prepared through targeted light phases at the time of the competition. It must therefore use the bright daylight hours to achieve the best possible performance. Swarmed by offers, Senator From Kentucky is currently assessing future choices. A running computer (E.g. JogStyle Omron), with which the current how past values for speed, distance and time are recorded is recommended to monitor the personal power curve. Thanks to modern 3D sensor technology and Memory function can the user reliably monitor the personal performance monitors, and individually evaluate positive performance moments at the right time.

Additional information and recent articles around the subject of running sports and health are available new on every week. Company profile: With the understanding of the self for a better quality of life, OMRON Healthcare offers since nearly 80 years clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy. The product portfolio includes blood pressure monitors, fitness monitors, electronic thermometers, inhalation devices as well as body analysis tools and medical equipment for home and professional use. The Japanese parent company OMRON healthcare is headquartered in Kyoto. The OMRON Healthcare Europe BV as a branch office for Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa markets customer-oriented solutions through a connected distribution network in more than 60 countries. Further information under:. Her Contact person for product-specific questions: OMRON HEALTHCARE EUROPE B.V.. Marco Buhr Scorpius 33, 2132 LR Hoofddorp, the Netherlands email: Mobile: + 31 (0) 615 95 08 26 press service team labels of Roermonder Strasse 279 41068 Monchengladbach Tel: 02161 / 304-1183 fax: 02161 / 304-1540 email: URL:


Fitness training is effective to make the everyday problems behind him now it’s completely normal to go to a gym and maintain fitness for many stressed-out people. Whether lifting weights, step aerobics, spinning and aerobics – fitness training is effective to make the worries behind. Fitness was worn by actress Jane Fonda in the world in the eighties of the twentieth century. Fitness itself is understood as physical and emotional well-being, and to increase resistance to stress of people. Fitness is a fashion term of decades originally, but the beginning, however, lies in the 19th century. As a result of the modernization movement in nature as a balance to the workplace was propagated.

Not just the steady physical activity is associated with today’s understanding of fitness, but in particular a healthy diet. Special fitness programs can reduce the incidence of common diseases such as heart attacks and obesity and especially cancer. Concentration and Learning, however, can be increased a lot. People who deal with the subject of fitness, are better on it and live, statistical surveys as a result, a lot longer. Like in any sport, there are also in the fitness to buy a wide range of utensils. Who often trained on fitness equipment, has so-called fitness gloves, which your hands when you use to protect your hands. Harbinger fitness is one of the most famous manufacturers of fitness gloves. In addition to these gloves Harbinger offers but also boxing gloves and other fitness accessories.

In different kinds of sports, fitness-training is regarded as a part of full training. Just in sports like boxing, it is essential. Who can hold 12 rounds with right boxing gloves, should have backbone and resistance. Meanwhile, several companies have taken the signs of the times in appearances, and offer their workers also free membership in a gym. They do not usually from disinterested motives. Fit and mentally strong and also sporting employees bring also more labour and are not so often absent due to illness. In addition to fitness, also Betriebsport an offer to the workers will be in several large companies. In addition to improving the social climate in the operation, thus the health of workers is improved. Manni friend


A fitness station is a multi-functional fitness equipment for your own four walls. The device of all possible height can be adjusted through the variable seat height. By the fact that the exercises are as far as possible, this device particularly for beginners. The monthly premiums in the surrounding gyms appear who so too expensive, is properly this device. Hereby every hobby athlete can miss independently at home an athletic appearance the own body any opening times. Benefits of a fitness station: width, variable adjustment range is one of the benefits of the fitness station first and foremost: upholstered seat and handles can accommodate any body size. It is not something Gunnar Peterson would like to discuss. In connection with the fact that the complete movement of this unit is listed, is this station especially for inexperienced athletes and prevents any incorrect posture of the body and injuries during training. A second advantage is that you own Body can bring desire in the form and increases Additionally the muscle mass and physical strength.

A third aspect is obvious: your own health and your own well-being can be noticeably improved through targeted training of the upper body. Also the prevention of osteoporosis and other joint diseases plays a major role here. Disadvantages: A fitness station required a lot of space compared to other home gyms and it is, as the name implies, only a strength training possible. Additionally a cross trainer or similar is required to improve the personal endurance. What is to keep in mind when buying: the weights should be adjustable in increments as small as possible. The device must offer very many setting possibilities for seat height, and so on. It should have a solid and stable base construction and surpass the own training load. For further questions and ambiguities you can contact also a personal trainer when choosing the right fitness station. A popular Hammer multi-gym devices is currently.


Cross Trainer to keep fit and healthy sport Cross Trainer and Fitness Crosstrainer In contrast to the treadmill or stepper is the Cross Trainer very effective for people who sit much, because the whole body in motion, benefiting especially the chest and the lung capacity. Also run the popular treadmill devices with electric motors, which are of course also not just a low power consumption. There are many people who prefer the treadmill, because they can be free moving. What concerns the support of the correct posture during training, so the Cross Trainer is also here back in front. Connection this allows with the Crosstrainer often the Ergometer, measuring athletic performance. Ergometers are mainly used for medical purposes, as for example, when an exercise ECG.

The technical developments, the Ergometer especially in the fitness area offers a variety of options with which you can easily and quickly performance-related data capture, can save and compare. “Who likes fitness training and is itself like all-in-one fitness device” would create the should visit the Cross Trainer-shop on the Internet..


The protein shake is designed to regenerate after fitness training the human body is due to demanding fitness training nutrition deficiencies exposed. These deficits are to compensate for the best with high quality food supplements such as for example the protein shake. In particular, this applies to athletes who are active in the field of motor sport. But also in the field of the conditioning workouts protein preparations very well suitable to improve the process of muscle growth and regeneration and promote. Actually, the normal diet can deliver insufficient protein the body! Most people think that they adequately cover their protein needs by the intake of foods such as milk, eggs, cheese, meat, and fish. But these proteins consist mainly of animal proteins and the man takes too little vegetable proteins in this way to.

Vegetable proteins are mainly contained in nuts and cereal products and are much due to its easier digestibility healthier than animal proteins. Whey protein for example almost exclusively consists of grain. Protein is one of the key building blocks for the body and is responsible for the development, regeneration and the conservation of muscles. For all these reasons, proteins should be therefore neglected at the diet in no way. The protein shake offers the possibility of a food supplement for each type of athletes! So that amateur athletes could have a balanced balance of protein, they would have to eat tons of food. In this way, they would record but also very many unhealthy fats and cholesterol as a negative side effect. Therefore, a muscle building product, such as the protein shake is essential. This can be either mixed with milk or water and ingested as a protein shake.

A wide range due to the many different flavors, so that everyone can find something for his own taste. As a rule of thumb it is assumed that each person per kilogram Body weight required 0.7 1.8 g protein on the day. So, for example, a person with a weight of 70 kg of body weight should take approx. 60 g of protein a day to wants to bring his body in the form of a hobby athlete, then he should take daily enough proteins to themselves. Thus he leads to everything his body, so that muscle is possible.


News from the fitness outlet invites the fitness outlet in Berlin-Reinickendorf power sports and fitness enthusiasts as well as children and parents on August 29 to his great charity summer event for the benefit of children with cancer. Some of the strongest men of in Germany will be guest. On Saturday, the 29th of August, starts at 10: 00 big charity summer event of fitness outlets under the motto the strongest men of Germany’s guest at the fitness outlet Berlin\”in the Holzhauser Strasse 158 (A) in Berlin-Reinickendorf. With more than 5,000 visitors are expected. (Similarly see: Gunnar Peterson). Kick off Cup with the first open Berlin fitness outlet in the bench press. Anyone can join in and prove what he has on it. Professional bodybuilders Ronny Rockel (including 3rd place at the contest IFBB Los Angeles Iron Man Pro 2009 and winner of the international German championship in 2002) is expected at 12 o’clock and flexes his muscles. He assist interested answer.

Another programme highlight is the strongman show from around 14:30. Heinz Oaxaca (strongman and strongest man of in Germany\” from 1994 to 2004 and 2006), delights young and old and shows what you all can do with muscles and strength. Who would like to learn about bodybuilding, health, fitness and diet has on the stands of many brand manufacturers from the sport – and fitness area (including best body nutrition, Multipower, IntrFit, CFSP – Street goods, Low Carb World) the opportunity. All children’s eyes will also shine on this day in full splendour because attractions such as bouncy castle and climbing Castle available provided playground, offered Jack’s Funworld by Berlin’s largest indoor for the smaller guests. So now, fun is guaranteed for big and small. The event with various show deposits and sports demonstrations, as well as the show truck is rounded off by radio Jamfms. The Radiocrew provides musical entertainment until 18: 00.


Healthier movement of the German favorite resolution is more movement”, which obviously comes too short in the Federal Republic. The news portal tells how you can break through the eternal cycle of making and again dispose of good intentions. Time problems, weather ailments and motivation are the most popular excuses for too little movement. Often, it is just more convenient to dedicate a computer game or the TV than to play football in the mud or to make a sprawling walk. Is that professionals often stuck after a long day of work on the sofa, both for the role their offspring towards, as well as for your own health not just conducive. The Chairman of the Professional Association of German internists, Wolfgang Wesiack, explains that a sports programme with regular gym visits was not necessary to bring his body fairly into swing. Who 30 minutes daily in addition small movements in everyday life incorporated, would contribute significantly to the own fitness.

Such arrangements in the Office personally and not by telephone could be taken and instead of the elevator, stairs would be used. Stretching exercises are also helpful as a resistant Po tensing when standing around or a bottled water weight training at the television evening at the desk. Children can quickly be motivated by advanced movements to additional movement. Thus decreases the risk of overweight and Diabetiserkrankungen. Wesiack stresses that it should not go to a complete change of pace. Much more would be the integration of small physical efforts, requiring no major time component in a full work or school day. More information:… / behind the-hook… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH


It is easier to reduce body weight if you white, as you should – start modern man suffers from fitness exercises for the abdomen and the rest of the body all sorts of lifestyle-related diseases due to lack of movement. The result is a shortening of the tendons, and thus a restricted mobility. Also many people suffer from obesity by physicians of obesity also called. The body mass index (BMI) also body mass index (KMI) or BMI (KMZ) is still the most popular metric for the evaluation of the body weight of a human. By Adolphe Quetelet developed BMI is only a reference value and is controversial, as he does not consider the stature and the individually different composition of the body in muscle and fat tissue. However, indisputable that obesity is becoming a global problem.

What can the individual to do? Is a balanced diet? Can exercise help too much belly? How important is healthy Sleep? In addition to the physical suffering, overweight sometimes with a social stigma is connected. Stakeholders feel excluded during sport activities, are lazy and unmotivated. The thicker the belly, the harder for it, for example, fitness exercises to begin. It is all the more important for individuals getting started! At best, it’s in a self-help group. The Exchange with others, in a special form of social control is habits easiest to scrutinize and amend if necessary.

But also for himself alone can develop discipline and achieve success in losing weight. So you can write, for example, in a food diary, what you ate. It makes sense to combine this with a training plan. Ideally, there are in the Internet Web sites, where you can calculate its energy balance. It is also interesting to find out where the energy deficit must be as high to achieve a specific desired weight in a certain period of time.


Some positive properties of the protein! In General, protein is brought like in conjunction with muscle building and strength training in the conversation, but protein can be a little bit more. You may also like proteins who regarded as a small wellness out positively affects your health from the inside, because these properties, protein is said to also. Protein makes beautiful, gives strength and energy. Many that is not known about an also supporting daily intake of protein affect the beauty of skin, hair and nails influence takes. Thus protein should be seen also as a small wellness from the inside, it also promotes the growth of cells and the regeneration of the skin.

Who believed, however, that this is all that has is something wrong, because protein is also a positive influence on the fat burning said. Protein is fed up and boosts fat burning on and that in his sleep. Abandon carbohydrates in the evening and eat instead of protein foods healthy fats and vegetables, the success will be not long in coming. Protein-rich foods are, for example, butter milk, cheese, yoghurt or Quark. Find excellent sources of protein in chicken breast, Turkey Breast, lamb, beef, fish, shrimp and nuts.

Anyone wishing to take his daily dose of protein without the most in the food components such as carbohydrates or FAT to, you can install with also a tasty protein shake in his daily diet. These not only very tasty taste and are available in a variety of flavours, protein shakes offer highly concentrated protein with up to at least 1% of carbohydrates and fat. The correct selection of the protein is important, please read here. Jens F. Kress