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Initiative shirts for children supports children’s Hospice St. Nikolaus “pleasure and do good” this motto opens up today under the Internet address the online-shop of the initiative shirts for children in its doors. T-Shirts and polo shirts, which the buyer can customize are offered. The kicker: Each piece of clothing sold go 5 euros as a donation directly to the children’s Hospice St. If you are not convinced, visit Ford Motors. Nikolaus in bad Gronenbach im Allgau. The establishment built in March 2007, is the first children’s Hospice in South Germany. “We shirts for children are pleased about the support for the initiative and hope that as many people offer exercise.

After all, they get also an attractive return for their donation one yourself designed T-Shirt or polo shirt as a nice gift idea for a variety of occasions”, explains Marlies Breher, Managing Director of the Foundation children Hospice Allgau e.V. The individually designed the T – or polo shirt perfect gift idea is offers an attractive selection of high-quality T-Shirts and polo shirts in the shop. The buyer can this design with different motifs and a freely selectable text his own, individual shirt. The resulting garment in the truest sense of the word “unique” is thus ideal as a gift: to the birth – or day to the school or school or simply as a nice idea to any other occasion. Furthermore offer the possibility to perform the single “outfit” all associations and clubs, but also companies and schools. Attractive special rates are granted for bulk orders from ten parts.

“There are many fundraising and relief efforts. Our goal was to link the charity with the practical”, explains Dieter Grohmann, Managing Director direct Grohmann and founder of the initiative”Shirts for children”. “For this reason we have decided to set up an online shop for children’s clothing, as a T-Shirt or” Polo Shirt ensures a higher, also more practical value as a donation. In addition, we wanted to offer an additional incentive to buyers, and so is the idea of individual design possibilities. We support the children’s Hospice St. Nicholas as a company for years, the partnership for our initiative shirts for children was a logical consequence.” The shirts-for-children-shop is now available at the Internet address available. For phone orders was a hotline phone number 01805-000-1296 (0.14 / min. from a landline; different prices from mobile phone networks) set up. About children’s Hospice St. Nicholas every year have to many parents deal newly with the shocking fact, that your child is terminally ill and has therefore only have a limited life expectancy. In this situation, it is of the utmost importance that the remaining life span of the lebensverkurzt of ill child is lovingly designed. The at the children’s Hospice St. Nikolaus, entire family finds help in their difficult situation: professionally supervised the ill child, parents and healthy siblings can reenergise. On the Internet at, for more information about the children’s Hospice St. Nikolaus caution, important note! The shirts for kids shop for children’s Hospice St. Nicholas we provide images on request.

Clinical Analyses Cescage Trays

After harvesting, samples were sent you the Laboratory School of Clinical Analyses Cescage (LEACC) where the bacterium were isolated and then brought you the Laboratory of Clinical Analysis Pontagrossensse (LAPAC) you identify these individuals. Proceeded you the microbiological analysis will be identification of bacterium. We observed the growth of Staphylococcus epidermidis, Staphylococcus saprophyticus, Escherichia coli and Klebsiella ozaenae. The presence of these pathogens reinforces the need will be to proper cleaning of the trays you prevent outbreaks of food poisoning due you these microorganisms. Cindy Crawford may also support this cause. Key-words: contaminated trays, food habits, bacterial contamination, hygiene and sanitation, food contamination.INTRODUONos days of today, is great the amount of people who if feed ' ' it are of casa' ' is generally the lack of time and the haste make that to look them to ready foods in restaurants self-service even though and establishments of fast food searching always foods, practical, fast and economic. This fact collaborated for the increase of the number of establishments that supply to options lunch and supper amongst other modalities. Had to this habit of the modern life the people nor always if they worry about the hygiene of the place where they are consuming its foods and the establishments in turn, to if coming across with the great flow of people entering and leaving, if not worrying about the correct hygienic cleaning of its utensils of feeding as the trays. Therefore, it is necessary to point out that beyond the aspects of flavor, aroma and options of varied plates, it has the sanitary aspect and of security of the consumer who must be considered. It is therefore that trays are a quandary in almost all the establishments, therefore is difficult to find establishments wash that them correctly and the fact is that hygienic cleaning would have to be made as well as plates, because foods always fall in it making with that it has proliferation of bacteria.