Spiritual Health

This process occurs in 125 degrees of decay, from the Infinite state where we were all united as one man with one heart, until the connection between souls vanishes entirely. THIS WORLD – imaginary reality Furthermore, in the course of this fall by the 125 steps, takes place even greater damage in a “place” called “Parse” and consequently a negative connection is formed at the place where we used to be connected in a positive way. Now, everyone wants to take advantage of others for their own good. The body does not die just like that, but it “eats” himself entirely. The decline continues until we lose all connection between us, not just the good-the intention to do good to others, but bad relationships-the intention of receiving for our own satisfaction. This detachment and distance between all results in a state of total inconsistency with the spirit world.

That’s how we feel what is called “this world” or “imaginary reality.” But if it is imaginary, why do we need?, And where is the true reality? Our reality was created by the Creator to give space to a “place” where we can feel free and independent of the existence of the Creator, an illusion that he does not exist and that we are in the “driver’s seat.” This maneuver enables us to understand that we should restore the connection between us. In other words, the soul rises of the state of our world sees only the last grade in which already been able to feel the Infinite as the extent of correction of the connection between us. That is, the recovery and restoration of the bond between us is on the rise! BOOK OF SPLENDOR – CURE FOR THE SOUL And here opens the Book of Zohar for help. This piece was composed from the state Infinite, from the maximum binding between ten souls giant Rabbi Shimon Bar-Yochai and his students, from grade 125. Therefore, the extent of our efforts to imagine ourselves in our state (real) union, connected with all souls, all parts of creation as a whole, most enjoyed the study of The Book of Zohar, and we are in a state of congruence with the authors when they wrote the book.

Hence, to have the best effect of the study of The Book of Zohar, internally we have to feel the desire to connect together. We do not need to be wise. We just have to keep in mind the fact that the connection between us is what helps us achieve what we want. The Book of Zohar speaks only of the connection between souls. I explained about my relationship with the general system called “Adam”, with other souls. It teaches me how to interact with them to reconnect to the system repaired, and how to transform them, thus in a good and healthy building. This is the only thing that speaks the Zohar. And I (each of us) I am here on Earth to accomplish this act of restoration and recovery for all.