Health Care Projects

The inspection and monitoring of the exercise of any profession or activity that is relevant to health care. coordination, regulation, technical supervision and direction of activities and services national, state, municipal and private public health. It is said that the main obstacles to the development of health management resulting from: e difficulty with health professionals, for certain concepts about the practice of medicine or health and disease, the relationship health center with the rest of the health system by the excess of an eminently civil service mentality, for the problems of teamwork, and individual factors such as sense of loss of power or increased workload. Different positions on e and Woelker maintains the position that professionals offer resistance to their curriculum are reviewed. Madan said that the medical authorities are not clear about the concept of participation in health because they understand it as an intrusion. Martin Gonzalez, meanwhile, attaches importance to the personal qualities of the professionals who are dedicated to this task (have to have a knack for human contacts, find command without lead and have a great physical and nervous strength, besides having dynamism, delivery capability and tolerance). e institutional difficulties, the different health administrations (Insalud, health counseling or municipality), by its hierarchical structure, for the rule that the law gives the surgeon general hospital (secondary level) compared to the health center (primary) by the dynamics of decision making, for the content of the law itself, by the lack of autonomy within a sociological context that should be democratic and decentralization, the lack of specificity in the definition, projects, those who participate in decision-making councils and their loss of power, etc. .

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