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Deep in you are the cause of this terrible torture and waiting to be finally resolved. Unfortunately, not all alternatives are paid by the health insurance fund. Maybe the difference is it already in the perspective. The one dedicated to the disease and the others, for example the Wingwave coaches dedicated to the rise of the personal and the loosening of the shackles of fear and panic. Seek not only professional help if anything goes! Contact: Angela-Institut Frankfurt – Sandra Willis – Willibrachtstr. 14 60431 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 069 95297828 or 0171 1110888 eMail: about the coach: Sandra Willis (born 1966) studied business administration degree to the degree in business administration and is in the United States of recognized MBA (master of business administration) with a focus on leadership & organization and marketing.

Then she worked eight years as a Manager and Executive: project manager/team leader of an international bank in Frankfurt and London and setting up new company a) as an Executive in the areas of employee selection, team building and staff development volunteer she worked as a consultant to the strategic planning and organization, and b) as spokeswoman for the junior region Southwest in the German Marketing Association (DMV) and founding Board Member the International Coach Federation (ICF) Germany additional training NLP teaching coach (INLPTA – international NLP trainers Association) NLP business coach (INLPTA – international NLP trainers Association) TMS consultant (team management-system after Margerison-McCann) Wingwave coach and teaching trainer Master Management Executive coach (ECA – European Coaching Association) instructional coach i.Z. (ECA European Coaching Association) In addition to working with systemic approaches and lineups (Hellinger, v.Kibed), transactional analysis and energetic intervention. Since 1996, she works as a freelance coach with entrepreneurs, executives and managers in German & English language. Customer: Deutsche Bank AG, Deutsche Borse AG, Epson Germany GmbH, PostBeamtenKrankenKasse GmbH, PWC AG, Deutsche Post AG, Raiffeisen capital cooperative, Siemens AG, TAKATA AG, VHS, Villeroy & Boch AG, among others. Membership ECA European Coaching Association e.V., Dusseldorf INLPTA international NLP trainers Association, Virginia / United States DQV German quantum e.V., Bonnigheim

Modern Psychotherapies

Hypnoanalysis represents a procedure that combined the Hypnoanalysis gaining depth psychology with hypnosis in Germany more and more popularity. The special procedure which consists of depth psychology basic theories and hypnotherapeutic interventions, has many fans – but also critics. Because there are advantages as well as disadvantages, which carefully to weigh up it is like in any psychotherapy. The hypnosis therapist Sidonie Carstensen gives tips on what it is when you decide to take a Hypnoanalysis claim. The Hypnoanalysis involves a psychotherapeutic special procedures, to assign the Hypnotherapy is. You is based on depth psychological principles and aims to uncover repressed emotions, so as to cause a symptom free or-linderung.

The hypnoanalytischen sessions is basically simple: the client is, accompanied by the therapists in the State of trance back to emotionally significant experiences of his past; a majority of the work plays out in the years Childhood and youth off. These sore points in the life history be edited then with the different tools of the hypnoanalytischen case of intervention aiming to release the pent up here, negative emotions and solve. Hypnoanalysis is used mainly for symptoms, which have no acute character, but exist for quite some time and charge the clients according to. People represent a main clientele for Hypnoanalytiker that would show although depressive signs, but does not qualify for a full-blown clinical depression and report instead of a general dissatisfaction in life. Psychosomatic disorders represent a further application focus of Hypnoanalysis. Check out Gunnar Peterson for additional information. The Hypnoanalysis is the genus of the so-called hypnosis procedures opaque on. As such, it is not suitable for people who are in acute crises, as these could be exposed during therapy to high loads.

Therefore a thorough medical history takes place before any Hypnoanalysis all first, in which the Hypnotherapist thoroughly checks the clients on its suitability for the Hypnoanalysis. On the question of whether the Hypnoanalysis represents a suitable therapy process for interested clients, the Hypnovita hypnosis therapist Sidonie Carstensen has some tips: “to first of all should you have a conversation with a qualified hypnotherapist, or specialize in Hypnoanalysis.” Can you explain exactly the process and the effectiveness of this therapy, and pay attention to your gut feeling. Check to see if fits the Hypnotherapist, or the Hypnotherapeutin to you: If you have a bad feeling from House, fits either the therapist not to you – or the therapy. The therapist will give you a coarse temporal grid in which therapy takes place. Eight to fifteen sessions are a common treatment number.” How does it look with the successes, achieved through the Hypnoanalysis? Sidonie Carstensen reported: “for many years I work mainly with the tool of Hypnoanalysis and of course are” It clients, whom you can help little or not at all. However, this is the exception: typically we even then often great therapeutic success if other psychotherapies have failed. You must see things but realistic and repeatedly make a point that there is no scientific confirmation for the Hypnoanalysis.” Sidonie Carstensen practiced in private practice in Munich. More information about the Hypnoanalysis can be found at the therapist by email at, on the Web page, as well as by telephone on 089-21 75 78 25 Tanja Weigl, Hypnovita


Also, Chondroitin is a very important part of cartilage. It binds large quantities of water in the cartilage and gives him thereby its elasticity and shock absorbing properties. In an undersupply of chondroitin, the cartilage can dry up, shrink and eventually die off. Doctors in various research centres of the world have begun years ago, to try out these two natural joint lubricants in the treatment of arthritis and other joint problems. With success! If in proper dosage and long enough applied can be stopped the progression of joint osteoarthritis with Glucosamine plus chondroitin and soothed the pain. And it usually completely free of side effects. “After consulting with the doctor or the pharmacy many of osteoarthritis sufferers are choosing ArtVitum tablets, as this preparation the two joint lubricants” in the dosages contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin in 2 x 2 small tablets daily of researchers on nutritional efficacy was checked.

Usually the person concerned can count already after a few days his symptoms. However, Glucosamine and Chondroitin are no painkillers and certainly no panacea. You must have patience. The body takes time to stabilize the damaged joints. Therefore, the recommendation to begin tablets, so that there may not even be large cartilage damage at an early stage at the first sign of osteoarthritis with Artvitum is by many physicians. Artvitum (PZN 4604249) is available in selected health centers, pharmacies, and German Internet pharmacies and directly at the company to 29.50 for a month. Due to the special composition and dosage is not interchangeable with other, seemingly similar products. Every pharmacy can order ArtVitum in the cheap 3 month Pack (PZN 0241465) and 6-month Pack (PZN 0241471) without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma shipping for customers. Also, the customers directly to the company can contact. Contact: Navitum Pharma GmbH Dr.

Mediterranean Diet

Special vitamins and trace elements bring memory in the form of it happens ever, that they are spontaneously cannot remember something or the name just isn’t a one. This is how you not only elders. Even younger are affected by a certain forgetfulness. That is often a matter of concentration, can hang together but also with the food, or both. It is clear that good food in terms of rich food is healthy and fit. This also applies to the brain. Good food with many micronutrients such as vitamins, trace minerals and phytochemicals keeps also the brain and improves the efficiency of the brain.

Regardless of the age. However not everyone can eat really healthy. Unfortunately, this is fact. These people sacrificing also mental fitness? According to recent research studies, it seems a form of nutrition to give, which can delay the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease, possibly even prevent. The risk of Alzheimer’s disease developing is lower, the more the food of the Mediterranean diet Fish, fruit and vegetables, but low in red meat is equivalent to with a lot. Consistent supporters of the Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by about 40%.

This is a lot and gives hope for the future. Unfortunately, switching to Mediterranean diet due to the always fresh-to-prepare meals is not easy and requires a high level of motivation. Therefore, can or wants to not everyone to also make his eating habits on the Mediterranean diet, even though it would be advisable. Still, no one a sensible prevention of age-related dementia and Alzheimer’s with micro-nutrients have to go without. Selected vitamins and trace elements in MemoVitum can increase mental fitness? A very recent study confirmed this once again. In this study, the participants received either a mixture of vitamins and trace elements or an ineffective Bill preparation. After 16 weeks, the performance of the working memory of the study participants who had received vitamins and trace elements, was significantly improved in comparison to the other participants.

Using Proper Diet

A balanced diet can greatly reduce the risk of lung cancer especially when one is smoking you should consume to reduce the risk of lung cancer, as many diverse varieties of fruits and vegetables, a study from Europe shows that this. Every day you should take at least five servings of fruits or vegetables to be, at least among the experts for cancer as best precaution. In lung cancer, not only the amount of consumed fruit is important, but also the variety of fruits or vegetables that it takes to differ the. This is evidenced by the authors of the study of Imperial College London. The study was led by Elio Riboli“directed and his team detected according to own statements, that you can reduce the risk of lung cancer by up to 23 percent by one, eats mainly the so-called subgroups of vegetables for example leaf or fruit vegetables. The more subgroups is consumed, the risk is lower, because in every other subgroup vegetable decreases the risk of lung cancer by a further 4 percent.

This Effect is very striking, especially in smokers and to recommend, at least the author Maria Jose Sanchez Perez of Imperial College London says. The only thing of course even better effect against lung cancer, of course not only is smoking, but the theme was done often enough anyway. There were in this study, by European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition (EPIC) “indicates was a total 500,000 people in different European countries, tested in connection with nutrition, environmental factors, lifestyle and cancer.” Lung cancer is the most common form of cancer especially in industrialized countries, is claimed by the author of the study. My name is Alessandro Reichgruber and I write about health issues such as for example Helicobacter symptoms, as well as gastritis symptoms

Salt Cabins And Salt Rooms

Energy efficiency through the use of energy cost-lowering salt cabins and salt rooms in commercial facilities the trend towards large, inefficient inhalation areas seems to be broken since pilzdesign the?Salt cabin? brought on the market. This salt cabins are compact, high efficient? private spa? Areas in which the increasingly sophisticated wellness feel more comfortable visitors and for operators with lower operating costs a better benefits and costs resulting balance sheet. Advantage of multi-unit compact inhalation is the reliability. A big inhalation system is maintenance-technically doesn’t make sense, because in the event of technical problems, the whole system is inoperative. Also, the consumption of material and power is very high at low efficiency. This equipment is worth if anything only for full attendance.

For a wellness area with few visitors operate a large oxygen – and brine inhalation facility, seems to make little sense from a business perspective. So is to realize a rethink whereby in the spa industry for example with a small number of compact salt cabin a more desirable “private spa” area in larger systems is planned. For this reason, salt cabins were developed by pilzdesign at the time. For 2-6 persons in a compact space, a private area with high-quality optical ambience to provide by a really high inhalation effect at low running costs. The visit in these highly efficient high tech salt cabin is significantly helpful for respiratory – allergy and skin problems. The anti aging effect is felt by breaking down of nitrostativen stress, as well as due to the storage of the brine mist in the outer layers of the cornea.

The skin is smoothed and the visitor gets a very pleasant, smooth skin feel. Regular applications (2-3 times a week), visits in the high tech salt cabins can contribute the wrinkles against. Salt rooms are individually to realize each customer request from pilzdesign.


Purely plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid ALA may also mental fitness we strengthen are living longer thanks to the good living conditions in Germany. Everyone wants to be like old and reap the fruits of his labor in the age. But please healthy and fit. Unfortunately there are no free health and fitness at the age. You must do at an early stage, similar to the pension insurance, to actually enjoy the age.

In addition to physical fitness, hence the provision for the spiritual fitness should not be neglected. According to the current state of science seems clear, that lifestyle and diet can affect the mental aging process positive and also negative. There are secured evidence that a healthy diet with many micronutrients has a positive influence on mental fitness. According to current research, the purely plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid ALA plays a very special role. Researchers from around the world have repeatedly found that certain Micro-nutrients which can promote the development of the brain and nervous system and protect functional limitations. This is true also for the vital Omega-3 fatty acids, which held have an essential role in the development and function of the nervous system. Provide stability and functionality to the cell surface are nerve cell membranes.

These membranes with Omega-3 fatty acids are not optimally, suffers including the ability of the cell to generate nerve impulses, to route and process. In short, without them the nerve cells can not work properly and may cause serious errors. Of the three natural Omega-3 – fatty acids EPA, DHA and ALA level, the latter seems to play a very prominent role for development and health of the nervous system. So researchers were able to show that older people who have provided good and sufficiently with ALA from vegetable origin, have a lower risk of dementia developing, than those who did not.

PAL Dragos: Bindegewebsschwache Syndrome

Bindegewebsschwache syndrome – obesity as compensation obesity in the population considered rising threat in the health care sector. In Germany, also about 2 million children are affected. The most common medical measures are movement, change of diet (diet plans), and calorie reduction. This is taken into account in research hardly, that 70% of obesity sufferers a massive Bindegewebsschwache is about. I’m talking here about a syndrome because the weakness may have different causes. Is crucial so that obesity often develops as a symptom of result in the sense of a compensation of the Bindegewebsschwache. Instead to take account of this crucial context, feelings of guilt are chased up the sick, they would have to eat less, they were willed and probably too greedy.

No wonder that many of the medical measures against obesity fail because doctored around only on the symptom, rather than the deeper cause”to take into account. In conventional medicine, there are hardly adequate strategies for an exploration of a Bindegewebsschwache. A successful treatment must take into account the forces of the patient. The forces of the connective tissue is also about their participation in the cosmic forces. This ability is most developed child aged up to 7 years of age and can be disturbed in later age for various reasons. Only natural access to the human body is not the way for the power condition of connective tissues. I would like to suggest not taking these relationships with a parable: an architect who strives for the renovation of a house without taking into account the swampy ground, on which the House was built, will have no lasting success with his efforts. The author is a homeopathic physician and directs the growth trend research: to the targeted strengthening of connective tissue with the help the Sun fitness”read also: PAL Dragos:”Fitness without unhealthy – what does Sun fitness?