Questions on the importance of the DNA in the current days demonstrate that the participants of Group G2CA relate the DNA with transgnicos, more nutritional improvement of foods, foods what it becomes well-known that the same ones had appropriated of the word, but not of the concept. Exactly not if appropriating of the word, the participants of Group G2CA had changed its conceptions on Biotechnology when compared with group G1CA where the majority did not know to answer to this question. Beyond the questionings cited on biotechnology the participants had been instigated to answer on Biotica. The participants of Group G2CA had related the Biotica with the expressions ‘ ‘ behavior humana’ ‘ with 35% of frequency and ‘ ‘ groups of pessoas’ ‘ with 10%, while in Group G1CA all the participants had not known to answer this question.

The participants of Group G2CA had answered on the importance of the Biotica in the Biotechnology where they had used the expressions ‘ ‘ Paper to observe and to take care of so that the transformations are beneficial it to be humano’ ‘ ‘ ‘ To identify as the changes will go in afetar’ ‘ , while all the participants of Group G1CA had not known or they had not answered to the investigated question. The results disclose that the participants of Group G2CA had presented in correct and sufficiently pertinent way the importance of Biotica in the Biotechnology. In a generalized manner, it can be concluded that the constructions of activities had contributed in significant way so that the participants it Group G2CA, after-test, had agreement on Ensino de Biotecnologia in discipline of chemistry. With these activities and to break of situations problem, the participants had revealed motivated and interested on the biotechnological processes associating the advances of this science with the reality. He also observed himself that the more descriptive participants had assumen themselves of a scientific writing becoming in relation its answers.

Many people ask themselves Like gaining muscular mass quickly, if your you are one of them no longer you worry then with the following advice podras to develop the muscles that always you have dreamed, nevertheless You feel like inconforme with the way in which you see yourself in the mirror? You feel frustrated with your slow progress in the gymnasium? if she is thus You are ready to learn the four simple passages of how gaining muscular and quickly effective mass? There are great probabilities that you are not maximizing one of these four steps. Your problem and solution rest in correcting these essential steps before you have some possibility of developing a muscular and thin physicist. Alstate to learn like quickly gaining muscular mass in four simple steps, in less time, without no drug or I supplement without value. Step #1 Compromtete to raise weights three to four times at least to the week. Your goal is to stimulate your muscles with resistance (stress) which causes that your muscles grow greater to avoid than stress returns to happen. Once you go away a house, allows that the muscle heals by means of a good nutrition and rest, this it will grow greater and you will repeat east process again. Ideally, you would have to exercise your muscles once every 72 hours so that you can realise 2 training of the part superior of the body to the week and 2 training of the part inferior of the body to the week. Step #2 the following step to gain muscular mass quickly conciste in Concntrarte in eating at least of 5 to 7 times to the day, ingesting eaten balanced with carbohydrates, proteins and fats. If your goal is to gain muscular mass quickly then you must be eating at least 15-18 x your present corporal weight. Your carbohydrates must be equivalent to 45% of your ingestion, your proteins must approximately be equal to 35% of ingestion and your fats must be equal to 20% rest of your ingestion.

Many people think that to lower of weight he is something very complicated, think that by to have tried one and thousand things, without No result, the best thing is to occur by won; but this is not more than a false idea, which happens is that each individual must find its own regime of diet and exercise to arrive at the appropriate stature. If it wants to lower of weight needs a positive attitude, to give the best thing of same you and not to be discouraged to the first fault. To lower of weight if it is possible, but each body must find its method, all the organisms are different and responds of a form different from each nutritional regime or of exercises. However, similarities of the organism exist, for example, probably to many of the readers, it has happened to them who after to begin to go to the gymnasium, after one or two weeks of enthusiasm, lose the interest totally and until they let to payment a month (inclusively, he has happened to me, that payment a year) to return more never. Also it happens to them to many people, who after to begin a diet feel more anxiety by the food that before it to have begun, and it is that concerning will, to lower of weight if is something complicated, to that it can deny it nobody. But easier methods exist, methods than all the organisms accept, infallible methods, without extreme tablets nor diets, living in the gymnasium. Crame, to lower of weight, is so easy that you will not believe it. Are you of those people whom everything has tried to lower of weight? If he is thus, one does not worry, we we understand to him perfectly, we know what he costs to him to live in a society in which the image is it everything, we know that the surgeries are not the easiest or economic exit, we know that to stop eating it is a true suplicio and in the long run you can gain more weight del than lost in an exhausting diet. We understand that to resort to the gymnasium he can be more exhausting than comforting, and in the long run, you will stop when not seeing true results, therefore, if you want to lower of weight, most important is than she has the positive attitude and the desire to prove the most novel methods of market. Cranos, if it is possible to lower of weight, without extreme sacrifices, stopping eating, without making exercises exhausting, taking harmful tablets for the organism and without spending enormous sums of money in painful surgeries.

Also the chicken breast. 7. It measures your portions. Little by little it begins to diminish the portions of carbohydrates that you use, unless greater clothes in the future do not concern comprarte to you. 8.

Everything is a process The previous advice who I gave you are very important, if you can notice I did not say anything about diets, tablets to become thin, nothing. Everything what I recommended to you was changes in your style of life, changes that you can begin to apply little by little and will remain by the rest of your life and will be easier to control your weight. You do not go away by the easy ways, because never you will arrive at good port I say, it with all the property that gives my profession me. 9. Ejerctate. It looks for by exercises of high intensity and resistance with weights, thus you will burn more abdominal fat.

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