Protein – Makes Nice!

Some positive properties of the protein! In General, protein is brought like in conjunction with muscle building and strength training in the conversation, but protein can be a little bit more. You may also like proteins who regarded as a small wellness out positively affects your health from the inside, because these properties, protein is said to also. Protein makes beautiful, gives strength and energy. Many that is not known about an also supporting daily intake of protein affect the beauty of skin, hair and nails influence takes. Thus protein should be seen also as a small wellness from the inside, it also promotes the growth of cells and the regeneration of the skin.

Who believed, however, that this is all that has is something wrong, because protein is also a positive influence on the fat burning said. Protein is fed up and boosts fat burning on and that in his sleep. Abandon carbohydrates in the evening and eat instead of protein foods healthy fats and vegetables, the success will be not long in coming. Protein-rich foods are, for example, butter milk, cheese, yoghurt or Quark. Find excellent sources of protein in chicken breast, Turkey Breast, lamb, beef, fish, shrimp and nuts.

Anyone wishing to take his daily dose of protein without the most in the food components such as carbohydrates or FAT to, you can install with also a tasty protein shake in his daily diet. These not only very tasty taste and are available in a variety of flavours, protein shakes offer highly concentrated protein with up to at least 1% of carbohydrates and fat. The correct selection of the protein is important, please read here. Jens F. Kress

Escapade Cretaceous

“Escapade Cretaceous period”: two nights including breakfast, chalk wrap, admission to the Museum of chalk, as well as free use of bathing facilities JASMAR Spa with spacious sauna landscape? bookable from 120 Euro per person. “Wellness holiday with children that his offer of the JASMAR RESORT RuGEN specifically appeals to families, is evident in all areas: the accommodation for the children, to children under seven years old in the room of the parents free stay, about the leisure to child care in the Villa Kinderbunt”. Now offering for children was also extended to the wellness area: while to parents from head to toe, the little ones enjoy child-friendly massage, for example, with chocolate, or small beauty treatments. And after the Spa visit been together: in the 1,000-square-meter Spa JASMAR Spa with 80-meter giant slide and many other highlights. Information and bookings: Jasmar RESORT RuGEN Neddesitz, 18551 Sagard/Rugen, Tel.

+ 49 (0) 38302 95, fax + 49 (0) 38302 96620, E-Mail:, press contact: Oldenburg communication, Steinhoft 5-7, 20459 Hamburg, Tel. + 49 (0) 40 881 41 59 94, fax + 49 (0) 40 881 41 59 81,, JASMAR RESORT RuGEN the Green Jasmund National Park with the famous chalk cliffs is located right on the doorstep and the beach is only ten minutes by car. The resort feels like a small resort: an old farmhouse with beautiful suites, a modern feel-good hotel and a spacious holiday home complex. This shop, hairdressers, restaurants, bistro, bar the heart of the resort is the JASMAR THERME. The centrally located bath landscape offers plenty of fun and interested.

With the giant slide, indoor and outdoor pools, with A separate children’s pool, Sauna Park, gym and flow channel is the ransom on an area of over 1,000 square meters. And also because of the numerous sports and leisure attractions, ideal place for families, active holidaymakers, but also nature lovers book their holiday in the largest resort on the island. Small guests are in the children’s land around the Villa Kunterbunt”welcome. Standard price per night: Dr/B from 100.