Benefits of Regular Exercise

Regular exercise gives strength and slows the aging process. Thirty minutes three times a week – it's small price to pay for the enormous benefits of regular workouts at the gym. Counting the pulse rate during training on simulators pulse rate increases, and this used as a parameter to determine the required intensity of your workout. The initial level of fitness is important to develop individual exercise programs. If you are a beginner, you can achieve good results with a pulse rate of 110-120 beats per minute. If you are in good physical shape, you need a higher level.

10 minutes after the beginning of training, measure your pulse. This so-called "pulse loading" or "stress pulse. " During the first classes at the gym pulse rate should be around 65 – 70% of the maximum age of pulse. Maximum age pulse (MEP) can be calculated using the formula: 220 minus your age. Maybe it's seems too easy, and you want to increase the intensity of the workout, but better to stick to traditional methods. With good physical training heart rate can be up to 80% of the maximum age pulse. You should not overwork in order to achieve the values given in the tables.

It is better that you've achieved these results in a natural way, doing its own agenda. Remember that the control pulse znacheniechastoty – It is only a recommendation, not the rule, and minor deviations in either direction are permissible. Two comments: 1) Do not worry about changing the pulse rate every day. It can be caused by pressure changes, 2) value heart rate – this guide, do not become its slave. Important! Starting a training session at the gym, keep it up to the end. You should not stop halfway, and then continue training with the stopping time without warming up. The respite is needed among law enforcement training. The duration for each individual – it will mostly depend on your fitness level and the program you have chosen. Rest between exercises, but the rest should not exceed two minutes. Most leisure enough one-half to one minute.

Public Holidays: Midsummer

Also this holiday is known as midsummer. Since the days of pagan Russia, this popular pagan holiday celebrated throughout the Ancient Rus (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine), as well as in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. Ivan Kupala is on the night of the summer solstice, the shortest night of the year – June 24. Of particular importance is Midsummer in Latvia. In Latvia, this festival is very popular now.

This pagan holiday even more popular than Christmas. Here at holiday its name – 'Midsummer Day' or 'Midsummer'. "Midsummer Day" – a public holiday – June 23-24, the whole country on weekends. 'Midsummer Day' residents as well as a few centuries ago, is celebrated in the countryside – all night until morning. Its title celebration obtained by combining pre-Christian Slavic festival dedicated to the god Kupala (Kupala, or swimming – Slavic god of fertility) and the day of John the Baptist (John = John).

In Russia, people believed that on the night of Ivan Kupala inhabitants abound took on the maximum power, and his black undertaken a riotous feast. It was believed that on this night, an evil spirit could enslave the mind and take his sleeping body. On this night, it was impossible to find a sleeper – Organization of holidays affect the entire village! But even sober, and many wore amulets with them – loyal defenders of evil spirits. Just the night of Ivana Kupala categorically forbidden to enter the rivers and streams as well as receiving maximum force, Water struggled to drown anyone who dared disturb his water kingdom. In a festive night big fires were burning everywhere, around which the dance is walked, and the most courageous young men and women jump through them. It was believed that the hopping over the fire above all, the whole buduyuschy year will be luckier than others. However, the main force of fire that night was purged from the disease, and spells. Very sick peasants burned their clothes, as with it should have been burned and disease. Sometimes the peasants chased their animals through the fires of thinking that the fire defender of animals against plague. Boys and girls love to play the 'burner', which 'deals with love' guys caught playing girls. On the other hand, in the daytime, light forces also took on his power. People believed that on this day gets huge natural healing properties: water washes damage, charged the sun divine power, herbs healed wounds. Particularly medicinal herbs were considered, which were collected in the early morning, as they soaked Midsummer dew. They are used for omens, they struggled with wickedness, fumigated patients to banish illness. These herbs are just throwing fire during a thunderstorm to take a lightning strike from his home. Utmost importance on the night of Ivan Kupala's got a fern. People believed that only once a year, on this night, he bloomed, and only a few seconds. With this flower in his hand could be seen any treasure, no matter how deep he was buried. Ivan Kupala is revered in Russia – to celebrate the whole country and every village residents across the country participated in the rites and traditions of this holiday.

Spoiling The Death

Damaging to death is one of the strongest magic of actions aimed at destroying the magic of his enemy, or who in the opinion of the person, suggestive damage to his death, he was a hindrance. Difficult to talk about moral principles the person doing the damage to death, as well as discuss any other magical act aimed at creating problems to your neighbor, but this happens in a magical practice. Spoiling for death is an expression of the evil, negativity, anger, all the negative emotions that have accumulated in the one who did damage to his death. But not negative emotions and create damage to death, and targeted a magical effect that has certain characteristics and consequences. Go to one of these signs include a total and permanent bad luck getting people into trouble. People say "about attracts trouble." Yes, that can be said about unlucky person, but if these cases end in injury if a person is often enough and not on their own is on the verge of death, we can assume the presence of damage to death.

Another important sign of damage to their death can be spontaneous emergence of serious diseases that are not diagnosed or treated by modern medicine. Man begins to fade in his eyes and nothing can help him. There is also a list of signs of damage to their death can be attributed the absolute apathy of human reluctance to live and fight. He becomes indifferent to his loved ones, family and work. He often seek to be alone, thinking about something. Seeing these characters can speak, or that a person serious psychological problems, or he was subjected to such influence as the damage to his death.

Certainly, signs of damage to his death should motivate you to make to help the person to explain what is happening. Having diagnosed damage you can strengthen or refute their hypothesis. But it's important not to forget that the damage to his death, in addition to a magical component, has also a psychological one. Take care of the person, apply all efforts so that he was easier, and then you can find a way out of this situation.


Lily – a truly royal and noble flower. Special meaning for a long time given the white lilies. A white lily is known from time immemorial, and in the Christian religion, it is considered a symbol of purity and nobility. That it often occurs on the canvases of painters early Middle Ages and the Renaissance. These royal flowers known to people for three millennia, but their place of origin is still not determined. Long since Lilies grown not only for decorative but also for medicinal purposes, these fragrant flowers made scented ointments, oils, spices and liqueurs. But there are not only white lilies, today there are a great variety of colors. In a rich palette of colors not just blue and purple colors, and the most common species are all orange and red hues.

Lilies that are part of the bouquet, Ikebana, or flower arrangement, look very romantic. Almost all of these wonderful smells, and if you caught the flowers is such fragrant varieties, Sami feel their persistent, sensual fragrance that becomes more pronounced in the evening, at sunset. The most fragrant Oriental lilies are considered, Asian and varieties that are magical, intoxicating smell. In drawing up the bouquets and arrangements of them, it should be borne in mind that the strong smell is not subsequently caused someone's headache or nausea. If you plan to put your floral creation lilies in an unventilated room, choose colors that do not have a persistent odor, or a combination of a small number of other colors that do no harm.