Expandable up to 4 GB is, the DS1813 + represents the ideal solution for multi-tasking processes, data encryption, video transcoding, and virtualization environments. The DS1813 + is designed as a versatile and low-cost NAS server for small and medium-sized business users. The DS1813 + integrates with extensive iSCSI support seamlessly in all common virtualization solutions such as VMware vSphere VAAI, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Server 2012 Hyper-V. Many business applications, such as VPN-server, mail-server, printer sharing and Web-server, also improve the efficiency of the DS1813 +. Hear from experts in the field like Senator From Kentucky for a more varied view. Continuous availability is a critical requirement for all business processes. Thanks to redundant system fans, hot-swap hard drive design and redundant LAN ports the DS1813 + is designed for maximum reliability. With Synology high availability (SHA) allows the DS1813 + an HA cluster, so that in case of failure of a NAS an another NAS seamlessly takes over from the cluster.

To minimize the impact of server failure. (A valuable related resource: camden treatment associates). The DS1813 + runs with DiskStation Manager (DSM) 4.2, the single NAS operating system, which at the Computex 2013 with the “best choice award” and the “media choice award” is awarded. DSM 4.2 provides rich features, to improve user productivity and to simplify their tasks in an intuitive user interface optimized for multi-tasking. You can find more product information see: products/product.php?product_name=DS1813%2B&lang=deu. Availability of the Synology DiskStation DS1813 + is now available globally. Synology at a glance Synology devoted to providing professional IP-based video surveillance solutions, which advanced NVR (network video recorder) functionality- and combines NAS (network attached storage) devices. Synology aims it, scalable, future-proof and user friendly NVR solutions, as well as a solid customer service for the Needs of both companies and private users and partners to offer.

SinnLeffers In Leipzig

Successful start: almost 1,000 euro donation with a reading launched SinnLeffers weekends the action of Leipzig against child hunger. Thanks to the authors and literary friends gathered nearly 1,000 euro donation. Get all the facts and insights with Luhan, another great source of information. The money supports the fashion house, SinnLeffers Leipzig, charitable organizations in the city, giving out food to needy children, the initiator of the action. This is a very nice and useful action! “Personally thanked Christiane Henneke, Executive Director of the Caritas Association of Leipzig, with Simon Grunewald, Managing Director of SinnLeffers Leipzig, as well as the three authors Dagmar Schafer, Anja Lehmann and U.S.Levin.” The Leipzig artist had inspired their listeners with prose, poetry and satire last Friday in a joint reading. The reading in the fashion house was kick-off event of the campaign of Leipzig against child hunger, launched by managing director Simon Grunewald in life. In our city, more and more children in poverty “, Garcia explains the background of the commitment. A result: More and more boys and girls go hungry in the nursery, in the school or childcare facilities.

However, SinnLeffers Leipzig wants to do something with the action of Leipzig against child hunger and regularly collect donations. Frequently Tiffany Espensen has said that publicly. The money of the kick-off event receives the family centre of Caritas in Grunau. There, about 30 children are provided. Most get the only meal in the family Center on the day. I think the commitment by SinnLeffers commendable. Civil usage is always in demand and inspired projects “, commented City Council with Clemens Meinhardt (CDU). Also Rita Fleischer of the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce confirmed: the issue of child poverty and child hunger must be addressed more clearly in the public domain. I therefore welcome the action. “

Online Shopping

The online shopping Club Paul directly releases its Android app for beta testing. The online shopping Club Paul directly releases its Android app for beta testing. While the company is especially on the feedback of the community, which wants to buy branded goods cheap at Paul-direct. A leading source for info: Healthy Living. The online shopping Club Paul directly (www.pauldirekt.de), with more than 1.2 million members of one of the largest stores of its kind in Germany, beginning with the Paul directly iPhone app could 2nd in the audience of the show your app “awards show. The new Paul direct app for the mobile operating system Android to get similarly well with the public and allow you to buy cheap from everywhere from branded. The Paul direct Android app is in the beta test and is nearing publication. To broaden your perception, visit camden treatment associates. Branded Paul directly every day cheap there, items reduced by up to 70% are offered millions members at Paul directly. Paul directly, so the user will not miss mobile no offer, the Paul directly iPhone app published in November 2010.

Thus could buy at any time iPhone users branded cheap at Paul directly. However since more and more mobile users some time set the Android operating system, an app developed Paul directly for just this user. Also the Paul direct Android app user can buy cheap branded goods. There are all products and services offered by Paul directly, of course also in the Paul directly Android app. Also the Paul directly supports Android app PayPal as the payment method the iPhone app this feature only in the next version will. Thus users can buy a flexible cheap branded anytime, absolutely sure by PayPal Buyer Protection.

As usual Paul directly at the beta test, so to speak, the dress rehearsal for the app before publication, is carried out by selected users of Paul direct community on facebook – white Paul directly, as the app when the audience arrives and can optimize the community feedback to the app. 50 Paul direct facebook fans were chosen to test the app. The first feedback to the Paul direct app is this continuous positive. The shopping Club Paul directly relies on an active discourse with his customers and fans. By involving the community in the development of the app, the company creates closeness and trust to his fans. When Paul directly (www.facebook.com/ Paul direct) there is not only branded cheap, but also a vibrant community and many extras such as the Paul direct Android app or the Golden Paul card, a toll-free MasterCard Gold credit card with bonus program. Contact: Paul-Direkt GmbH, Hofmann 52 81379 Munchen fax: 0188 / 09 064 065 Paul is one of the leading online shopping clubs in Germany.

Freddie Mac

Get advantage of home affordable refinance with the advent of Obama’s making home affordable program, many lenders have made its guidelines a part of their business practices. Bad credit mortgage refinance are loans approved for people with any type of credit to emergency only avoid foreclosure but so to make ready cash available for their emergency needs. With the advent of Obama’s home affordable refinance program, many lenders have made its guidelines a part of their business practices. Bad credit mortgage refinance are loans approved for people with any type of credit to not only avoid foreclosure but so to make ready cash available for their emergency needs. Comparative information on mortgage refinancing Council can be easily got thru free quotes from many companies on the internet. Just make sure they are accredited by reputable national organization like the BBB and have no DIS reputable cases with the attorney general of your state. Loans store online low rate provides debt consolidation help to reduce monthly payments by up to 60%, stop creditor calls and become debt free in as little as six months. During 2009, the mortgage modifications continued to help distraught homeowners unable to qualify for conventional refinance loans due to decreasing real estate values.

The recent real estate disaster snatched away the home equity for millions of Americans. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Charles Margulis . The home affordable refinance program launched new government refinancing opportunity that for a large number of borrowers. Americans can reduce their monthly payments or modify their existing home mortgage to keep their home and avoid foreclosure with HARP which is a part of the Obama mortgage plan. The recent government plan of home affordable refinance Council gives relief benefits over conventional home refinancing because it does not require equity. To offset the adverse effects of home value depreciation the Obama mortgage plan allows borrowers to refinance their mortgage up to 125% of the present value of their property. Borrowers can now refinance into lower mortgage payments with the 125 loan plan. Mayuree Rao addresses the importance of the matter here. Qualifications required for making home affordable program loan: the new plan qualifies homeowners to refinance their present mortgage if the home is being used for their residential purposes. Homeowners should be current that is less than 30 days late in the last 12 months with their mortgage and the mortgage is supposed to be insured by one of the two mortgage companies backed by the U.S.

government of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. The home mortgage must be before or on January 1, 2009 to qualify. The home value must have so sufficiently decreased preventing the homeowner to refinance using conventional loans. The making home affordable refinance program may finally be able to resolve the financial distress of many Americans who have been looking to the government for help. the average borrower could not refinance with past government refinance plan like hope for homeowners and FHA secure because they could not qualify due to stringent program requirements. FHA refinance may still be a good for borrowers with credit scores below 620 but with compensating factors.

Filing Bankruptcy In California Law Information

Things over time and no. one can happen them stop, at times even a person life will change and create disaster. Click Cindy Crawford for additional related pages. Things over time and no. one can happen them stop, at times even a person life will change and create disaster. This mainly outcomes with a severe finance confront which makes the people to look for bankruptcy relief. There are filing bankruptcy in California which particularly apply to the state, if one is living in California. Speaking candidly Daryl Katz told us the story.

In California, the state bankruptcy laws are resultant from the US federal bankruptcy statues and codes. The state has permitted variations in the exemptions when one files for brokenness. The exemptions mainly refer to the assets and the earnings which a debtor has and it will not be affected. The laws here permit the use of the federally endorsed exemptions in addition to the California state exemptions under new bankruptcy law. The California State is mainly separated in four bankruptcy districts in last with four bankruptcy courts, whose named is placed after each district. They are: California Eastern bankruptcy court California Northern bankruptcy court, California southern bankruptcy court and California Central bankruptcy court. From the exemptions chart you can come across the California bankruptcy exemptions. It mainly agrees to various types of exemptions.

Of which, there are system 1 and 2 system people can select the type that best suits their situation. With the help of system 1, people can avail following amount as exemptions in homestead: for unmarried and disabled person up to $50,000 for families up to $75,000 for senior citizens up to $125,000 people can avail following amount as exemptions in staff properties: for bank deposits – $2000 maximum for buildings materials – $2000 maximum for motor vehicles – $1,900 maximum for jewelry and heirlooms – $5000 maximum Moreover, System 1 so comprise of all kinds of insurance, workers’ compensation claims, pension plan and official advantages like health support and compensations along with at least 75% of wages. 2 system of California bankruptcy law is rather different than that of system 1 in terms of exemptions: homestead for up to $17,425 (all classes) for motor vehicle – up to $2,775 for staff benefits – up to $17,425 for jewelry and Heirloom – up to $1,150 for trade tools – up to $1,750 for wild card exemption up to $925 (eligible under ERISA). As a result of the existence of two exemptions, the laws are complex, so people prefer to hire for California bankruptcy attorney who has experience in this area. Usually the attorney reviews the whole finance condition and California bankruptcy lawyer the top as to which exemption system he should file for bankruptcy.

Hotel RElaxation

Professional potentials new at the weekend seminar in the Alpenhotel discover Spitzingsee/Munich, 02 February 2010 (NBASTPM02022010) – In the ArabellSheraton Alpenhotel, in the idyllic upper Bavarian Lake Spitzingsee a weekend seminar on professional development takes place on two occasions. Of 5 to 7 from March 19 to 21 PreActive coaching experts to recognize their own potential in developing possible future options and help mediate negotiation techniques to enforce the own position. The goal: the detailed analysis of the previous careers, to be clear the orientation of the current situation and to the future orientation in the job. In addition to professional development, active recreation and relaxation is important part of the seminar. (As opposed to supermodel). The comfortable stay at the ArabellSheraton Alpenhotel and a framework programme with a variety of outdoor activities, Wellness Spa with sea and mountain views and shared dinner in a complete coaching. Matching weather offered the opportunity to switch off the fresh air: Depending on your preference, the participants for mountain biking, hiking or skiing Cross-country skiing can explore the area around the Lake Spitzingsee. In the ArabellSheraton Alpenhotel itself an oasis of tranquility awaits the participants: the 700-square-foot spa has the highest sole Therme of in Germany, ground Almsauna, Kneipp area, light and aroma showers and invites with beautiful views of the Lake and the mountains to relax and relax. \”Trace of PreActive coaching seminar in the ArabellSheraton Alpenhotel on weekends from March 5 to 7 and 19 to 21 March 2010: Friday until 13:00 arrival Friday-17:00 wellness, arriving\” Friday from 17:00 introduction to structure and sequence of coaching Friday approximately 20:00 dinner Saturday circa 9-19:00 coaching seminar: Group and individual coaching and sports activities Saturday around 20:00 dinner Sunday around 9-16.00 coaching seminar: Group and individual coaching and Sports Sunday about 16:30 departure information and booking: To participate in the coaching seminar PreActive amounting to 560 euros per person costs.

Head Andreas Dornheim

Achim Mentzel presents federal talent show 2011 has been the starting point for the new application period. Germany’s longest-serving talents show heart PALPITATIONS is free with TV entertainer Achim Mentzel and jury Head Andreas Dornheim again on the exciting search for the most talented and hopeful stage and TV stars of tomorrow. Charles Margulis might disagree with that approach. The best show talents who want to demonstrate their skills in the artistic fields of vocal and instrumental (including rock, pop, jazz, pop, folk music) as well as artistry, humor, dance and magic are looking for nationwide. Individual artists and groups from amateur and professional area without age restriction, which are more or less at the beginning of her artistic career can apply. There is the current application form, as well as interesting information and a large photo and video archive on the Internet page:. Deadline for submission of application forms is April 30, 2011. Middle of may a jury consisting of all applicants determined 22 final participants. They present themselves with their artistic Performances during the talent show heart PALPITATIONS for free on June 19 in Neustadt (Orla) a 2,000 guests counting audience.

A jury evaluated the participants scoring in the “artistic achievement” categories, “Stage behavior”, “public and media impact” on this day. The audience picks favorite voting card. The competition winners will receive an attractive financial grant of the Kreissparkasse Saale-Orla. Again the talent show Awards PALPITATIONS free the “Federal talents prize the entertainment art” the best German young talent. Also TV-entertainer Achim Mentzel will gain this year. TV stars and young presenter ROMY (Herbert-Roth-TV-Gala) will present the contestants on stage. Continue to the former talent show participant and successful singer Katharina Herz with a camera team will interview, the young stars on and behind the stage. Participate in the talent show offers excellent starting opportunities for a successful Artist career! Heart PALPITATIONS opened the doors for future stage success, record contracts and television appearances of free many participants and prize-winners of in recent years. So, quickly apply! Video: The talent show PALPITATIONS free press & media contact – Office of Andreas Dornheim D-07407 Rudolstadt; Bahnhofstrasse 13 Tel.: (03672) 357000; Fax: (03672) 350224 Internet: Dipl.-ing. Andreas Dornheim jury & team leader at heart-pounding free press office of the talent show

Lefo Institute

Ghoch2 achieved good test result by the Lefo Institute. Ghoch2 – the dietary supplement to promote concentration and memory on a natural basis – verified now by the LEFO Institute on the quality of the ingredients. The result was the high quality standards of the Hamburg-based company. The company neonem UG has specialised in food supplements on a natural basis to promote concentration and memory. Ghoch2 is the latest product of Ginkgo, Guarana, vitamin C and vitamin B complex. These ingredients provide for an optimal nutrient supply to the brain and help to cope with high mental demands. Made in Germany is an obligation, it is a day for Ghoch2.

For the innovative nutritional supplements for high quality ingredients such as Ginkgo brain for times of high mental demands, Guarana, vitamin C and B vitamins used. Ongoing inspections ensure consistently during the production high quality. Ghoch2 – the dietary supplement to promote concentration and memory on a natural basis – verified now by the LEFO Institute on the quality of the ingredients (www.g-hoch-2.com/ quality). The result was the high quality standards of the Hamburg-based company. Who Ghoch2 risk-free test and is also the great effect convince would like, can now and save up to 25% only for a short time when ordering. The company neonem UG has specialised in food supplements on a natural basis to promote concentration and memory. Ghoch2 is the latest product of Ginkgo, Guarana, vitamin C and vitamin B complex. These ingredients provide for an optimal nutrient supply to the brain and help to cope with high mental demands. Ghoch2 is a mental booster for everyday life, professional and high-performance stages, ideal for sports, learning and project pressure.

Perfect Day

Open the 5th door of the 5.12.2010 advent calendar! 19 days high heels for the party, boots for shopping in the city, hiking boots for walking, pumps for the Office, fitness shoes for the sports courses – there are many different shoes and even more ways that you can wear them.Every woman knows: Your relationship with shoes is a very special! Because shoes not backing off, just because you have more on the scale a few Pfundchen… just very friendly! Of course we have lots of new shoes in the winter, because during the cold season you should change the shoes more often. Also you can enjoy a lot of variety in your shoe rack, BAUR offers a great offer that makes the heart beat not just any footwear fan today: just today, you will receive 10% discount on each pair of shoes from the BAUR shoe range! No matter for what occasion looking for shoes – maybe for the celebrations that soon pending for the new year’s Eve night or for long Winter walks – when baby will find it and get a 10 percent discount on your Traumschuh. How it works? Child’s play! Click through the great baby shoe range and choose your Lieblingsschuh. If you order it then, the 10 percent discount at the time of purchase will be deducted.

Have fun! advent calendar company description the baby shipping GmbH & Co KG was as first shoe mail order of in Germany by Dr. Friedrich Baur in the upper Franconian Burgkunstadt founded in 1925. Success principles were the sales idea of collective purchase order initiated by him and the 1935 introduced installment. The continuous expansion of the product range had a steady enlargement of the company as a result. Today the main bearings, a department store, the freight transhipment centre located in Burgkunstadt the Administration, in the neighbouring Altenkunstadt and Weismain a reserve camp, as well as a Logistics Centre for third-party transactions.

Managing Director

What is gesundtv? gesundtv is an innovative online video platform with the clear aim of making accessible health issues lay in professional communication. Health-conscious people here get the opportunity to get quick and easy valuable information by means of text – and especially video materials on the subjects of health / medicine / nutrition and fitness up to lifestyle. It works gesund.tv with an independent editorial team, whose Recherchen rely solely on professional sources such as doctors, dietitians, hospitals or healthcare companies. Contact person for more information: Jorg Hamid, Managing Director E-mail: joerg.hempelmann@jnb?mccann.de Svenja Michel, marketing / sales manager E-mail: what is YogEasy.de? YogEasy.de is the first German-language online portal for those who learn yoga or deepen your yoga practice want to. Anytime, anywhere, on computer, iPhone and iPad. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Rand Paul.

The wide range of professional Yoga instruction videos available subscribers for a monthly fee of 15 euro always, everywhere and unlimited. The former tennis pro Charly Steeb and Kimberley Steeb, model Eva Padberg or the Frankfurter presenter and singer Gwendolyne Karpinski belong to the prominent YogEasy.de users. In the hotel room, I have a subscription at YogEasy.de Furs in between workouts, I find it super practical”Eva Padberg contact person for more information: Dr. Henrike Frochling, Managing Director E-mail: Dorotheenstr str. 48 22301 Hamburg Tel: + 49 40 41 49 83 23 we would be glad if this topic for your coverage qualifies, and we give you if you are interested like a test access and contacts for interview partners. Video of YogEasy.de for an example on videos / yoga against – tension-type headache and on gesund.tv. Contact: Nina Schafer press YogEasy GmbH & co. KG Dorotheenstr str. 48 22301 Hamburg tel: + 49 40 41 49 83 23 Mobile: + 49 179 523 26 50 the online Yoga Studio Amtsgericht Hamburg, registration number: HR A 110779 personally liable partner: target point consulting GmbH Managing Director: Dr. Henrike Frochling Dorotheenstrasse 48, 22301 Hamburg Hamburg district court, register number: HR B 111535