Fashionable Haircut

What do you think, how to begin a beautiful, fashionable haircut? Many will say, with the washing of the head, and they will be right only in part. The most important thing in keeping hair beautiful, shiny and alive – to provide adequate care for Hair: choose the right shampoo, conditioner and rinse, which would be ideally suited to your hair. It is important to note: all hair care products should be one line, one firm, it will allow you to achieve maximum effect in the care of hair. For example, if your shampoo firm's 'Such a' then and balm, and air conditioning must be of the same company, or any positive effect will not be. If you are unable to pay its hair enough time to buy a double shampoo "two in one." It is very convenient in-one package also contains a shampoo, conditioner and. If you have a soft, fine hair, use shampoos that include such substances such as keratin, proteins, herbal extracts (usually indicated on the package) – they will give your hair stiffness, elasticity and volume. With oily hair well to wash the hair with special shampoo with the addition of protivobakterialynyh constituents of herbal extracts – it normalizes the process zhirovydeleniya hair.

Great effect to give a special hair styling Hair mousses and varnishes. For dry, brittle hair with shampoo buy lanolin is lecithin. If the label of your shampoo is the word "concentrated" and can not be applied directly to the hair: scalp starts to flake off, there is a slight itching and general malaise.

Protein Molecules

protein molecules – the main chemical material of the complex man. These proteins are composed of only 20 amino acids. Cells rights and any and all other living creatures contain genetic material in the form of DNA macromolecules with the same genetic code. The difference is that in the course of evolution through the accumulation of DNA information lengthened. Many genes amoeba and human are very similar. The memory of the biological roots of man is manifested in the rudiments. 4,5 Thus, the person being biological. At the time Plato called it “a two-legged animal without feathers.

” The man really has no feathers, and has two legs, but in this definition is overlooked important – namely, the essence of man, and as aptly B. Pascal: “Man does not lose his humanity, losing two legs, and cock does not acquire human qualities when losing feathers. ” Later, Aristotle called man a social animal, possessing intelligence. After him, most of the great thinkers have come to the conclusion that the most important feature which distinguishes man from beast, is that it is a social being, or social. Children of Men after birth – not the most adapted to the life of all living beings and it grows out of man only at home, in a society where it is taught to live, give him knowledge about the world, form the ability to work. 6 Indeed, man appears as a phenomenon, which is kind of a combination of biological and accumulates social influence.

Ear Care

Maintenance and care. Ears: the Canadian Sphynx huge ears and dirty they are faster than other cats. Ears cleaned 1 time a week 1-1,5 cotton swab. (It is easier to use sticks for babies, they are thicker). Ear, deeply clean the impossible! Otherwise it may be trauma, leading to otitis media. You can buy a specialized tool for cleaning ears. Claws: If your cat is found at home, it should be regularly cut their claws. Recommendations: gently press down on the foot kitten.

Using sharp tweezers, or gelyatinku, cut the tip of the transparent, but be careful not to zadente sensitive site (it looks dark, maybe pink). If you doubt the reliability of shear is less than a mistake and cut more. Each novice cat owner worried about the problem associated with damage furniture. To avoid this, together with a kitten get kogtetochku (it can be wall or in the form of columns). After all, your kitty, clawing your favorite sofa, just tidies his claws. Seeing that the cat wants to sharpen claws, ask him to do it in a special place. And the younger will be your kitty, it will be easier to teach her to use stand for the point of the claws. To kogtetochka was more attractive to a kitten can drip a few drops of valerian.

Meals: With regard to food, sphinxes, as a rule, are omnivorous and have a great appetite. Differ enviable picky food, and therefore need to ensure that the Sphinx would have been a balanced diet and not too greasy foods. Eating sphinxes almost like a dog, grabbing and swallowing pieces of food almost without chewing. Feed such cats should be fed only the highest quality. Can be canned goods, dry food, but preferably all the same natural food (boiled or tushonoy). In the food should be a mandatory blend of animal and vegetable proteins. A Also do not forget to treat a small number of goodies (depending on the preferences of the cat), since these cats are uncommon, even in food. They may like raw cucumbers, grapes, melons and even chocolate. Bathing: Bathing is a procedure which is rarely like cats, and many owners believe that cats should bathe only when they are hopelessly soiled. However, experts recommend washing your pets at least once a month. And in order to ensure Kisa was no stress begin to teach her to bathe with 1.5 months every 2 weeks. Sphinxes quickly become accustomed to this procedure and often ask themselves in order to buy them. I would also like to emphasize one of the major advantages of the breed – these cats may include people who suffer from allergies to wool or unable to care for a long Persian coat.


Perhaps none of the animals in the wild, does not cause a person of such positive emotions, which causes the protein. It is one thing – a cat or dog, which have become commonplace in urban apartments and private homes, and quite Other – furry forest creature, still remembered by Pushkin's fairy tale magic ability to sing songs and nibble peanuts. And not just a pet, even if living with you in the same room, will be boldly and demanded to take even food right out of the hands of the owner. Proteins in the nature of the residents of many Russian cities proteins known to walks in local parks. And there is no greater joy for the kids than spotted somewhere in the branches of pine trees beloved Fluffy caudate, long compressible lure in a small palm nuts, and watch as a creature with gratitude the hospitality. Proteins are friendly, curious and very beautiful. And, perhaps, these qualities have wonderful rodents national favorites.

Tamed proteins absolutely not afraid of people, and, most importantly, offered a meal they will take in any amount: thrifty protein extracted edible hiding values in different forest and park alleys, sung by many writers, naturalists. And some scientists believe that this is the thrift, coupled with not the best memory contributes to the survival of green plants, because proteins often carry the seeds and Nuts to an impressive distance. Sometimes they can not find the hidden, and in spring the fruit trees and shrubs grow in the new location.