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Away by looking we time what comes basically, going to the ICH know what ich wants tactics girls have better grades than boys, students make better degrees than their male colleagues, women’s representative in the cut and mentors strive for years to coach women at the top. And yet still the “topless” motto in the boardrooms of most companies. The economic elite remains dominated by the y chromosome. Why is it that the majority of women in the Germany of the 21st century is still absence, when it comes to career and financial success? The prerequisites that women fill the employment gap, are as good as ever, because they have greatly improved their qualifications in the past decades and long since overtaken the men in some areas. In many European countries, they already represent the majority of graduates. On the labour market is of but little more.

This contradiction has recognized the European Community and now wants raise the female employment rate to a level of 70 percent by 2020. Also the World Economic Forum warned companies, to the female potential better and make them usable to the economy. This message has already arrived at many companies, and they have the theme of promotion of women”on their agenda set. In numerous conversations we have had in recent months with companies, it becomes clear that companies the problem of lack of female executives are well aware”, says Melanie Vogel, initiator of the women & work, first nationwide fair Congress for the careers of female executives, who on May 14, 2011 for the first time held in Bonn takes. They use the trade fair Congress women & work to recruit women specifically, because they want to increase the proportion of women in their companies and offer very exciting career opportunities for women.” The glass ceiling – truth or Mar? It is all the more surprising that women in leadership positions so are under-represented.

Benny Auer Training

Afterwards was Prof. Dr. Thomas Wessinghage, Vice President of the DHfPG and Chief of the medical Park hospitals, one brief insight into the history of the BSA-Akademie. Because 2013 are celebrating several anniversaries: 30 years of BSA-Akademie, 11 years dual course of study in the fitness and health market, as well as 5 years State-recognized University, Germany. Even fitness icon Arnold Schwarzenegger to this special success story was congratulated via video message. Schwarzenegger, who had been discovered by BSA founder Albert Busek, met the participants of the first BSA course in Munich 1983. Then followed the honors of best and best thesis of the year of studies WS 2009, SS 2010, 2010 WS and SS 2011. Also the students that 2013 had been awarded with a grant from Germany for special achievements or her social commitment, were officially honored.

Highlights of the 4,000 students in the German University are on the second day of the Congress also numerous professional athletes. Because the flexible study system comport with distance learning and compact presence phases better with training and competition times as a Full time study with daily attendance mandatory. “Against this background employed the opening lecture succeed themselves, remain successful” the Congress Saturday with the question of how successful it, findings from the elite level in professional life to adopt in order to be successful in the long term or to stay? ” In the subsequent discussion, the sportswoman Christina Obergfoll, including silver medal in Javelin throw at the Olympic Games reported 2012 and new world champion in 2013, as well as the DHfPG graduate Benny Auer, professional footballers and studio owner, about their own experiences with this topic. Like every year, the expert forums were extremely popular on the second day of the Congress the Congress visitors informed about current developments in the industry. In the Forum movement ended it this time to the topic new trends and research findings in fitness training – new audiences through innovative and evidence-based training”.

Federal Institute

so you can increase your motivation in everyday work time and pressure are the cause of increased stress and hectic everyday life increasingly. The thoughts circle’s often just around the daily to do. Overlooking the busy schedule, the motivation falls frequently and the necessary energy remains on track. Through the maelstrom of thoughts, it is hard to turn off most self-employed workers and entrepreneurs and free after work to have the head. You are physically present, but with the head still in the Office. Aiming to achieve more and more effectively to work, many skip lunch or even a vacation.

According to a study by the technician health insurance makes every 4th his lunch break deal fail. Each 2 goes in the lunch break, without to enjoy them in peace. Mrs Andrea Lohmann – Haislah by the Federal Institute for occupational safety and health, revealed that 26% of workers often fall off your break let stress report 2012. This, exactly this decision leads to the opposite result. Apart from the health consequences, affected a missing break the concentration, promotes frustration and negatively affects the atmosphere. Recovery and regeneration are essential for the efficiency, productivity, and motivation in everyday life. Generally, each should choose techniques and methods that fit to your needs and in personal life.

There are short, effective techniques, which reduce the sense of hustle and bustle and increase your motivation despite many dates in everyday work. At the same time you support these exercises to get the head for private free. “1 Exercise: thoughts stop when your thoughts in the circle or you notice unpleasant feelings, make the red stop sign in mind” before. To interrupt the cycle and can consciously alter the situation. Then, you change your thoughts. Do something that brings to mind. Formulate your thoughts positive, motivate themselves or go to fresh air. 2. Exercise: Check Their attitude watching you yourself and reflect the situation. How talk to themselves? I can’t and don’t want to go”or I did this and that today.” What setting you generally represent? Is your glass half full or half empty? Take a different perspective. What is to do, and what opportunities do you have? Think in small steps and focus on the essentials. 3. Exercise: Programme of holiday mode what you associate with holiday? Search items, pictures or tunes that connect with holiday then. In the next step, you integrate these well visible in your everyday life. A plant in the Office, to an image from your last vacation and perhaps a particular song in your car radio CD player. There are no limits to the imagination. With this system increase your motivation and consciously activate your relaxation mode”in the brain, the Parasymaptikus. Motivation and performance require a dynamic strategy. Just so keep your success in the long term. In addition, Anke Lambrecht – the winged way – offers special power packs from mental coaching and physical fitness. Interested get a little insight into the strategies and concrete tips that you can immediately implement Webinar in the free on the 27.05.2013. Here you can register. Anke Lambrecht

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Why is the led learned shop window Designer in the market of the future prevention and health management through numerous part-time training, testing to the healer, the opening of a fitness facility and the development of your own franchise system in the field of weight loss Studio Director Christine Gallo himself to the study of the College. Together with my husband, I am running an own large fitness facility for several years, but still something was missing me long time”, Christine Gallinger remembers. To make their practical knowledge of the activity in the Studio on better legs and to see yourself finally again a challenge to”she chose 2008 studying Bachelor in nutrition” at the German University. The studies liked it so well, that the their fitness facility, the FIT & FUN Budingen, also after her own Bachelor graduation still acted as the training company of the German University. She also has itself to the Winter semester 2011 registered for a master’s degree at the University. Originally Christine Gallinger has learned shop window designer and also very much exercised the profession: still it tingles in your finger, if somewhere something professionally to decorate it in company. At some point I got but strong backaches the physically demanding work as a window dresser. So I decided to seek out a gym with back exercises.

There, I met my future husband Martin owned the Studio. In the Studio, I was packed by the passion to learn more about my body, exercise and diet. I completed all trainer courses and training to the nutritionist at the BSA Academy. One of my life dreams was then still the test to the naturopath, I graduated in 1994. Together with my husband I run a large fitness facility in the Hessian Budingen already for some years, but was something missing long time me, asking me personally even more.