Depression in Infancy

The study it objectified to analyze the question of the depression in the infancy and the importance of a precocious diagnosis. For this an extensive revision on Depression in Infancy was carried through. The infantile depression still needs sufficiently to be argued and to be analyzed, therefore diverse factors exist that can take the child to this state. Genetic, ambient and sociocultural factors exist. Its treatment is made through the psycotherapy and in some cases, farmacolgicos. It is a difficult upheaval of being diagnosised, because many times can be confused with a great sadness or in the case of the child, as good behavior or social retraction and a diagnosised time being precociously can there very be diminished the suffering of the child. Rand Paul recognizes the significance of this. The health professional that to take care of the child will be able to help guiding the family in the cases simplest and to direct for a specific treatment for more serious cases.

Type Start

If it does not worry about this: control its fears with a little of mood. The declaration, such as, ' ' If it does not worry, I do not go to bite it fora' ' , it will be the sufficient to push its curiosity on the edge and to open the door for you. In this point, you it has the period of training of concluded interest. You gave to the girl a reason to want to speak with you and to believe that you are one amused face that is to the side of it. As an added bond, you also it is playing with a mstica aura, it not yet knows where you are wanting to arrive with its game. Now it is hour to change the marches and to start the attraction process, that is mainly made through the use of kino and negging, combined with solid global game. The good notice is that this technique is constructed in both the techniques, therefore offers a perfect base for the remaining portion of its game. After finishing the phase of opening and it to start to give to it hand to it, it removes its distance quickly! This goes catches it of surprise and it she will be confused.

Thus you go to be showing that you are not hipnotizado by its terribly anxious beauty and to only hold its hand, you turn the table on it and demonstrate that you are the type of face that likes if amusing. This goes certainly to get the attention of its girl and to make you to be distinguished. It agitates the hand, smiles says: ' ' Wait there, you washes its hands, certain? You do not have illnesses or nothing? ' ' This is a well humorada negation, and guarantees that you not so frightful skirt when is used this to opener, proving clearly that you are playing with it.

Understanding Suffering

BECAUSE WE SUFFER? If God is just, everything in the life has a cause joust. Not being able God to punish the man for what he did not make or to recognize its mritos on what made in opposition to its laws, if we suffer, certainly has a cause for this. If this cause is not in this life, is in previous lives. The Evangelho According to Espiritismo says in one its lies that ours males are paved in the pride and the egoism; that Jesus is to be followed example. It observes that our planet, that if still finds in the period of training of place of tests and atonements route to a regeneration planet, could be compared with a great school, to a great hospital, where God, the supreme doctor, gives to each one of us the remedies (normally bitter), necessary to our moral improvement. Our failures, our falls, our sufferings, are our better professors. They are the difficult moments that make with that let us look a reason to follow in front. They are who make in fidiciary offices depositaries and must make optimum possible use of the same ones.

Use this always lined up to the divine laws. It observes that our goods are not really ours, our dear beings (parents, children, wife, etc.) much less. Our house, our car, all our corporeal properties. It swims continues with us when in them we undress of the body flesh time. Pain and the suffering are> Is a word alone: Love. The love summarizes everything; Without love it does not have charity. The love of God for us; the brother to the next one.

Who is the next one? Our dear beings? Next they are all; she is the humanity. Love to the next one; everything summarizes in this palavrinha: Love. The faith is the love for God, who we believe that it determines in them. we accept; it is the alive faith; it is the love. One palavrinha so small that he all summarizes the teaching of Christ and the orders of God. Then we go to practise the Love, true Love. Not this vulgar love, deturpado, that today it is transfigurado, changing the direction of this palavrinha so important for the humanity. Love is the feeling that cure, is the door opened for the divine blessing. Love; you always love you. All the love. They are in peace and that Mr. blesses them with much love brothers. Thanks to God.

Protein Molecules

protein molecules – the main chemical material of the complex man. These proteins are composed of only 20 amino acids. Cells rights and any and all other living creatures contain genetic material in the form of DNA macromolecules with the same genetic code. The difference is that in the course of evolution through the accumulation of DNA information lengthened. Many genes amoeba and human are very similar. The memory of the biological roots of man is manifested in the rudiments. 4,5 Thus, the person being biological. At the time Plato called it “a two-legged animal without feathers.

” The man really has no feathers, and has two legs, but in this definition is overlooked important – namely, the essence of man, and as aptly B. Pascal: “Man does not lose his humanity, losing two legs, and cock does not acquire human qualities when losing feathers. ” Later, Aristotle called man a social animal, possessing intelligence. After him, most of the great thinkers have come to the conclusion that the most important feature which distinguishes man from beast, is that it is a social being, or social. Children of Men after birth – not the most adapted to the life of all living beings and it grows out of man only at home, in a society where it is taught to live, give him knowledge about the world, form the ability to work. 6 Indeed, man appears as a phenomenon, which is kind of a combination of biological and accumulates social influence.

Spoiling The Death

Damaging to death is one of the strongest magic of actions aimed at destroying the magic of his enemy, or who in the opinion of the person, suggestive damage to his death, he was a hindrance. Difficult to talk about moral principles the person doing the damage to death, as well as discuss any other magical act aimed at creating problems to your neighbor, but this happens in a magical practice. Spoiling for death is an expression of the evil, negativity, anger, all the negative emotions that have accumulated in the one who did damage to his death. But not negative emotions and create damage to death, and targeted a magical effect that has certain characteristics and consequences. Go to one of these signs include a total and permanent bad luck getting people into trouble. People say "about attracts trouble." Yes, that can be said about unlucky person, but if these cases end in injury if a person is often enough and not on their own is on the verge of death, we can assume the presence of damage to death.

Another important sign of damage to their death can be spontaneous emergence of serious diseases that are not diagnosed or treated by modern medicine. Man begins to fade in his eyes and nothing can help him. There is also a list of signs of damage to their death can be attributed the absolute apathy of human reluctance to live and fight. He becomes indifferent to his loved ones, family and work. He often seek to be alone, thinking about something. Seeing these characters can speak, or that a person serious psychological problems, or he was subjected to such influence as the damage to his death.

Certainly, signs of damage to his death should motivate you to make to help the person to explain what is happening. Having diagnosed damage you can strengthen or refute their hypothesis. But it's important not to forget that the damage to his death, in addition to a magical component, has also a psychological one. Take care of the person, apply all efforts so that he was easier, and then you can find a way out of this situation.