Vision Defects

Consider the most common visual pathology of early childhood. Among the main clinical forms of defects of vision in children, there is predominance of lesions nerve pathways and cortical areas visual analyzer, as well as damage the eye's lens – cataract. Among the various forms predominate congenital cataracts caused by hereditary factors, intrauterine fetal infections. Low vision often developed with various anomalies and diseases of the optic nerve. The most common abnormality of the optic nerve is the result of common diseases, especially central nervous system. One of the most common problems is strabismus.

It is not only a lack of appearance. If strabismus is often disturbed visual perception, binocular vision, namely, that the ability to simultaneously perceive both eyes all the features subject. Distinguish divergent and convergent squint. Amblyopia – a significant difference between the vision of each eye. Myopia – more likely to develop in debilitated children after the age of two. It is most often associated with increased anteroposterior diameter of the eye. Myopia dramatically changes the behavior and even the nature of children.

Children become scattered, stoops when considering the figures, often complain of headaches. Among children in the present time increased dramatically short-sighted. Farsightedness – there are two types: natural, child and the usual far-sightedness. With farsightedness closest point of clear vision has always separated from the retina with normal vision. As the forces of accommodation in part used to install into the distance, then its remaining forces are not sufficient for a clear vision of objects vblizi.Ostrota view.

Network Marketing Network Marketing

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