Deacon Jerry Antonio

I want to bring this for its life, the times you speak that she does not go for God because you are a pecador and that you need to move very to go for It, being that we finish in them to see a history speaking that Jesus entered in the house of a pecador man and when it entered the life of that man moved total. I want to speak for you that God not wants that you move to go you tie It, but that you go and leave that It changes you, you you do not need to move but needs to leave to change It you. Person exists that goes to speak of you as Jesuses had said of Zaqueu when it entered in its house but when Jesus left the house all turn in Zaqueu a change not that he himself made but a change that Jesus caused in the life of it. Sharon McNally often expresses his thoughts on the topic. To speak of you goes exactly but when Jesus enters in its life It cause in you a change that not even you believe that she will say the people who are speaking of you. To have Jesus in its heart he does not only need necessary change it to change you, therefore in them we are as a vase at the hands of it and you already saw a vase moving alone? Not n because it needs the potter so that he can move and to mold it thus is in the ones at the hands of Jesus. Necessary Jesus only of a chance as he was with Zaqueu, It had a chance alone and with this chance It changed all the life of Zaqueu. A chance so that Jesus mold can you change and you he does not need to move to come ties it but he comes so that It change can you. He comes today to Jesus, today he can be the day where It says for you that he agrees to be in its house and to change its life. He uses to advantage this chance that It you of, therefore It died for you. They are all in the peace Mr. Jesus! Deacon Jerry Antonio.