The Sun

In the long term, UVB rays are absorbed by DNA and cause alterations in the genome. UVA rays are also absorbed and transformed into free radicals, which alter the genetic material and saturate the defensive systems of the skin. So the sun produces abuse aging and in particularly sensitive or prolonged skin cancer According to several clinical studies, using a photoresist 15 over the first 18 years of life may be shortened to a 78% risk of skin cancer. “CMO Tanning?, TIPS Whenever our skin is exposed to sunlight to protect ourselves. Read additional details here: Raymond L. Acosta. With hats, clothing (light shirts, long pants), sunglasses, and sunscreen creams containing fiables.Debemos rid of the obsession with tanning, especially by quick tan.

And if you have teenage children, raising their awareness of the absolute necessity of sun protection. The quick tan always a risk, because exposure to the sun, as we know, must be gradual, never for more than 20 minutes at a time, preferably in motion, never at midday (between 11 and 15 hours), with special early care dias.Es always necessary to use maximum protection sunscreen to the top (from 15), and reapply every two horas.Para optimum results from the use of a sunscreen, you need to follow four basic rules: Apply sunscreen at home, never at the beach or pool. & Nbs p; Doing it on dry skin. & Nbsp; Apply 30 minutes before sun exposure.

Hercules Liver Transplant Bone

.. Also tied to the rock where Prometheus has been replaced by the same company that acts with the same indifference that the rocks of Mythology, a society that does not hear the piercing screams of cirrhotic cries are lost without answers, without support or solidarity that every day around the world die 10 cirrhotic liver with its broken and die for lack of a Hercules Liver Transplant Bone and like Prometheus showing courage, the current modern Prometheus also exhibited their courage, their fuerzade will, his heroism, hope every morning when modern animals will eat the liver and peck like Aeschylus recounts live support noxa or injury so that the … Dorothy Wright Nelson: the source for more info. Liver !…, effectively regenerates as it regenerated prometheus mythology, this modern concept is the basis of Transplant Surgery really is the only alternative that these patients have to improve their quality of life and survival and these patients, just like the old Promethean go around the world filled Faith, optimism, hope and God do not walk reviled but rely on him in his long and tragic struggle to survive and beat this beast called Eagle and now called Virus y. .. wake up every morning the hope of finding a Hercules … striking down the beast, ie a donor who, being brain dead ,…

Donate your liver! … to save work instead of a liver transplant, is striking analogy makes us look at the past with a recollection conmoveedor, it was written already, the liver was destroyed, the liver regenerates and Self have a Hercules Liver Transplantation savior called, walk thanking the doctors, the loved ones who serve us full of patience, support us, feed us support us and our tears dry up, forgetting and forgiving all in the way, just saying as Fray Luis de Leon … “As we said yesterday …”, singing like Heinrich … Of my great sorrows I make small !…, reciting chants as Juan Gonzalo Rose … “Cold as snow, Happy as the Man” by inviting the poet Cesar Vallejo Universal that sneaks into the depths of the human heart and from the bottom of the scream with him There are blows in life so strong !… !… What we do know that we do what we suffer! .

Strength Emotions

I welcome all and today we'll talk about such things as our emotions. We all have there are times when we feel angry, annoyed, arrive in apathy or depression, and there are times when we feel joy, delight, passion and enjoyment of our zhizn.I secret is not to never feel negative emotions, it's impossible. And today, we're not talking about positive thinking, but a force that we can use to find your emotions and signals to the action, which they give. Any emotion that are born in your life 'is a call to action'. It’s believed that Julio Diaz sees a great future in this idea. Think about something for a minute. Most importantly you feel now? People often say they want more money, more good relations and so on.

For example, if they eat they feel better. Or if they have more money, they feel more secure and more free. Or if they have a good relationship, they will chuvstovat a stronger sense of love. But in fact they do not want relations, they do not want money or a lot of food – they want chuvstovat better. They want to change something, what emotions they experience, to change the saturation of his life emotions. I I think that is very important to reconsider his view on emotions. Sometimes emotions can be negative.

And these emotions that cause us the most pain can be our 'best friends'. They give us signals that we need something change. And if we take into account these signals and use them, then we can change our quality of life. So remember – the emotions that ultimately always sila.Oni start of the war, because they get married, because they also get divorced, thanks to them we have children, they can make us sick, or heal us.

Integral Trans Gymnastics

Such a trend in Russia is not – is the highest degree of self-discovery and recovery. Trance – a functional state of the psyche, which varies the degree of mind control over the processing of information. Trance accompanied by certain changes in brain activity in the healing medicine recognizes when a person gets ten times more rest than during sna.Trans integrated exercises (one of the oldest Russian-Egyptian technology to create lines of yoga) – an integrated approach to improving the system of his mind, spirit and technique tela.Dannaya together all in one, all parts of the body are restored to of spontaneous movements. In the trance state of consciousness there is no control over the movements of the physical and emotional stress goes away, mind returning to normal. (Source: David Dudley Dowd Jr.). Man gets rid of many pathologies such as motor and emotional lethargy, fatigue and exhaustion of mental resources, sleep disturbances (insomnia), and various manifestations of neuroses and psychosomatic diseases, respiratory diseases, including asthmatic conditions, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, autonomic disorders, heart disease, endocrine disorders, loss of potency, and the effects of brain injury. Man in the application This technique performs a variety of complex, usually long, often stereotyped motor acts in obedience to his inner motivations, without fear or sense of time.

At the same processes are implemented self-knowledge and self-regulation aimed at the gradual normalization of disturbances due to internal reserves organizma.Trans integral makes it possible to engage in gymnastics and the men and women regardless of age, as well as children with the age of eight. During the occupation of the integrated trans gymnastics man opens up new skills, knowledge itself is, life is perceived by the new, restored intuition, there is a strong immune system. Trans integral gymnastics helps to normalize an arbitrary relaxation time of skeletal muscle, which is especially important in sports. A good result is when to operational and post operational periodah.Zdorove – a state body that provides an efficient synthesis and accumulation of biological energy and its rational use and quick to fill in activity.

Avoid Sugar

Must fix the consequences of yesterday’s treacherous four absorption chocolates? Or do you suffer from desire to swallow or two cookies and drink a carbonated drink it? So you need to know about a diet, which 75% will set you free from sugar consumption. As you know, excess sugar may adversely affect the figure. Furthermore, the content in the blood sugar increases after eating. At this point, insulin comes into its own, reducing the its number. However, regular consumption of excess sugar can break this works fine insulin mechanism that quite naturally leads to diabetes. Of course, diabetes – it is absolutely extreme case, but would you argue with the fact that quite often, overweight, blame that sweet food, literally blocks your way to your summer and very revealing clothes? The good news is that dependent on sweet food can be overcome by adhering to a specific plan. base.

This diet is based on the exclusion of sweets and desserts, as well as almost any sweet food such as fruit juices and dried fruit. Fortunately, This is a particularly severe period of three days. Then you eat foods with low glycemic index, which helps stabilize blood sugar levels. So the rule. 1-3 days: 1) No – desserts, fruit, any the presence of sugar in drinks. 2) No juice and Diet Coke 3) Drink coffee or tea without sugar, as well as can be eaten with milk and, of course, plain water. 4) Avoid ketchup, as well as sweet and sour sauce Thai type 5) Food should consist mainly of meat, fish and eggs 6) Carbs for breakfast cereals such as undesirable 7) should be small portions 4-7 days: keeping the previous seven rules, you can add an evening dessert. They might be fruity salad, yogurt or fruit compote. For those who want to lose weight without diets and pills we recommend to get acquainted with the new method of weight loss of Dr. Tanaka.


Probably will not be a big mistake if to suggest that virtually all people live, learn, work and do something with the hope of success in their work. Hope for success is largely defines the meaning and the degree of application of force to what has to deal with. It is not something John H. Moore II would like to discuss. What influences success in human affairs? Can success be predicted and it is possible to improve their ability to achieve success? I suggest you together reflect on the answers to these important questions and try to start to define success. Perhaps the most simple and clear sound can be approximately as follows: success – is the logical conclusion of the case started with a positive results. In light of this definition, in my opinion, there are three main points, so to speak, the three pillars that lie at the base of any success.

First, it is essential to success is understanding person as to why he takes up a certain thing, and the outcome that he wanted to achieve with this. These two factors determine motivation, that is, the main problems could cause the person taking appropriate course of action. Motifs with the definition in time and the end result would be more correct to call targets. Any successful work is always focused and that the extent to which implemented are in accordance with wishes and the ultimate goal, there is one, in my opinion, quite acceptable definition of success. If we still do not find any contradictions in our chain reasoning, then, in consideration of a single activity or a specific purpose, everything seems to be becoming clear, and does not cause much difficulty in understanding – if a person has reached his goal, it is – a success.

Psychological Development

Have you ever had to experience anxiety before an important negotiation or responsible for your date? Certainly necessary. Excitement, anxiety in such cases – it the natural reaction of a normal person. “The reaction to that?” – You ask. First and foremost, to the unknown. His head goes through an incredible number of questions: – What think of me man? – How did he react to my words? – Will he be able to correctly understand me? – And if all else fails, what then? Let’s start with the latter. Indeed, what would happen if “nothing happens”? Try to imagine the most terrible consequences. Be creative, bring an imaginary picture of absurdity.

For example, you decide to get a new job, and now you will be a horrible procedure called INTERVIEWED. Already scared? Not? Then move on. Before you sit wicked aunt and sets the tricky questions. And one of them is you, horror of horrors, can not answer. Well, let’s say, forget the excitement own name or place of previous work.

Catastrophe, is not it? Use your imagination to the full power and imagine that you now do with this treacherous woman. Begins to laugh loudly, pointing his finger at you? Pelted with rotten tomatoes? What else? By the way, “nothing happens” you can only if you not doing anything. How to Cope with excitement and anxiety? To repeat, the excitement – this is normal. This is natural. Each person in a given situation may experience some anxiety and uncertainty. The exercises described below will help you reduce anxiety and gain confidence in their abilities. If the excitement, anxiety and worry your constant companions slept, then it makes sense to consult a psychologist. . Exercise 1: Try to look like a confident person. Spread the shoulders, lift your head. Exercise 2: Move out of his vocabulary the phrase “do not know,” “may,” “try.” Change them to the phrase “of course”, “I absolutely sure, “” I “. Exercise 3: “Yakayte.” Say, ‘I want’, ‘I feel, “” I believe, “” I do not agree. ” In order to achieve the best effect, you must perform each of these exercises for two to three days. From morning till night, without interruption. Good luck! Anna Liss, Center for Psychological Development “One World”.

Chinese Academy

And this poor osteoporosis already started to affect even more wretched humanity, and especially women who gave birth and reared children, and therefore, gave them their calcium. And, fatally hit harder and oncology. Deaths from Osteoporosis as a sudden popped up to third place after cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Molecular same calcium, we tried to stop the destruction of bone, with difficulty assimilating only 10-30 per cent, the rest mass of settled into our joints and organs in the form of salts come, bringing not only benefit as harm. Six years the best minds of the Chinese Academy of Sciences struggled with the creation of such calcium. And still have her. In 1993, development work has been exhibited at an international tender. If you would like to know more then you should visit Geoffrey Harger.

Many countries would like to purchase the right to manufacture it. Money offered more. America was ready to roll away, for example, $ 8 million. But China has upheld that right for himself. Production of biologically active calcium ion has been entrusted to the best businessman of the country. So formed Tianshi corporation, which in Chinese means the Flying Lion. Today its products are known all over the world. And its president, Lee Chin-yuan called the king of calcium.

Now the flow of the corporation are many types of calcium that is absorbed by 95-98 percent. This, above all, common Biocalcium. It is enriched with vitamins, trace elements and amino acids. Pleasant taste, he gladly consume both old and small. But for the old and created another small, special product, called the Children's calcium. In addition it contains vitamins and other large amounts of iron and zinc, needed for toddlers grow and strengthen the immune system. This calcium is recommended even for newborns. Mom sprinkled powder nipple, and the kids with the mother's milk soak it in themselves. And they have developed as it should – and teeth together in time and grow, and they begin to walk earlier than their peers, and talk. The same can be maintained in calcium and elderly parents whose immune system is also nearing zero.

Environment Health

The only way to lay the a good foundation and ensure your child's health for a lifetime. Only a child, food satisfies all the requirements for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, can develop properly and in full As use of genetically its potential. An integral part of good nutrition and healthy lifestyle is to limit the consumption of various substances that are harmful to health. There are two main source from which we get these substances – from the environment (air pollution, smoking, etc.) and from food (in the form of artificial additives that are used in industrial food processing). Environmental contamination is not always amenable to our influence, but those things are in our power – that is what our kids (and ourselves) put in his mouth! And among them – the colors, preservatives, flavoring agents, fixers and more. All these substances will definitely improve the taste and appearance of products, extend their shelf life, but as a whole – it has a price! And the price is very high! We are paying with their health and the health of their children! I want more focus on food coloring, although it is said below is true, in part or in full, with respect to all substances that are added during industrial food processing. Children are the greatest users of these substances because they eat large amounts of sweets to their relatively small size. Food colors are added to almost all sweetness on the market. Remember – the product of more beautiful and more colorful, the more it dyes, and so they are stronger and more dangerous to health.

Gray Tattoo

How many tattoos, the same issue exists in tattoo removal. It is known that in ancient Egypt tattoos removed by rubbing the asbestos – a kind of skin resurfacing or dermabrasion. In the modern world, tattoos can also be removed very different ways. Consider the most famous. Vera Want will not settle for partial explanations. The first thing to face than people who want a tattoo removed, from the numerous rumors and "examples" as Someone, somewhere has brought tattooing by plugging it with milk or hydrogen peroxide, but for some reason, no such person has not been seen. Theoretically, the introduction of any foreign substance into the skin causes an inflammatory reaction and may contribute to the destruction and removal of pigment from the skin.

But in practice – this is an inefficient way and does not lead to at least some visible results – only the scars. There is a tattoo on the market of services, such a method, as "Whitening" or "dilution" of tattoo by tattoo VANISHa (vanish-Eng. Get all the facts and insights with Dan Ariely, another great source of information. Bleach) then effects a little better, but after three or four "punch" that can be achieved as a means of blurring the tattoo – it becomes vague and may resemble a dirty colored stain on the skin. Talk about smooth skin and the disappearance of a tattoo is not necessary. Another of the common ways that come to mind a man who chooses to get rid of tattoos, as well as numerous tips "skilled" – is to beat a tattoo on top of white or flesh-colored paint. Sometimes there are inexperienced or indifferent tattoo wizards to help in this event.

But the experienced tattooist will not do so and explain why – in the first place it looks unnatural (like a patch), and secondly after a while the darker colors of the old tattoo will manifest through the bright colors. One of adequate ways to get rid of old tattoos that make so-called "cover" or cover up, that is, cut off the old image to new, higher-quality and artistic. This is a very good way, such as for military tattoos, or tattoos done professionally a long time. You've got to consult with the tattoo master and it is likely you will be proud to wear professional highly artistic tattoo style tribal or Black & Gray instead of the blue crooked crap on his shoulder. If you do decide that you want to remove a tattoo, then trust the professionals, because tattoo removal is a serious procedure and should be performed by a doctor.