The living conditions of a given area, give scope for the presence of a certain type of life within the environments, as occurs in desert areas, in which different types of both plant and animal life, reach to the climatic conditions that mean the presence of a few water resources, as well as lot of sand; where a clear example of compatibility to the desert in relation to field conditions as climate, are camels, animals that have perfect characteristics to adapt to the dry and desert areas, since their body by various conditions manage to give a better use of water and the foods you eat, thus not dependent on both the water and can resist a good time without eating any foodTherefore the desert conditions not affect him greatly. Camels among other characteristics, are found in the Group of hoofed animals, that is to say an animal that sits and walks with the end of your fingers, which along with other conditions of their limbs make easy it to largely withstand the heat that occurs in the sand of the desert areas. Speaking of camels it is worth differentiating that there are 2 different types of camels, so are the camelus bactrianus and camelus dromedarius, but if both species exhibit very similar conditions, so much so you can say that the Dromedary is a descendant of the bactrianus. In both species is given the absence of horns, they are ruminants, do not present snout and nasal openings form oblique openings, has a divided upper lip and it is movable separately, also that is extensible, have legs long and slender, with a large abdomen. Two species have something particular in relation to the Group of ungulates, since having instead of hooves, is 2 different fingers. Definite differences between both species are very few, so what is distinguished with the naked eye, is that the dromedarius has a least short fur, a less robust body and instead of having 2 humps, has only 1. Among the physical characteristics more noteworthy of camels, is worth highlighting a hard skin and dry, also in different parts of your body is given the presence of a kind of tripe, in greater measure in the chest and knees, which are a great support for various activities of camels as the weight to the kneel and to rest in the warm soil. The hump, in contrast to what many people believe is not a water storage tank, but that that part of the body of the camels presents an accumulation of fat, which has as a main benefit that accumulate fat in a single point prevents the excretion of water throughout the body, allowing minimum water consumptionIn addition to such hump camels extracted energy when good days have passed without consuming nothing, what will the hump decline, then if the camels consume an adequate amount of food and a good night’s rest the hump will return to its normal position. Original author and source of the article

Shapely Workout Secrets Revealed

Studies have shown that a significant percentage of children and adults worldwide suffer from obesity and from being overweight. These statistics have reached tragic proportions in the US where an entire generation has been raised on junk food. An additional issue is the lack of physical activity and lack of involvement or participation in workout programs, fitness programs or size loss programs. The two ways

Fitness Without Gym

Gym is great. But it takes such a long time getting through the workout, and this is something that has to be done if you want to work all your muscle groups. Aside from weight loss and fitness, the whole workout makes me feel and look shapely. Secrets to the perfect workout are hard to come by…

That is why I feel the time has come to come to look for the . I must be able to find a program that works all your body in a manner that you don’t need to spend an hour or more in the gym. to get my five muscle groups working together – that’s my game plan.

The Search

In the called period of training Personalismo (3 years the 6 years) the child starts to take conscience of its personality, needing to be recognized for the other. This phase is marked by the exploration of itself exactly, for activities of opposition, seduction and imitation, beyond the use of expressions as: I, mine, not. In this period the child lives deeply situations where she feels shame and acanhamento. The activities carried through in small groups are basic, since, will go to fortify the team spirit, of cooperation and solidarity. Categorial period of training (6 years the 11 years) is marked by the mental exploration of the physical world, by means of activities of grouping, seriao, classification and categorizao. The last called period of training Adolescence (11 years in ahead) the affectivity will occupy the first plan. It is the period marked for the exploration of itself exactly, and for the search of an independent identity, by means of activities of confrontation, auto-affirmation and domain of cognitivas categories of bigger level of abstraction. The intellectual access to the social values and moral abstracts will allow the adolescent to reach the maturity of the adult.

Since way, she is necessary to conceive the person in its totality, being searched to understand the different relations that it goes to establish with its environment. In this direction, Wallon criticizes educational models that only prioritize the intellectual development, therefore, ' ' for it the intellectual aspect would not have to be disentailed of the development of the total personality and its conditions of existence, in which the way has paper primordial' '. (BASTOS, 2003, P. 21) I was concluded that the affectivity, the emotion, the movements and physical space if find in one same plan and are basic for the development. Although to have been elaborated in century 20 its theory revolutionary contemporary is considered and, stimulating the studies in the area of the psicomotricidade and serving of base for posterior studies.