Developing Fetus

Did you know that the brain is composed of 60% fatty acids? And one of the main necessary fatty acids in fetal development is DHA? Here’s why: the fetus receives its supply of DHA from the mother through the placenta, therefore, the mother loses something of its own source of DHA. This is the reason why experts recommend increased intake of Omega 3 supplements during pregnancy. See, the typical modern diet has no sufficient omega 3 for the mother and the fetus developing. In fact, nutrition experts say that Westerners faced a deficiency of nutrition with these nutrients, even if you eat healthy food! The reason is because the food that our ancestors ate had higher levels of omega 3. Scientific fact: 70% of a newborn brain and central nervous system is made up of fatty acids. This is a proof that DHA is an important component for the development of the fetus. Have sufficient amount of this fatty acid during the development of the brain helps to increase the baby IQ, verbal ability and comprehension skills. Studies even showed that mothers who received enough DHA had babies who developed coordination skills eye-hand and better coordination.

(Research shows babies of others who did not receive sufficient DHA had a delay of 2-3 months, a comparison of patients who received Yes DHA.) Provide the child with adequate nutrition during the early stages of development is important to ensure that you will be healthy after childbirth. Healthy immune system another reason why pure fish oil is necessary in fetal development is due to that helps in the development of a normal immune system. For pregnant women, one sufficient supply of fatty acids omega 3 is important, even before conception, because the baby’s nervous system develops from three weeks after conception. Lack of omega-3 during pregnancy can cause fetal abnormalities for development of the brain since the proper development of the brain of the fetus is impossible without DHA.