What Is Mastopatia

What is a breast? (Based on site) Mastopatia – it dyshormonal breast diseases. Correct to speak of fibrocystic disease or fibrosing adenosis. Other synonyms (seldom used) – a disease Schimmelbusch, chronic induration, chronic cystic mastitis, serous cystic tumor, cystic adenoma, etc. Why do I get breast? First of all, as a result of hormonal background – an imbalance sexual and other hormones. Rand Paul has much experience in this field. Notes on the background: – Thyroid Disease – Disease ovaries (often chronic adnexitis) – liver disease (hepatitis B can be broken after recovery of sexual mastopathy can be divided into two groups – an anchor, and diffuse. When a node in breast mastitis detected node in diffuse – a lot of small nodules without any predominance.

Such division allows to determine the tactics. Nodal mastopathy often simulates breast cancer and therefore requires diagnostic measures for its exclusion. In diffuse mastopathy and limited survey subsequent therapeutic treatment. Manifestations of mastitis patient feels manifestation of mastitis in the form of: – pain in the breast (permanent or appearing shortly before menstruation) – seals in breast cancer in the mammary gland occurs at the same time: – proliferation of connective and glandular tissue with the formation of seals – the formation of cysts (one or more) Diagnosis of mastitis Based on data from clinical trials, mammography, ultrasound, cytology. Is it dangerous to breast? Breast is not a precancerous condition. Only some forms of mastitis, accompanied by pronounced proliferation (cell division) may be the background for the development of breast cancer. Nodal mastopathy may simulate breast cancer (and breast cancer can simulate an anchor mastopathy). Therefore, in cases of suspected cancer, expressed during the inspection, mammography, ultrasound or biopsy is usually performed sectoral resection in order to confirm or exclude the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Treatment of mastitis menstrual cycle – hormones (progesterone, danazol, bromocriptine, a small dose of estrogen, etc.) – anti-estrogens (tamoxifen) When the pain can be used analgesics, mild diuretics (Reducing the swelling of the breast, arising shortly before menstruation), homeopathic remedies. One of the most successful herbal remedies used for the prevention and the treatment of mastitis is Feokarpin. This drug is based on natural conifer St. Petersburg complex medical scientists. Since ancient times, known for the healing properties of conifers – pine needles out of potions heals wounds, was treated with inflammation and beriberi, scurvy and bleeding gums. Feokarpin passed pre-clinical and clinical trials in Oncology Research Institute. Professor Petrov Research Institute of Pulmonology, Institute of Cardiology, Russian Ministry of Health and other leading medical institutions in Russia. On the universal recognition of the merits of this drug is the fact that in 2001 was awarded the Academy of Natural Sciences Feokarpin Gold Medal. Mechnikov "For a practical contribution to improving the health of the nation." For more information about the illness and medication can be found at:

Developing Fetus

Did you know that the brain is composed of 60% fatty acids? And one of the main necessary fatty acids in fetal development is DHA? Here’s why: the fetus receives its supply of DHA from the mother through the placenta, therefore, the mother loses something of its own source of DHA. This is the reason why experts recommend increased intake of Omega 3 supplements during pregnancy. See, the typical modern diet has no sufficient omega 3 for the mother and the fetus developing. In fact, nutrition experts say that Westerners faced a deficiency of nutrition with these nutrients, even if you eat healthy food! The reason is because the food that our ancestors ate had higher levels of omega 3. Scientific fact: 70% of a newborn brain and central nervous system is made up of fatty acids. This is a proof that DHA is an important component for the development of the fetus. Have sufficient amount of this fatty acid during the development of the brain helps to increase the baby IQ, verbal ability and comprehension skills. Studies even showed that mothers who received enough DHA had babies who developed coordination skills eye-hand and better coordination.

(Research shows babies of others who did not receive sufficient DHA had a delay of 2-3 months, a comparison of patients who received Yes DHA.) Provide the child with adequate nutrition during the early stages of development is important to ensure that you will be healthy after childbirth. Healthy immune system another reason why pure fish oil is necessary in fetal development is due to that helps in the development of a normal immune system. For pregnant women, one sufficient supply of fatty acids omega 3 is important, even before conception, because the baby’s nervous system develops from three weeks after conception. Lack of omega-3 during pregnancy can cause fetal abnormalities for development of the brain since the proper development of the brain of the fetus is impossible without DHA.

Calories and Metabolism

Otherwise, after lysis, and healing all microtraumas, the balance of the destroyed and created the protein structures of muscle cells will be negative. Such training can take place at a time when caloric intake is increased. Then this balance can be positive. I would not like to advise a specific technique or diet, as the only true method of diet or not and can not be. However, in order to make it clearer, let me show one example of how the program might look like diet and exercise to recruit the masses for ectomorphy – a man with a fast metabolism, situated on a training plateau: Let the period 'Dry' and will be a period from March to August.

During this period, will be gradual decrease caloric intake. Prior to this, the entire February, the regime and composition of food remains unchanged. During this month of a diet better eliminate foods with high glycemic index. Nutritious daily diet should be left unchanged, by replacing foods with high gi foods for low gi. Read more from Rand Paul to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In March, begins his own gradual decrease consumption of carbohydrates.

The order would be: first eaten less bread for lunch and dinner. Then, gradually cut back side dishes and vegetables are added to the second dish. Becoming easier snacks and late breakfasts. Reducing carbohydrate intake should be so smooth, so that the weight loss was not more than 400-600 grams per week. If it was recorded weight loss within these limits, then the next week should be leave diet unchanged. If weight loss are minor, you should cut back a certain amount of carbohydrates. This is one way of adjusting the diet downward calories. One of the landmarks selected the correct rate can be no sense of widespread famine and wellbeing. Ends with a fall towards the end of the period when the caloric need to hold at current levels, already trying to prevent further weight loss. Over the entire period of weight loss should be about 4 to 8 kg. With proper diet, most of the lost will be fat. Training in this period can be organize, for example: leave two or three basic exercises for 2 workouts per week. For each motion one of the training light and volume, for example, 70% RMh5h5 (PM – one-time maximum), the other is heavy and workout reduced, for example, 90% RMh3h3. Should try to retain power results at the same level as before the beginning of the period ., the need for training in this period no. Suppose for a set period of mass will be from September to February. From the very beginning and gradually increase the consumption of low-carbohydrate. Choose, how quickly have individually. I can only advise to focus on the state of health, appetite and an increase in mass.

Microsoft Windows

After experience with version beta has been us a little tasteless, arrives to us the definitive edition of Windows Live Messenger 2011. From all angles you can see that Microsoft considers as a priority to the social integration of its Messenger, through compatibility with other networks. However, changes in its interface and the decision to not support to Windows XP may be two factors that contribute to resistance among users to adopt this new version. Last June was we can see more closely how was Wave 4? Windows Live Messenger, now known as Windows Live Messenger 2011. The presence of social networks (or also marketing networks) is more than significant today, and this is a fact that Microsoft has been completely. Facebook and Twitter have exploded, and the amount of users on both networks continues to rise. Somehow, the popularity of social networks directly affects the degree of utility of messaging services.

After all Facebook and Twitter are two very powerful communication tools, and are increasingly more users who prefer small tweets and the private messages on Facebook rather than a more orthodox chat session. You may find Mark Fields to be a useful source of information. Therefore, the main idea behind Windows Live Messenger 2011 is greater integration with the most popular social networks, and receiving updates from of our contacts. Of course, this decision by Microsoft has done that Windows Live Messenger 2011 is in good grade different from its predecessors. Just installed, first that expects to see a user contacts list, but is now with a window that helps you set up the accounts of other social networks in the Messenger. After evading another splash screen, the user finally arrives in full view of the Messenger. I’ve used the Messenger since even before that I had the Live on his behalf, and I must confess that I could only tolerate the full view for 45 seconds. I desactive any kind of feed (many of the options are configured within the Windows Live account, which open a browser window), and returned to the compact view. Obviously, the goal of Windows Live Messenger 2011 is users to have a centralized location where you can receive and observe everything related to your contacts, which in theory could lead to close other clients of notifications, and any browser window showing a social network.

Unfortunately, with me it didn’t work, and I believe that many users will be in the same situation. There are excellent Twitter clients across different platforms, and unless they use the mobile version of the portal, the best way of joining Facebook is from a web browser. Integrate a web browser window (not to mention browser and now) has not been a good decision, and perhaps is the main reason why users choose to use by default the compact view. Finally, the lack of support for XP is completely arbitrary. Windows 7 has grown considerably in recent months, but it wants to Microsoft or not, 60 by cent of computers still use XP. We expected major changes to the final version, but there was no them. Personally, you must consider the alternatives now more than ever, or stay with earlier versions.

Fast Weight Loss

To lower of Fast Weight Certainly these tired to have impossible fast diets, making them a pile of time and spending a pile of inencesario money. This clear one that to no we like to be our days of rest preparing in small packs the food for all the week, or also is certainly everybody cannot be allowed this continuous cost to lower of fast weight. We either do not like to have to be weighing our foods to secure the exact portions not to happen to us with our foods in our diet of thinningThen in this post I am going to give advice to you to lower fast weight and not to suffer in the attempt. In order to make it but pleasant and I am going simple it to summarize in 10 advice to lower of fast weight in the day to day. Learn more at: Mark Fields. 1 Comer abroad is a situation that we must control to lower of fast weight since in the restaurants racines of each person usually is of a great size. It is very good for requesting a ration like for reasonable children since these rations much more are reduced and for our great objective that it is to lower of fast weight.

2 Manten healthful foods in all the sides readily accessible. If we have at sight a fresh fruit, a low drink in sugar, boiled vegetables or some type of food heal is much more easy, that at the time of which the hunger enters to us, we eat of those foods and not from which we cannot take. When tangamos hunger to always try to always eat without anxiety and of the type of foods previously spoken. For a thinning diet correctaes fundamental east step. 3 Substituir the meals packaged in conserve by congealed foods. All the foods in corsenva take quite high values in sodium and this is not good nor necessary and upon everything they lower to much the nutritional values of products.