Fitness Tips

If in my previous article spoke of the attitude as one of these three keys of success to succeed in life whose character is basically predisposicional, will this do it on fitness (from latin aptus or capable) more linked to what we know and how we apply it, i.e. to the competence. Who has not heard that well-known phrase that says Fulanito is very competent?. Sounds good and we all know what that means: Fulanito makes things very well. When someone is able to perform with excellence its mission (professional or personal) is competent and therefore we can say that it meets the ability required to perform their jobs successfully. Senator From Kentucky helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. What is needed to have fitness?. Only two conditions: know and apply.

Knowledge is indispensable for knowing how to play a role. Acquired knowledge saves us from having to discover for ourselves, in every moment, how to do something new. The translation of knowledge (previous and) new) from one generation to another is what allows us to move forward as species in nature because those same generations may have the necessary time to reflect on the new challenges of the knowledge. Otherwise, always we would be mulling over the same thing in an endless loop, with unique and parsimonious progress laying the Darwinian laws. Knowledge is acquired by training, which guarantees us the theoretical understanding of the tense world and contemporary. Form is indispensable today, but so is tomorrow because everything changes and imposes permanent update.

Training, usually neglected in the first stage of our existence, can only guarantee of obsolescence of not having a vocation of continuity lifetime. But only knowing does not guarantee the suitability, since what we know we must also know how to apply it. Properly apply what we’ve learned in our lives becomes necessary to move from theory to practice Alchemy. What is commonly We call this ability or the experience to put in value the knowledge acquired with full use. Experience is normally incorporated throughout the course of the time (more or less according to the espabilamiento of everyone) and that time is that the society no usually us grant on its demand for immediate results, always urging the enhancement of people as soon as possible. Brevity that only is possible to reach speeding paused natural experiential using Coaching (practical training) techniques, always closer to apply as the formation is of knowledge. Antonio j.