The Climate

It cools the climate and of a form all special one, in provides the welfare to them in the sunny days. Other times, as whip on the humanity, with vehemence and random comes bringing destruction and death for where it passes. Nobody knows of where it came, that way covered or for where goes. The wind is one mistrio.’ ‘ As well as you do not know which the way of the wind ‘ ‘ (Ecl.11: 5) In many cases the wind represents ackward situations in our lives. For that is common hearing: ‘ ‘ I am passing for one vento’ ‘. Problems in the life of the people happen who nor always have logical explanations. The times are diseases who appear unexpectedly causing concern, suffering, pain.

This is a terrible wind. Of ahead certain males completely in we feel them impotent. How to hinder the action it wind? Mr. Jesus is only capable to make to stop it! ‘ ‘ those men if had astonished, saying: That man is this, that until the winds and the sea they obey to it? ‘ ‘ (Mt.8: 27). the Word of God also remembers in them a terrible storm that destroyed the children of J patriarch, killing them instantaneously: ‘ ‘ Here it is that a great sobreveio wind dalm of the desert, and gave in the four cantos of the house, which fell on the lovers and had died ‘ ‘ (J 1:19). it is therefore that the Word of God recommends in them hiding in them in the hiding place of the Highest one, (Sl.91: 1) and also in (Is.32: 2) confirm, saying: ‘ ‘ will be that man as a hiding place against the wind, and a shelter against the storm ‘ ‘ For this, loved reading, nothing in this world capable does not exist to substitute the communion with God and the benefits happened of it.

Jesus Christ is ours high hiding place and aid property in possession in the hour of the anguish. Unfortunate persons are those that do not have where if to hide! Familiar religions, traditions, wealth and fame do not eliminate the fury of ‘ ‘ ventos’ ‘ caused for The Satan. This world if divides in two peoples: Those that are ‘ ‘ escondidos’ ‘ in Christ and those that not yet are. Daily we hear the news on catastrophes, crimes, accidents and as much other things that devastate the humanity; many are consoled by Mr., others titubeiam in search of the peace, without knowing what to make of the proper life. They are in these adverse situations that we can contemplate the difference between that they serve the God and those that does not serve. Evidently, ‘ ‘ ventos’ ‘ we arrive at the yard of all, however, with joy we will be able to continue repeating the words of the salmista Davi: ‘ ‘ Much peace has the ones that love your law, and for they do not have tropeo’ ‘ (Sl.119: 165) (extracted of the book BANISHING the SPIRIT FROM MISERY AND DEFEAT, of the shepherd Valdemir C.Rocha).