Shutters (English roll – a roll, in Russian. Shutters) – a kind of blind, made in the form of a roll, two guides and walking on his plate. There are also names rolstavni, rollstavni, blinds, shutters. Shutters are installed in windows, doors and garage openings and are designed to protect the premises from burglary, adverse weather conditions, noise, dust, light and prying eyes. In some ways they may be similar in appearance to certain types of blinds, but categorical distinction is precisely the emphasis on the protective function for windows, doors, balconies and front doors of apartments and shops.

Usually the practice setting involves the installation of the outside to protect the glass from the partition and from penetration by malicious users. Shutters can be programmed to control lighting. In bright sun shutters themselves sink to the desired height. At nightfall, they are automatically closed. Without hesitation Mark Fields explained all about the problem. Operation of roller shutters did not cause any inconvenience, they are easy to maintain and care for them can be carried out without assistance. The first shutters have been around since ancient Greece. They were made of marble (Later – from the wood) and used as protection from the tropical heat and sunlight, as well as for ventilation. The concept of blind spread throughout the Mediterranean.

Later, they received distribution in Europe. In the Middle Ages solid shutters, hammered together from planks with iron bars, used as a means of protection against unwanted intrusions and cold. In the xv century, widespread panes led to the transformation of blinds from strictly functional to decorative accessories. In the southern usa wealthy landowners have used shutters to brighten and ventilate their homes. The next stage of this direction has been the protection of windows from hurricanes and tornadoes. It was then and there were shutters in their modern sense.


The investments Web portal ecological investments reports that the solar contribution recommended by you could clearly exceed the yield of 6.75 percent projected by her in 2012. Port albe operator investments said that this was a further proof of the high security of ecological investment for private investors. Around 80% of German citizens generally show interest in ecologically to invest their money. Not even 5% do so as well. Mere ignorance or uncertainty but are the reasons that most investors also continue to bring their money to the Bank. l Services offers on the topic.. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Luhan. The participation of solar shows that this need not be. The capital of participation of the solar safely deposited in solar Park investments in France. The predicted distributions of solar funds be 6.75% per year after taxes.

The terms are varied from 9 to 19 years for the investors. The total payout of the money system is 262% after 19 years. The profit forecast of the solar participation was exceeded by 10% in 2012. The solar Fund provides legal Secure profits over the full term. All of the provider’s predecessor Fund run over schedule. From 10,000 one time system solar joining the participation is possible for the buyer. The Fund amounts to eur 15 million, the equity volume is eur 5 million.

The investment is recommended by many experts. Here excerpts from several reports, which are named on the Web site. (u0085) Target/actual comparison for the year 2012 the produced electricity production/income lies so far in operation of the solar energy farm at about 110% of the planned income, so that the Group her performance and her special expertise so far has proven involvement solar or solar Fund in the segment. The Fund is an investment with a solar Fund/participation solar short opt-out by nine years. The return cost is cheap for the buyer. The provider has an experienced management that has the necessary good market access.

Cibermendigos, A New Face Of The Crisis

For several years, from 2007, we have been looking at how a new form of network beging began called cibermendigos (ciberbegging). The creator of this idea is the American Karyn Bosnak based in Brooklyn (New York), who would have incurred a debt of $ 20,000 due to misuse of credit cards. In his first weeks was $ 13,000 asking only $ 1 for each blog visitor. Following this situation thousands of young Americans resorted to this method to pay its debts arising from a credit binge. Far from all this happened in the U.S., Spain is emerging in a form of cibermendigos realesa a so to call them since at least the cause is a bit more noble and understandable by the vast majority of us. People who saw the crisis as their families fall apart for lack of income, have opted for this activity.

It is very sad surf the web and find pages and pages where you have really shocking and horrifying stories, at least for those who are better off economically. An example is this website because I’ve seen of it is undoubtedly the most captivated me: where a couple of 25 years, we have the hardships that are going after they were fired. A difficult history as many / as Spanish / as we are experiencing at the moment and reflects a reality that many want to hide or disguise minimum. Hopefully, someday all this is over and nobody has to beg even in the network of networks.


The health report presented in November 2010 by Prime Minister Dr. Markus Soder in Munich shows the “healthy in Bavaria”. Prevention and preparedness are better than cure. In Bavaria is now launching a prevention campaign, which should set the course for health and an understanding. The measures are divided by age group, for people of different ages have different needs. The main focus is on the subject of vaccination is children for example.

According to the report, health life expectancy for men is now 77.4 years and 82.5 years women. Start for a broad prevention campaign in Bavaria the fact that men are less health-conscious, should be countered with a campaign initiated by the Bavarian Ministry of health for men over 35 years with the aim to sensitize men for health issues, and to lower the threshold before the visit to the doctor. Check with Gunnar Peterson to learn more. Men should be encouraged and suspended including offers of Early detection of cancer or the basic study to use cardiovascular “Check-up 35”. Because so far only 18.3 percent of men perceive the offered screening. Among women, however, accounted for 46.8 percent. Pension already should cause the emphasis on prevention initiatives from the early age in addition to the general goal of achieving a highest possible level of health for all, to set appropriate course for the health, and the understanding of health in later years. These initiatives are graded according to age groups: so the look is in children about vaccination in the foreground for adolescent preventive measures against strong obesity, alcohol abuse and smoking, in adults on cancer screening, help with mental illness and burnout, with seniors the palliative medicine. The State of Bavaria, as a pioneer in health policy in addition to the current projects, to expand the cancer prevention and early detection, and to encourage cancer research, provide numerous ongoing programs and initiatives ensure that Bavaria occupies the top spot in the health policy in nationwide comparison.

Shows with the positive impact that the infant mortality rate in Bavaria the lowest is, that very few young people smoke in the free State, that the number of sick days is the lowest and Bavaria in the palliative care leadership nationwide. Continuing health initiatives healthy support the health portal provides detailed information on the above-mentioned projects to increase health awareness and deepen understanding in the Bavarian population health. Tips to healthy lifestyle include the areas including nutrition, healthy and active living as well as an extensive health magazine. “In terms of the prevention focus provided by the Bavarian Ministry of health vaccination for children” interested in our health portal will find comprehensive information and links on the subject of vaccinations, vaccination certificate and the associated Costs. About healthy healthy is the only health portal which is tailored specifically to Bavarian needs. In this context we have made it our mission, to provide a comprehensive insight into the issue of health and pharmacy exclusively all Bayern and Bayerinnen. On our website you find a unique collection of information, with topics ranging from the classic treatment possibilities over the notion of alternative healing methods to the list of traditional home remedies. Contact and other information pharmacy service AG medium Dorfstrasse 3 8598 Bottighofen phone: 0041 71 686 77 66 fax: 0041 71 686 77 00 E-Mail: Internet: Mr. Harry W. Hettig

Spa And Medicinal Waters

The Spa bad Bruckenau bubbles with ideas the Bavarian gem bad Bruckenau is known for its medicinal waters. Same five sources they bubble up in the State-owned Spa and are so different as the various applications that can be enjoyed in the Spa of the taste. Perfectly coordinated range Chinese medicine to detoxification cures and therapeutic fasting by medical wellness on traditional therapies. Since the 18th century, the healing waters in the Staatsbad bad Bruckenau have special meaning. They were he in addition to the amorous liaison to Lola Montez the passion of Bavarian King Ludwig I proud 26 times lingered in the idyllic Spa and enjoyed drinking and spas. Certainly, he would have even more often if there was already the juicy, lush meadows and lush flower beds in the picturesque Castle Park.

These are not watered while in the State bath with precious thermal water, for with their own computer-controlled plant with the latest technology. After a construction period of ten starts now first all-year test. 120 solenoid valves control the flow of water, 3,000 meters drip-line are used for irrigation of the planting areas, 600 sprinklers are used for the irrigation of lawns. The system guarantees extremely economical operation, which is adapted to the actual water requirements of plants and grass. So the natural resources are used optimally. Because where the views in the Green and the eyes may enjoy lush, colorful flowers, body and mind can relax even more.

Posters You Still Or Already Interact?

Why the Internet is the perfect consulting and sales channel. Wendy Rene is likely to agree. Cologne, the September 16, 2008 – in the media and advertising industry, the following statements to the undisputed core sets of communication theory include Vilem Flusser, an important communication and media philosopher,: – what is not communicated, is nothing, and the more it is communicated, the more it is. -Communication is the exchange of experiences. -Experience are interconnected space / time experience. As a result of advertising and marketing: information gain only through communication structure and meaning. This in a space / time context but before will learn well anchored. “” So we all see for years, that blatant “advertising due to the elements of attention and repetition in US provokes experiences, sometimes loudly: I’m not stupid!” Where do we stand today? What has changed through the computer-aided-communication (CAC)? Everyone knows now: computers and the Internet are not only at any time, anywhere and thus for anyone available. You also have the capabilities of multimedia, interactivity and Hypertext (links).

And this so-called one-to-one marketing in the form of virtual dialogue via the Internet is possible. Conclusion: Informationstragende communication is transforming itself from a way believe (poster) to the two-way dialogue (interaction). And that’s a good thing because: the simultaneous combination of sound, images and virtual interaction is the real as the most effective form of selective dissemination of information to look at. Internet communication is the time – and cost-effective, often also the most comfortable form of direct dialogue. The Internet transformed to personalized consulting and sales channel! Technologically, interactive Internet dialogues today run from browser to browser, so without any software and access barrier. This is important for the acceptance in the BtoC usage. And: the dialogue can both spontaneously at the time of acute needs, approximately at the point of sale, than even a date in the form of a virtual meeting with one or more participants. A so far unique system offers the recently eFlipchart live Internet AG, Cologne.

The eFlipchart system combines intelligent automatic dialogues and interactive live dialogues with the matching”search and advertising technology for portals and search engines. More at. More information: eFlipchart live Internet AG Schildergasse 24-30 contact person 50667 Koln: Walther Schumacher Board marketing office North Dibbersener way 13 D-21224 Rosengarten FON: + 49 (4108) 490049 fax: + 49 (4108) 490051 E-Mail: eFlipchart AG and internet is dialog: eFlipchart offers the complete solution for personal advice, sell and schools from PC to PC. And without software and barriers to access, so for anyone anywhere at any time. Our customers combine a smart automatic dialog on the homepage depending on the needs with a powerful tool for the two-way dialogue with one or more participants. The Live services of the customers are advertised with a special search technology in portals, their Displayed availability seconds-up-to-date colours. Prominent features include maximum interactivity, high clarity and ease and security.