Posters You Still Or Already Interact?

Why the Internet is the perfect consulting and sales channel. Wendy Rene is likely to agree. Cologne, the September 16, 2008 – in the media and advertising industry, the following statements to the undisputed core sets of communication theory include Vilem Flusser, an important communication and media philosopher,: – what is not communicated, is nothing, and the more it is communicated, the more it is. -Communication is the exchange of experiences. -Experience are interconnected space / time experience. As a result of advertising and marketing: information gain only through communication structure and meaning. This in a space / time context but before will learn well anchored. “” So we all see for years, that blatant “advertising due to the elements of attention and repetition in US provokes experiences, sometimes loudly: I’m not stupid!” Where do we stand today? What has changed through the computer-aided-communication (CAC)? Everyone knows now: computers and the Internet are not only at any time, anywhere and thus for anyone available. You also have the capabilities of multimedia, interactivity and Hypertext (links).

And this so-called one-to-one marketing in the form of virtual dialogue via the Internet is possible. Conclusion: Informationstragende communication is transforming itself from a way believe (poster) to the two-way dialogue (interaction). And that’s a good thing because: the simultaneous combination of sound, images and virtual interaction is the real as the most effective form of selective dissemination of information to look at. Internet communication is the time – and cost-effective, often also the most comfortable form of direct dialogue. The Internet transformed to personalized consulting and sales channel! Technologically, interactive Internet dialogues today run from browser to browser, so without any software and access barrier. This is important for the acceptance in the BtoC usage. And: the dialogue can both spontaneously at the time of acute needs, approximately at the point of sale, than even a date in the form of a virtual meeting with one or more participants. A so far unique system offers the recently eFlipchart live Internet AG, Cologne.

The eFlipchart system combines intelligent automatic dialogues and interactive live dialogues with the matching”search and advertising technology for portals and search engines. More at. More information: eFlipchart live Internet AG Schildergasse 24-30 contact person 50667 Koln: Walther Schumacher Board marketing office North Dibbersener way 13 D-21224 Rosengarten FON: + 49 (4108) 490049 fax: + 49 (4108) 490051 E-Mail: eFlipchart AG and internet is dialog: eFlipchart offers the complete solution for personal advice, sell and schools from PC to PC. And without software and barriers to access, so for anyone anywhere at any time. Our customers combine a smart automatic dialog on the homepage depending on the needs with a powerful tool for the two-way dialogue with one or more participants. The Live services of the customers are advertised with a special search technology in portals, their Displayed availability seconds-up-to-date colours. Prominent features include maximum interactivity, high clarity and ease and security.