Dermatological Clinics

Observation at dermatological clinics, have been extracted interesting conclusions which describes a characteristic psychological atmosphere, which points out that people with such conditions, present a psychological situation, which has been described as a deseseperacion controlled but anxious, different from a depression but with a particular anxiety, because even though are not threatened with death, the outward appearance of your bodyIt is ill and therefore its social, something very important image in our society is committed. This is a matter of intense concern, which is transformed into a source of anxiety and the feeling of discomfort or pain, joins the mortification that produce them. These circumstances, this subjective frame, distinguishes these people of others. They tend to be, for those reasons, subject of social comment, being able to find cases of rejection, motivated by the idea of a contagion or a picture of little neatness. The skin is a terminal of the body, where the acting equivalent of emotional processes, being what we can call, an organ of expression, determined by defined processes, both when observed through the voluntary nervous system as involuntary. When we think of skin, we must take into account, that it is not perceived as a system of layers, as it is from the histological point of view, but that the subject receives the effects in terms of situations in which is involved. Sometimes, the manifestations of the skin, appear in points of sensitivity to different stimuli, such as cold, burning, itching, or pleasure.And so, as the qualities of the touch system, from the aesthetic point of view and cosmetic, can give rise to feelings of beauty or ugliness, of purity or impurity, pallor, blush, smoothness or roughness.There have been experiments with hypnosis, as with hysteria, in which came to cause skin lesions and heal with the same procedure, in a very short time span, which to led researchers to consider seriously the presence and importance of psychic factors in production and cures for these disorders. Original author and source of the article.

Slimming Body

We should start recognizing that our body is a perfect machine. Lose weight and prevent weight would then very easy, just to keep us in balance (essential for life). Survival and adaptation are the main functions of our body, then, when something occurs (outside or inside our organism), starts a mechanism of response to this change, trying to balance out or defend themselves against possible alterations. If it is able to maintain body temperature, it will also do so with weight. The body does not understand be fat or skinny, only responds to what you need and be able to survive. Firstly, we must change the wrong thoughts such as: more and more I fattening, I can eat, I thin.

Really does not mean that if such as sweet and fat throughout the day, I am slim. However it must be understood if I bring you what you need, it will work better. Poor nutrition causes anxiety, desire to eat all the time and we eat as we are poorly educated, according to our Customs, not making good choice (in most cases), thus never give our body the proper nutrients and fatten. Let us stop blaming metabolism, genetics, etc. Only in specific cases there are problems such as hypothyroidism or the distribution of fat cells identified in some gene. In the vast majority of cases are habits, solely responsible for weight gain.

The body only reacts and adapts. To not understand the organic operation, we offer you information opposite, result: I gain and lose muscle mass.The amount of information (not always serious and real) and lacking knowledge is alarming. It is necessary to maintain good food balance and move away from the miracle diets. In Europe, is considered overweight as an aesthetic problem. Not noted with earnestness, to lose weight and gain weight steadily, it seriously damages health. Unbalanced diets make lose 10 and earn 14 kilos, here is the danger.

Ramiro Ruiz

We finish with these myths about coconut oil now. #1 Myth: Coconut oil contains too much fat, so it should make us gain weight. Truth: Not all fats make you gain weight (would this tattoo on my forehead). Certain fats if they cause upload weight, but other good fats in fact burn the unwanted fat from your body and accelerate your metabolism. I explain this in much greater detail in the chapter on the program to eat to lose fat, so be sure to refer to your manual to find out those details. #2 Myth: Coconut oil contains almost pure saturated fat, so it must be bad for you.

Truth: The saturated fat is not the cause of diseases of the heart, of the weight gain and high cholesterol. The saturated fat has been accused falsely, sugar is the number one enemy (is worse than the Joker on Batman). New account, this is explained thoroughly in your manual (the truth about of the fat saturated), mentioning facts and figures that prove that in reality the saturated fat is not our biggest problem. #3 Myth: Coconut oil should be avoided by those who are at risk for heart disease. Truth: The fat in coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils you can eat (Yes, even those who suffer from heart diseases).

It is rich in lauric acid, which is known for its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal, besides that it contains no trans fats. Fat saturated coconut oil is different from many other oils that belongs to the variety of fatty acids of medium chain (AGCM). The body digests the AGCM more easily and directly sends these fats to the liver where they are immediately converted into energy. Isn’t it great? A fat that is used for energy rather than being stored in our bodies. Everyone can take advantage of this. I recommend widely you use organic coconut oil unrefined cooking. 1 To 2 teaspoons are more than sufficient for cooking. You can even use it crude, tastes delicious! Usually consumption of 2 to 3 tablespoons in total by day, which is a perfect amount for an eating plan for fat burning. Although it is very good for you, there is no need to exaggerate. Now, you continue and enjoy your coconut oil. By Ramiro Ruiz if you want more articles like this, Subscribe to my blog by email is free!