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THE FAILURE OF VARIETY IN THE SAME MEAL With the lack of variety in the same meal (Shelton, coupled power), digestion is generally excellent and there is reduction in fermentation responsible Humor-cell binding of intoxication. But the cellular uptake is defective, resulting in fatigue, hypotension, anemic tendencies, weight loss, deep devitalized, full or relative powerlessness, physical and mental depression. Do not forget that the more it dissociates better digested, but less is assimilated. SUMMARY OF THE ABOVE ITEMS This is the truth: there is no exact system. Only three keys are right: no-distortion, moderation and balance. So what to do to get clean right? Simply not to remove any food category, but all quantitative reduction. As in religion, where only the word Love get unanimity and is truth, in diet, only the notions of non-denaturing (natural food) in moderation (power measured) of a balanced diet (balanced diet) make the unanimity and are the three major dietary truths.

Many sick from being complacent for its appetite. Do not eat never not hungry, sobriety is one of the essential conditions of good health. “All disease is the result of an error of conduct.” CORRECT COMBINATIONS Cervantes Proper food combination ensures perfect nutrition as a result of better digestion, creates pure blood, provides protection against poisoning, prevents or makes it disappear many disease states, constipation , allergies, poisoning, infections. The compatibilities are essential in rational nutrition for the prevention and to maintain a perfect health conditions. Tiffany Espensen spoke with conviction.

As good combinations patched: – Eating protein and carbohydrates at separate meals .- Eating only one kind of protein in a meal .- Eat proteins and acids at separate meals .- Eat fats and proteins in different foods .- Eat acids and starches in food separate .- Eat starches and sugars in foods separate .- Eat sugars and proteins in separate meals .- Eat melons alone .- Remove the desserts-not eating fatty foods of any kind with a single protein product .- Take stiff at the same meal or milk alone .- Take not to drink. Do not take any food that has been fried, canned; envinagrado, preserved, processed, packaged, dehydrated, demineralized, devitalized, or dyes containing additives or artificial flavors. WE MUST AVOID THE FOLLOWING ERRORS The swallow without chewing and spit without it. Eating at all times by false sense of appetite. Eating upset or concerns. The chemical and eating empty calories. The irregularity of meals. Too much food and drink during meals. Dinners abundant. The eating hot or cold. All diseases are caused by chemical materials. All chemicals used by the body (except the oxygen we breathe, the water we drink and the thoughts we generate) are extracted from food.

Success and Failure

But what about us? I mean: Are we building our lives to make our huellaa in history? Maybe we can not be remembered by everyone, as is the case of some, but those around us remind us? How do we see: success or failure? Do we see it as an example of service, dedication and selflessness or we will be quickly forgotten? The answer to these questions is found in the present. Every day is our privilege to live a success. As I said before, the events do not determine what we are, but we are largely responsible for what happens in our lives. Through our attitudes, thoughts, behaviors, and others, we build what we want our future, but such construction is always in the present. When we look to the past can only see how we put our bricks, no chance to change something about it, when we look to the future we can only imagine how we would like to place the new bricks, but this is only when construct reality. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Rand Paul.

Therefore, although it is not possible to quantitatively measure the true success or failure of a person, we can do for his constant habits. Aristotle's words resonate when he says: a Somos which we do every day, so that excellence is not an act but a habitoa . Being a successful person is to be an excellent person, and from there to cultivate habits healthy is so important. A few words about the habits. In other words, our habits determine our destiny. Good news is that we can cultivate habits of excellence, and we can abandon habits we know are harmful. It is true that breaking a habit is difficult, but imagine how difficult it is to live a mediocre life, bereaved, hoping that things improve in order to feel good even for a moment. On the contrary, when we programmed our brains with constructive and positive habits, we are ensuring that we build in this will result in a solid structure that we can see into the past, and a projection of quality when we look to the future.

However, the only one who can decide on this is you. You and me. The success with which we will live our lives depends on each one, as a somos the architects of our own destinoa , for that reason, as of today we need to take the reins of our lives, because without a doubt the success, the real is up to you … and me. Live Writer blog Excellence since 2007. In this blog addresses the issue of development of excellence as a way of life that must fill every area of life, simply because the excellence we will stay in future generations.

Jennifer Aniston

Step 1: hair brush eyebrows upward. Step 2: Cut a straight line. For more information see this site: Senator From Kentucky. Step 3: start out loose hairs and define the arc – and please do not overdo it! Think Jennifer Aniston, not Bette Davis. Learn more on the subject from Ford. 7. Avoid nodular contagious.

The lumpy appearance occurs when the clothes are too tight. If the jeans are too small, find a principle to cover the belly. If you are overflowing bra cups, Camoflauge with a thick cloth shirt or sweater. The Look Lumpy is a semi-emergency situation that requires action. Or hit the stores for a larger size, or get on Weight Watchers as soon as possible, because girl, you're in trouble. 8. Eyes or lips – not both. The key to being tastefully attractive is downplaying a feature of the game, while another.

If you decide to go with baby blues filled with smoke, and then choose to bare lips or erase that day. To show his perfect pucker, choose a nice flattering tone Lipcolor. Painting inside of the lines (this is important – no man likes the look Rodeo Clown) and leave the eye makeup to a minimum. This same theory applies to clothing. The legs in sight? Cover up the belly. The split was looming? Hide this crap in the trunk. 9. Forget the tanning bed. Yes, fake tanners, we are all talking about how stupid you look behind your back. Keep your tan all year round, and in five years you are like a Ball Park hot dog has been on the grill for too long. Tan in a bottle is not better, especially with the brown folds developers behind the knees. Make a favor and keep your skin tanning to the summer months. 10. Feeling good about yourself, and smile! By far the best way to be attractive is that it feels really sexy. If you are smiling and in good spirits, is naturally sexy, no matter what you are using. Put on your favorite music, go hang out with your best friends, a little fresh air and do things you enjoy most in life. True beauty comes from within, and stops a lot more to do with the brightness of your eyes and spring in his step in a costly haircut or anti-aging cream. So all hang out, be yourself and be happy. After all, you are one of the guys … and that's very attractive! Dina Giolitto is a consultant copywriting and ghostwriter with 10 years of experience writing corporate print materials and web content. Trust her with your next e-book, article series or web project, and make a lasting impression on your audience of information, the prospect of starvation. Visit for more information.

Internet Businesses Are Booming

Have you heard that Internet businesses are booming? Here we will explain the reason and why it is very interesting to create Web sites or business or invest in Internet. It is especially important to mention that Internet businesses have been monopolized for a long time for the U.S. market in English. However, due to the growing number of Hispanic speakers in the USA and Latin America they have Internet access and facilities it provides half the Spanish Web businesses are creating thousands of niche markets today. From a business information Web sites, to park domains and your purchase / sale, create their own virtual shop and master the Google tools are just some of the important topics discussed in this article.

Well, the time has come for Hispanic speakers to take the power of the Internet and start doing business as do the Americans. Why do countries like the U.S., Canada and Europe are always at the forefront and Latin American countries left behind? Basically, it is because they manage and dominate the world of information and do not stay in the past, learning the ancient techniques of transferring production or mass production to Asian markets. Currently, there are 400 million Hispanic speakers in the world and that creates many opportunities and market niches to exploit. Have you come across, sometimes you want to buy a product or service on the Internet but can not do because it is only in English? We want to change the world and help entrepreneurs to create more alternative sources of income for our developing countries.

World Health Organization

A report by the World Health Organization says that the lack of security in the home cause 7,000 deaths per year are risk factors the moisture, air, cold and safety in bureaux. All this can cause nervous system, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, as well as cancer. More than 100,000 people die every year in Europe by dwell in houses not conditioned properly. So says the report environmental problems in diseases associated with unsafe dwellings of the World Health Organization (who). The document stresses that inadequate housing conditions cause or contribute in addition to developing many diseases and preventable injuries, including respiratory, cardiovascular diseases and nervous system, in addition to cancer.

Home should be a safe place. But for many yet it isn’t, especially for vulnerable people who spends most of the time at home, as young children, older people and people with disabilities, says Zsuzsanna Jakab, regional director of who for Europe. The report notes that dwellings not conditioned properly represent a serious threat to the environment to health which could be prevented. Among the risk factors associated with housing, the document alludes to noise, humidity, indoor air quality, cold and safety in bureaux. Temperatures, gas, ventilation, lack of safety measures in the home as smoke detectors cause 7,000 deaths a year in the region (0.9 per 100,000 inhabitants). Low temperatures in the interior of the House cause 12.8 deaths per 100,000 population per year; exposure to radon gas, between 2 and 3 in certain countries and to third-party smoke, 7.3; and the use of solid fuels as a source of energy without having proper ventilation 16.7 per every 100,000 children and 1.1 for every 100,000 adults. On the other hand, the use of solid fuels without adequate ventilation translates annually in 577 life years potentially lost (YPLL) by every 100,000 juveniles of five years and exposure to lead in the home at 79 YPLL.

According to data from 45 countries, the presence of mold in the home results in the loss of 40 YPLL for every 100,000 children. Healthy and safe environments in Germany, the traffic noise exposure alone causes loss of 31 YPLL per 100,000 inhabitants and in Europe the absence of smoke detectors translates into annual loss of 22 YPLL. According to the report, in much of Europe, passes people close to 90% of their time in buildings and artificial environments, so ensure that enclosed spaces are much more safe and healthy would bring great benefits to public health and help prevent non-communicable diseases. However, in 2009 the homes in the European Union showed still many health risk as noise excessive (22%), humidity (16%), overcrowding (18%), problems to keep warm in winter (9%), and lack of sanitation facilities such as toilets (3%) and bathtubs or showers (3%). Source of the News: more than 100,000 people die every year in Europe by inhabit inadequate dwellings

Organic Garden

In recent years, the trend is to go natural. Many of our foods come with any number of condoms used, colors, flavors and a long list. Although considered safe to some extent, is expected to have effects that may not show immediately, but over time. Therefore, organic products are increasingly popular. Today it is easy to go to the supermarket and go to the section of "organic" to purchase products that have been grown as naturally as possible. The problem is price. Organic products can cost several times what their counterparts 'standard', which makes it difficult, at least economically, to be consumed regularly.

This you can solve with an organic garden at home. Depending on the space you have, you can replace lots of fruits and vegetables you buy for your own, at least during the season. To read more click here: Rand Paul. However, gardening fertilizer use also implies that, at least for your plants are healthy and give you good results. If you use artificial fertilizer, you fall into the same conventional ones. However, this you can solve with a lombricultivo.

Through the worm can turn your organic waste into natural fertilizer the best you are going to be able to get. And the best part is that it is rubbish just going to fill the landfill in your area. A lombricultivo humus reduces everything to which you can then use for your garden. Organic gardening can be fertilized with worm compost organic waste to produce a family. The amount varies by family size, but it also applies to consumption, so you can say that it pays. Starting is easy. You only need a core of earthworms Eisenia foetida and Eisenia Andrei. Despite the long name, are those going to get everywhere. Beyond that, a lombricultivo you can do with materials that get anywhere. A lombricultivo home will require a few months to reduce everything to humus, but by then you will have enough worms to have a flow humus continuous throughout the year, enough not only for your garden, but to sell some in your community. And this can only occupy a small space in your house, no need to convert your entire yard in a vermiculture plant. So not only will organic vegetables, you also dispose of waste in a manner friendly to the environment and will become the best fertilizer. Not to mention you'll save the cost of humus, which is relatively high compared to other fertilizers. Visit the link for some advice and tips.

The Risk Of Infertility Increases With The Presence Of Male Twins

In the presence of male twins in the woman's chances of having children drops considerably. These conclusions were British scientists have analyzed the family history of twins. Check out supermodel for additional information. To study used data collected between 1734 and 1888 years. This period was chosen deliberately: scholars interested in the statistics is not affected by modern methods of treating infertility. As researchers found, the presence of twin brothers linked to 25% increased risk of infertility in comparison with same-sex pairs of twins, girls. Identified patterns are also explained by the less chances for marriage: Mothers with twin brothers, married to 15% less.

But scientists believe an increased risk of Infertility is also associated with the harmful effects of the hormone testosterone in the body of female embryos. Scientists say the effect of testosterone brother, who can penetrate into the female fetus through the placenta, can lead to the formation of disadvantageous from the standpoint of sexual selection masculine appearance, and to increase the likelihood of influencing the likelihood of infertility diseases of the female reproductive system. According to experts on Infertility last hypothesis is also confirmed by the results of experiments on animals. For example, in sheep hormone testosterone exposure in utero led to polycystic ovaries – a rather common cause of infertility in humans.


No doubt trauma – a tragic surprise. The man abruptly knocked out of the rut, often left alone with the weakness and not very cheerful thoughts. Depending on the extent of damage functions, various resorts, motels and and rehabilitation centers in the Czech Republic offer a range of services for rehabilitation and recovery of body functions. The unique program of rehabilitation can be both intensive and short about 3-4 weeks and lasting – to several months in special cases. Because each of the resorts in the Czech Republic has its own specific functions in the treatment of damaged musculoskeletal system is required prior consultation with the doctor – health resort on the potential effectiveness of treatment as well as the potential contra indication used treatments. After treatment methods in each resort directly connected to the local medical sources. For example, sanatorium resort Jachymov as the primary means of treatment using special radon baths. Few people know, however, that the resort city of Jachymov is a city pioneer, which uses this unique procedure.

Interesting is the fact that the creation here of the health resort was the scientific discovery of Nobel Prize winners spouses Pierre et Marie Curie, who were fortunate enough to separate from the local uranium completely new element – radium. and Although many programs of rehabilitation after injury in the resorts of the Czech Republic is startling in its variety, top quality service yavlyaetsyaharakternoy feature of each therapeutic program. And not for nothing! After all, time-tested medical system of rehabilitative treatment is based on the dosage of mineral / thermal, and other natural medicinal sources with strictly controlled by the specialists of movement therapy (physiotherapy exercises, electrotherapy, balneotherapy – physiotherapy), and diet. Any treatment program is made individually based on the stage of the disease as well as the current status of each patient..

Recruiting Customer

Enhance service and customer service. This is – an excellent way to deal with competition, since this method is the least expensive (it’s worth a smile and friendly attitude seller) and at the same time, the best to create a loyal, regular customers. Loyal customer – is the one who is satisfied, always returns to the company (Shop) again and bring their friends and acquaintances. It is loyal (regular) customers make up 80% of sales, and save us money on advertising, creating a buzz, which is known to be the best tool for promotion. Today, therefore, simply to meet customer needs is not enough.

Satisfied customers have nothing against working with you, but may not return. Loyal always come back as a service such clients, You have exceeded their expectations. It is exceeding customer expectations by offering first-class service, we strive for customer loyalty. 4. And the best way to deal with managerial competition – is to create your effective system for managing sales and trained team of sales. Effective sales management system consists of several components. 1. Celebrity trainer wanted to know more.

Building a team of professional salespeople. These include: Recruiting and score. It is very important to establish the appropriate personnel at the stage of recruitment, as well as decide who should teach. As the saying goes: “mule will never racehorse, even if given a lot of stimulants.