Peanut Butter

It is known that preparations for the training of professional athletes is a ritual in which, along with a warm-up and plays a vital role rasstezhkoy massage using special funds. In ordinary life, as it is important to prepare for physical training. Using a warming massage gel not only reduces the risk of injury, but also helps you to recover training. In the gel Enjoy NT are fragrant martini, chili and peanut butter. South African plant extract fragrant martini ("devil's claw") contains glycosides, flavonoids and carbohydrates. The combination of these active substance has the ability to provide anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on the joints and smooth muscle. Cayenne pepper (chili), successfully applied to accelerate the process of frostbite regeneration of damaged tissues. Alkaloid capsaicin pepper gives the famous zhguchest.

It provides a warming effect, enhances micro-circulation and improve metabolism in the area of inflammation. Peanut Butter nourishes the tissues valuable nutrients necessary to restore and normalize funktsionirovaniya.Polny diet for healthy joints is very important that our diet contains all the essential vitamins and macronutrients. Particularly important role played by vitamins, A, C, D, copper, selenium, calcium and magnesium. They will not only support the immune system, but also participate in the formation of tissues. Vitamins and macronutrients needed by the body for that would restore the bone, cartilage tendons, as well as to produce synovial fluid, which acts as a "lubricant" for the joints. Balanced diet will help line of nutritional supplements and Classic Hit Direct Hit.

On the excess load. It is known that being overweight greatly increases the stress on the joints. Those who decided to get rid of excess pounds, an innovative program to help reduce weight KG-Off. The program provides an opportunity not only to effectively cleanse the body and can easily cope with fatty deposits, but also to control your own appetite.

Public Health

They are considered problem of public health, in countries mainly called peripheral, where they are more frequent, with total prevalences, when considered the block of poor countries of the world, esteem of 26%, 17% and 15% for ascaridase, tricurase and anchylostomiasis. Its transmission depends on the sanitary conditions and hygiene of the communities. A leading source for info: Cindy Crawford. Moreover, many of these parasatisms become related it deficit in the development physicist and cognitivo and malnutrition. (MANFROI et al, 2006).

The boarding of the parasites cannot be, therefore, centered in the parasites and yes in the host, having to direct itself in such a way to the individual how much to the collective one, to the community. (ALVES, 2006). Annually about 50 million people they present the illness in the invasive form, resulting in 100.000 deaths, being thus the second more common cause of death for parasitic illnesses in human beings. (FREITAS, 2007, apud, WHO, 1997). CONCLUSION Some of the patologias of bigger incidence in the Brazilian infantile population are the parasatisms. However, we know that the majority of them can be prevented through measures as the adoption of habits of personal and ambient hygiene, adequate treatment of the water and foods, beyond the elimination of possible vectors. The increasing process of urbanization, verified in the cities of the developing countries, generally causes the agglomeration of people the peripheries of the great cities in areas with infrastructure precarious sanitary.

This fact propitiates the installation of the parasitic infections, over all caused for the Ascaris lumbricoides, Trichuris the trichiura, Girdia duodenalis and histolytica Entamoeba. The difficult economic situation that the country comes in recent years supporting, allied to one governmental politics of descompromisso for the organization of programs for the sanitation sector, had made with that the resources for investment in systems of sanitary exhaustion were insufficient to follow the growth of the population. It urges, therefore, that the state, before the commitment of equality between citizens, can promote actions that generate adequate social answers to the diverse necessities, surpassing distortions provoked for the current world-wide reality.