Parkinson Treatment

As to lssebalcher (1995) the medicamentoso treatment in accordance with varies the necessity of each carrier of Parkinson, the option for a drug or specific drugs are influenced by the period of training of the illness. In period of training I of the DP unilateral comprometimento occurs; in period of training II bilateral comprometimento of the body without posturais alterations occurs; in period of training III bilateral comprometimento with discrete postural disequilibrium occurs; period of training IV is characterized for bilateral comprometimento and postural instability, becoming dependent of the aid of other people to carry through activities daily and in period of training V the carrier total becomes dependent of the other and remains restricted to the stream bed or bed. related author it adds that in periods of training I and II of the illness of Parkinson the used drug more in the treatment is the deprenil with 5 dose of mg two times to the day; one gives credit that he is inhibiting of monoamino-oxidase B and has capacity of lentilicar the progression of the pathology. In periods of training III, IV and V the introduction of levodopa in the treatment of isolated or associated form becomes necessary other drugs.

Levodopa is the precursor of the dopamina and acts increasing the dopaminrgicos levels, restoring the balance of neurotransmitters between the dopamina and the acetilcolina, beyond improving the acinesia and the rigidity. The concomitant ingestion of levodopa with anticolinrgicas drugs is efficient in the control of the rest tremor, already the postural instability does not answer to levodopa. Additional information at supermodel supports this article. As Limongi (2001) the surgical procedures that can be carried through for the treatment of the DP, more involve the areas of the brain reached by the illness, due to reduction of the levels of decurrent dopamina of the bankruptcy of neurons of this area, understand: surgery ablativa (involves the pale globe (palidotomia0 or the thalamus (talidotomia); cerebral-deep stimulation (blockade of abnormal electric discharges in the pale globe and thalamus) and transplant of producing cells of dopamina in the two sides of the brain (gotten from human embryos or of cells manipulated genetically) Well-taken care of of Nursing As APARGS (2011) the nurse can take care of the carrier of Parkinson, either in the hospital, the unit Health of the Family or in its residence, by means of accomplishment of domiciliary visit, on the contrary of the doctor.

Health Evaluation

The systematic analysis of literature was elaborated from the hypothetical-deductive method with qualitative, comparative, estruturalista and funcionalista procedure. Objective: to analyze existing literatures on the scales of evaluation of risk of ulcer for pressure in unit of intensive therapy. For this bibliographical survey it was used Library of the University of the Valley of the Paraba, the data bases MedLine and LilLACS by means of the Virtual Library of the Health. The criteria for election had been the scientific articles published in the period of 2001 the 2010 in Portuguese and Spanish language. To the analyzed article sample thirty and eight literatures scientific, (100%), dealt with risk and boarding of patients with UPP interned in hospital institution, however, only eight (17.7%) had been selected, therefore they were about the use of evaluation instrument of the skin and the factors of risk of UPP in the patients admitted in UTI.Observou that this process is managed by Intensivista Nurse, through Systematization of the Assistance of Enfermagem (SAE). However it was analyzed that the results indicate that has scarcity of referring articles to the subject, observing that does not have standardization of of the scales of prevention of UPP used in UTI, a time that by means of multicriteria evaluation carried through and application of methods of prevention of UPP, can prevent the estadiamento of the injury, beyond the risk for infection and aggravation of the UPP in patient interned in UTI.De general way, the selected articles if they repeat, that is. it is perceived, by means of the systematic revision of the literature that, in Brazil, does not have a national standardization on the behaviors to be taken front to the prevention of UPP in UTI ahead all the prevention aspects, having selected literatures that to use the standardization of other countries as of the United States of America. Introduction the Units of Terapia Intensiva (UTI) are sectors characterized for being complex areas, destined treatment of patients in serious or critical state, through human resources (RH) specialized and high equipment of tecnologia.1 Between the complications that the patient can develop in the period of internment in UTI, the ulcer for pressure (UPP) has a great relevance, either for the difficulty in the accomplishment of writs of prevention, in the admission or by the maintenance of the integrity of the skin, factor age and gravity of paciente.2 the UPP is defined as ' ' an area located with tecidual necrosis, which if develops when the fabric soft is compressed between a ssea proeminence and a external surface for one drawn out period of tempo10,11: Also it is appraised as ' ' soft injuries of skin or parts, generating complications as the osteomielite and the septicemia, and, consequently, being able to unchain the death of paciente.11 Being thus the performance of the Nurse aim at to the attendance of the serious patient, including the diagnosis of its situation, interventions and evaluation of the specific cares of daily Nursing.


The DHA possesss as main etiolgico factor etanol and differentiating itself of other illnesses, can be prevented, since that the etlica ingestion does not exceed definitive limits and exactly remains static or regrida after alcoholic abstention. It is the cause most frequent of heptica disfuno in U.S.A., whose to the occurrence also it is related with the high alcoholic beverage consumption, where about half of the adult population adopts this habit of form that the 15 20 million individuals are alcoholics. In some university hospitals, the alcohol is currently the main cause of the cirrhosis, between interned patients, configuring such pathology the irreversible phase of the DHA, its incidence vary between 12% and 30%, as the consulted works ( Sherlock, 2002). The typical clinical picture of the alcoholic heptica illness (DHA) is of a chronic alcoolista, that starts to present pain in the right hipocndrio, fever, jaundice and painful hepatomegalia, being able or not to have other signals of heptica insufficience and/or hipertenso vestibule (esplenomegalia, vascular ascite, spiders, eritema to palmar, esofagianas varizes, etc.). Although the malnutrition is very common in this type of patient, in one room of the cases the nutricional state was considered regular or good at the moment of the diagnosis (Gonalves, 2006), however Szelin et al.

(2007) it demonstrated high indices of proteinic depletion in patients Child C. According to Son (2006), in the advanced phase, the patient presents digestive hemorrhages (hematmese and/or melena), collateral circulation, hlito heptico, edema in inferior members, ascite and manifestations of heptica encefalopatia (lethargy, sleepiness, slow reasoning, apathy). The disgnostic analysis of the DHA must be based on a data set: anamnese, physical examination, laboratoriais examinations, disgnostic methods for image, morphologic data and alcoholic abstention improves marcante after. In the study of enzymes it was verified that, if the AST/ALT will be equal or bigger that 2, constitutes indicative picture of hepatitis or alcoholic cirrhosis.

International Conference

Soon, they are the operating professionals of the Basic Attention in the collectives by means of the Strategy Health of the Family ESF, where these are imbudos for excusing to all the cabveis and well-taken care of information in detriments of a security, how much to the sexual health and the reproductive planning, as it is called, currently, this tool supplied the users who are under its cares. Reproductive planning: the use of contraceptive you pray From the decade of 60, the familiar planning, as he was known old, was incorporated the health services regularly. Three decades had been necessary almost so that, in the end of century XX, and as resulted of the world-wide cupolas organized by United Nations, the familiar planning were considered as a human right inside of the context of the sexual and reproductive health (Fescina et al., 2010). The Program of Action of the International Conference of Population and Development, carried through in the Cairo in 1994, in one of its parts establishes that: ' ' the programs of attention to the reproductive health will have to provide the amplest possible services without no type of discrimination. All the couples have the basic right to decide free and responsibly the number and interval between its children and to make use of information, education and of the ways necessary to be able to make it ' ' (ONU, 1994). The work of the health professional is distinguished here that makes an indication of these insumos as artifice of the process of familiar planning, where such information and peculiarities is important so that it has, thus, a security in its applicability so that it does not have risks, possibly prevented, the health of the woman. The nurses who act in the Basic Attention, in particular the ones that they integrate the Teams Health of the Family, must be always intent how much to the pharmacology of the STEEL, a time that is these professionals who play the rank of practical of education in health, that they objectify to inform in way and clearly brief consideraes concerning measures of promotion and protection the health.

Family Health

Two modalities of NASF, NASF 1 exist that it must be entailed of 08 the 20 teams health of the family and to at least contain five professionals of superior level (Psychologist, social, Pharmaceutical Assistant, Physiotherapist, Fonoaudilogo, Physical Educator, Nutritionist, occupational Therapist, Doctors who act in the area of gynecology, homeopatia, acumpunturista, pediatra and psychiatrist). NASF 2 that it is of the minimum 03 teams health of the family, must contain the minimum amount of three professionals of superior level (social Assistant, Physical, Pharmaceutical Educator, Fonoaudilogo, Nutritionist, Psychologist and occupational Therapist. It is forbidden to the creation them two modalities at the same time in the cities and the Federal District. Professional of the area of mental health sends regards at least 01 to give assistance next to the NASF for the fact of the many patients who need the same one (BRAZIL, 2010). 1,6 MENTAL HEALTH AND ITS POLITICS IN the PRIMARY ATTENTION the National Politics of Mental Health supported by the Law n 10,216/02, has as objective, to consolidate a model of attention to the mental and communitarian open health, with specialized centers more as the Center of Apoio Therapeutical Psicossocial (CAPS), Residential Services (SRT), Centers of Convivncia and Cultura beyond General Hospitals, CAPS III and the Program in return for House. The CAPS is one of the main specialized centers, and its expansion is demonstrated in Figure 1 (BRAZIL, 2009).

Figure 1? Expansion of the CAPS of 1998 the 2010 Source: Available in: . Access in 29 of Set. of 2010. Until the decade of 70, the mental health in Brazil was exerted of privatizante, hospitalocntrica and cronificadora form of the psychic suffering. The patient/customer ahead of such situation, does not obtain to evolve in productive way for the fact of, to remain much interned time what she finished even though making it difficult its treatment and, the creation of affective bonds with the family and, mainly, the community.

The Patient

Conscientious of these esquecimentos, the individual can become confused and for times aggressive causing mood changes, of personality, behavior riots and arriving until exactly not knowing itself ahead of the mirror generating a picture of anxiety and depression. It occurs to the loss of the recent memory, difficulty to learn and to hold back new information, riots of language, gradual difficulty for the tasks of the daily life, lack of care with the personal appearance, irritability, disorientation. In this phase the patients still present good quality of social life, remaining alert (Smith, 1999 Brunner 1996). In the intermediate phase the patient is completely incapable to learn and to hold back new information. The person if becomes each time more dependents of third, initiates the locomotion difficulties, the communication if she makes impracticable and start to need cares and integral supervision, even though for the elementary activities of the daily one as feeding, hygiene, clothes, initiates loss of the control of the bladder, incontinence (Smith, 1999; Brunner, 1996).

In the final phase the patient is total incapable to walk, restricted to the stream bed, does not say more, risk of pneumonia, malnutrition and ulcers for being lying. Loss of the control of the bladder and the intestine, incontinence; difficulties to swallow foods, evolving for use of enteral sounding lead or gastrostomia, most of the time the cause of the death does not have relation with the Illness, but yes with other on factors to the advanced age (Smith, 1999; Brunner, 1996). 2.4. Diagnosis of the D.A does not have a specific test that it establishes in unquestioned way the illness, the certain diagnosis of the D.A alone can be made by examination of the fabric cerebral gotten by bipsia or autopsy. In this way I diagnosis, it of probable D.A is made excluding other causes of dementia for the depression history, loss of memory associated with the age, resulted of blood tests with hipotireoidismo, deficiency of vitamin b, cat scan or resonance with infartos multiples.

National Research

Beyond the accomplishment of routine examinations, it is essential to guide the gestante in regards to its feeding, a time that the pregnancy exaure the reserves of nutrients. for in such a way is necessary a nutritional diet including vitamins, leaves minerals, amino acids, some acid greasy ones and calricas sources, moreover, an additional supplement of iron, so that its body remains healthful during the gestation is that the defense of its organism remains operating against external aggressors. DIET NUTRICIONAL OF the GESTANTES the relation between the feeding and health already is known since the antiquity. For in such a way the first medical writings regarding the importance of foods for the health of the gestante, according to Brazil (2001a), they had been produced by Hipcrates, the father of the medicine in centuries V-VI B.C., and many certainties and knowledge of this time are accepted until the current days. available information at that time cannot be compared with that if it has today, therefore, the advance of science were very great. Some foods had been incorporated the feeding of all the peoples and the way of life of the people suffered an intense modification. Such facts had finished very influencing the feeding of the pregnant woman and its relation with the health. In 1989 it was carried through the National Research on the Health and Nutrio (PNSN), and its results had been well different of the previous ones.

The nutricional situation of the children improved sufficiently, what, as Yunes and Monteiro (1993) if had had the magnifying of the access of the population to the public services as sanitation, health and education. On the other hand the index of overweight and obesidade increased enters the adult population disclosing to bigger risks the related health the chronic illnesses, as cardiovascular, diabetes and some types of cancer. The explanation for this change in a so short period it is related to the way of life of the population, especially the one that deferred payment in the urban area.

Center of Levitas Wellbeing

Another important point is that the load of the luggage must represent, in the maximum, 10% of the corporal mass of criana' ' , the physiotherapist of the Center of Levitas Well-being explains (, Santiago Munhos. Following medical recommendations to look a physiotherapist, Helen Cristine Axe was in search of that it helped the children, Sings to sleep Axe Piazza (8) and Lara Piazza Axe (10), to develop corporal conscience and to prevent serious injuries in the future, hinder who them to practise sports, one of its preferred activities. Recently, the girls had been registered the program of Fisiofitness Teen of the Levitas, directed the young with less than 15 years of age. ' ' The children had always adored to practise sports, but this is the first time that they receive accompaniment from a physiotherapist and is adoring the idea. The difference is that, in this in case that, the activities are focadas for the age of them, with a proposal that involves leisure and well-being, since the lessons are made in different environments, many times in the swimming pool or with bola' ' , it affirms Helen.

' ' In the space, beyond practising activities with the objective to conquer physical, social and psychological benefits, the young receives orientaes posturais that will make all the difference in its phase adulta' ' , it concludes Santiago. Fisiofitness Teen Developed for a team of physiotherapists of the Center of Levitas Well-being, the program is customizado for small groups of in the maximum four people, and searchs to stimulate the healthful habit in the day the day by means of the practical one of physical activity. Method deals with more pleasant of fisioterapia, in which professional uses resources necessary to stimulate abilities and development postural of adolescents, since studies point that 80% of the world-wide population already presented, or will present, pains lumbar. The causes are varied, but the biggest numbers point with respect to the problems related to the incorrect position. The benefits of the practical one are numerous, when carried through since infancy and of regular form. Amongst the observed physiological advantages, they are distinguished improves it cardiovascular, in the quality of sleep, the movements and in the treatment of obesidade, beyond the reduction of the risks of the diabetes, flexibility, preservation of the joints and motor coordination. ' ' This without speaking I benefit in it social caused for the physical activity, therefore who practises since early reveals much more communicative and with bigger easiness of if relating with different groups sociais' ' , it informs Munhos.

Organic Functions

On the basis of bibliographical survey of periodic indexados in the systems Medline, Lilacs, Scielo that the work carried through. Revised literatures had been delineated in four approaches: programming of the physical activity for the aged one, quality of life and the longevity, improvement of the organic functions, guarantee of bigger personal independence. In accordance with the results of the studies the physical activity promotes in aged physical, psychological and social well-being. Describers: ' ' Physical activity, Aged, Quality of life, Third idade' ' BENEFITS OF EXERCISE IN THE PROCESS OF AGING ABSTRACT The elderly population has increased considerably, which is attributed you to higher life expectancy, only that these people have good quality of life, physical activity is of paramount importance a prevention and health promotion through its many benefits. This article aims you expand the general knowledge about the effect of physical exercise and physical fitness of elderly health. The specific objectives ploughs: learn how physical activity can intervenes with quality of life of these individuals, identifying the changes in the health of to older people who of the physical activity you raise the level of cohecimentos on the subject. Beneficial There is growing scientific evidence indicating the effect of an activates lifestyle in maintaining functional ability and physical autonomy during the aging process. Essential It is today you speak about the physical practice of activities you develop and maintain the health of this population, often the forgotten by the current system.

Based on literature review of journals indexed in Medline system, Lilacs, SciELO performing the work. The literature reviewed is outlined in four focus areas: physical programming activity will be the elderly, quality of life and longevity, improving body functions, ensuring to greater personal independence. According you the results of studies in physical activity promotes an elderly well-being, social psychological and. Descriptors: ' ' Elderly, ld Age, Physical Activity, Quality of life.' ' SUMMARY MESSAGE ………………………………………………………………………………….


As all we know, the musculao is a sufficiently interactive and beneficial sport to the health. Its Benefits of the Musculao are countless and what many people search can are its front and you it does not obtain to enxergar. The Tips for Women count sufficiently for who practise musculao, a very precious tip are the question of Emagrecer with Green Tea. The green tea is a substance termognica, total capable to help considerably in the acceleration of its metabolism of a general form. Emagrecer is a thing that the women prazam very, therefore the same ones gives to much value to the body and the physical appearance in a general way, therefore you who are in order to have its body in day with health, must be super intent the tips of women. Emagrecer with green tea is an excellent choice, healthful and accomplishes. Many people when they think about if initiating in the academy, forget the health and alone they aim at its body this harming finishes you in different ways: As using of substances dangerous for health and practising not beneficial illegal acts its health in a general way. You who like to take care of of its health practise the musculao, therefore it is a sport that has some benefits that could be conceived you stops the remaining portion of its life, either a healthful and alive person more.

Recent research shows that the green tea comes causing a great repercussion in the world of fitness that beyond being a completely natural product, it is sufficiently powerful, for containing antirust substances, that is, it helps to delay the aging precocious. The great terror of diverse people, mainly of the women. The green tea is a product of high quality, it is a natural termognico antirust substance and. You can you use it to emagrecer that with certainty you will go to obtain excellent benefits. As to take: One sends regards to take the green tea throughout the day up to 4 hours before sleeping. Up to 10 xcaras of the same.